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YES!!! The Guys have been nominated for another award, and this one is fan voted!  As of last night, the guys were in 1st place, with a brief drop to 2nd.  Notice I said, “brief.”  I noted several place where fans were urging Il Volovers to step up the pace, and of course they did!


This award is to celebrate the best Latin Music made in Italy.  Here are the nominees in The Guys’ category:

Best International Male Artist Or Group Of The Year:
1 Marco Carta
2 One Direction
2 5 Second Of Summer
3 Valerio Scanu
4 Eminem
5 Il Volo
6 Dear Jack
7 Tokio Hotel
8 Ed Sheeran
9 Super Junior
10 Stromae


smileyfacelaptopThere’s still time to vote!  Vote as many times as possible until December 5!

Click here —> Vote for IL VOLO!!!




65 thoughts on “Il Volo Professional ~~ Latin Music Italian Awards”

  1. Thanks Kelly–I voted numerous times yesterday and today and I will continue to do so everyday !! Ilvolover power will win them another much deserved award !!!

  2. I sat here and voted over and over and kept track of the numbers. When I started the difference between the Marco person and Il Volo was over a thousand votes. But I was here long enough to watch Il Volo go from second to FIRST!! It was SOOOO exciting. And their numbers are still climbing. I am sure it is because of this post that let us, out here in the boonies, know about it. Thank you. I’m still voting…

  3. I vote every chance I get and I want Il Volo to STAY on top. I know they will be so happy to hear they were chosen! I know we will do it if we don’t give up and vote consistently.

  4. Marco Carta is back up. We will have to vote every day till December 5th.
    I checked Marco out on some videos. I think he must appeal to a young group of fans.

  5. Kelly, help me out here. How do you get to the bottom of the page to vote without having to scan all the way down? I know it’s simple. I forgot.

  6. I have been in the website that Kelly let us connect to and have been voting for them about 1 1/2 hours on and off and they are number one right now.

    1. Vote as many times a day as you can, until Dec. 5th! Let’s get to clickin’, ladies, and win this for Our Guys!!

  7. It’s awfully close now, but IL VOLO still ahead.

    Do we have to vote all categories, or just the one we are interested in? Which is Il Volo, of course. Suddenly occurred to me I might be doing it wrong.

      1. We have to keep voting. They were behind by a few hundred and I have been voting and voting. It is such a challenge. Whoever is doing all the voting is right there with us. Please keep voting. What a race.

  8. Didn’t go to bed and stop voting till 1:30 a,m. mtn time, and then they were way,way ahead! Kept looking on ALL THINGS IL VOLO and nothing about this was even mentioned there. Odd. I think Marco’s fans figured out what we were doing, and got on the ball. Now, it’s a fight on behalf of our guys!! We can’t slow down!!! VOTE,VOTE as much as you want. We can do this!!

  9. talked with Barbara and they are coming to USA for business and whatever. Other than that the plans have not changed. sometimes it is like getting secrets from the CIA.

    I voted on as many computers as I could find and then some.

    1. Myron, I sent more emails to Barbara and Mr. Torpedine. Reminder everyone…keep asking for them to come to Vegas!!

  10. Can’t get back in to vote using any link(including ours w/ctrl-end). Can someone help? Had same problem 1st time I tried this morning. Eventually got in, but not now.

  11. Myron, just curious. You said you voted on every computer you could find. Don’t understand. You can vote on your own 24hrs a day if you want until Dec 5th. Am I missing something here?

  12. Just finished voting again and “Our Boys” are ahead by 10,000 votes. Way to go everyone. Keep it up and it will be a landslide.

  13. Girls!! keep voting!!!! the lead is only about 2.000 at the moment. we want a WIDE lead margin, so every time you pass your computer, VOTE. Il Volo must win!! good exercise for the fingers AND the heart!! (we are voting with our hearts)

  14. I have been voting all afternoon trying to catch up and go by this guy in first place again. Please start voting your heart out.

    1. I have been on my computer almost all day and finally we, Il VoloLovers, are ahead again. Wow, tired of sitting in the chair voting, but happy we are now ahead for the moment.

  15. We need to reach out to all of our facebook and twitter friends and have them start voting. Our Boys have to WIN!!!!!

      1. Thanks Kelly, I put something out there on my twitter page and posted on the Piero Barone IL Volo Official facebook page.

  16. The guys are a ways ahead again now!! About to seriously begin my biggest onslaught now. Have you noticed we usually lose ground overnight. Must be because of time differences? Whatever. Okay, here we go!!

  17. I vote until it kicks me out and it takes about two hours before it will let me back in again. Is everyone experiencing the same thing?

    1. No. But I have been voting all day and I find it hard to believe that last night and this morning we were thousands of votes ahead and then in just a few minutes today they jumped to over 2,000 more and it keeps getting worse! Don’t these people sleep? I’m still voting.

  18. I have been voting but I’m not sure my votes are registering. I decided to try voting for Chino & Nacho in another category and their number of votes never moved. I don’t get it !!

    1. I don’t get it either. I had a thought they maybe they somehow play around with the numbers to make the race “more exciting.”
      How can it go from thousands ahead to hundreds ahead so quickly? The whole thing is a farce. One person, one vote, and that’s it! That would be a true test of popularity. Not whose fingers fall off first!

      1. Penina–I agree. Even if it was one vote a day per person it would be better. This constant voting to stay ahead is very time consuming. This voting system needs to be fixed ( oh dear– didn’t mean that the voting is fixed –but who knows ??)

  19. When I was voting last week I thought we were in the 40% range and then when I came back in to vote after work we are back into the 30 some %. I don’t get this voting !!!

  20. This voting stuff is CRAZY! I would so much more prefer a one vote approach. That is the best and most fair. But hey, like an indulgent grandma fan, I vote for my Italian loves…over and over….

    1. I agree, this is crazy!!! I have been voting for 3 hours and we can’t get close enough to them. I have to soon stop so I can do other things and go to bed and go to work. I will try again tomorrow and hopefully more fans will vote. I would love to see them win.

  21. The other guy goes up 10 to 15 votes at a time. Our guys only go up 2 to 3 at a time. We have to try harder.

    1. I hit the vote 25 times real fast and sometimes get as much as 50 votes. I do this until they tell me I have voted a lot. Then I can go back an hour later or so. It saves you a lot of time and even if you vote 2 or 3 times a day, you get in a lot of votes and it doesn’t take you long each time you vote.

      1. I’ll give that a try.  I was voting this morning a noticing  that the vote would only go up one.  I felt like I was the only one voting.

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