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Il Volo Professional ~~ Il Volo and Brioni in Moscow

Click here —> Hi! We are, Il Volo! ~~ @barvikhaconcerthall; LiJoy


 Hey Everyone!

The Guys were in Russia for a day or two before the show and gave us a pretty good idea of what they were doing, so I’m going to shut up now and let you enjoy!

~~ Kelly

 Media Stuff

Interview with Il Volo (Интервью с группой Il Volo) ~~ Athina via  LiJoy

By Alexandra Glotova


Click here —> Popular opera IL VOLO trio waits for a meeting with the Moscow audience  ~~ Athina via LiJoy; Russian interview


Click here —> Il Volo in Russia Interviews  ~~ All About Il Volo


I think it’s safe to say that it is a bit chilly in Moscow right now…






 Around Town and Random Musical Performances

Click here —> Impromptu performance of Un amore cosi grande

~~ @ilvolotherapy (LiJoy);


Click here —> Piero’s Perfection

~~ barvikha_hotel Instagram; All Things Il Volo


Ignazio ~~ “River Flows in You” into “Summertime”

By ZenaRU


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Click here —> Ummm…Got Nothing! LOL! <3  ~~ @IBoschetto; LiJoy


Birthday cupcake on silver paper, with one candle, and sprinkles.Oh Yeah…I think It Was Ignazio’s Birthday, Too …    😉    Happy 20th Birthday!!




The Audience Sings Happy Birthday

By ZenaRU

Time For the Show!

@ilvolo_russia5If you didn’t know they were in town, I don’t think you were paying attention…




The  Brioni FW 14-15 Collection


Click here —> Presentation of the Collection ~~ @rockme_ilvolo; @margo_bagdasaryan 



The Music

Click here —> Caruso ~~ @barvikhaconcerthall

Click here —> Granada ~~ @rockme_ilvolo; @pashadandy

Click here —> Piero in O Sole Mio ~~ @ilvoloversboston; @anishenko 

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Moscow YouTube Playlist

By ZenaRU


Bye Bye!