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  1. What jet setters these young guys are!! So happy to see them so happy and enjoying their God given talent with the world! Thanks Marie for keeping us so up to date! 🙂

  2. Hey Marie. do you know when they will be landing in L.A.? what day and what flight. Are any of our gang going to be there to meet them? I live 40 miles from LAX but could get a ride. I would love to be in the crowd when they disembark. Joanie P.S. I could make a big copy of our badge .

  3. Joan, no clue. They say they will land in Miami tomorrow. That’s all I know for sure.

    Mary, we’re all guessing they’re recording. They are going where Sony has studios. Wish we knew more.

    Geri, of course I was kidding. Anything that Hot Boy does is fine with me!

  4. I have a question: Why do our boys have to travel to different locations to record? Why can’t they do all of their recording in one studio? I am also wondering if anyone from the Flight Crew Board has received my email with my Taormina video on it that I sent a few weeks ago?

  5. If I knew my way around the Miami Airport and where they might come out I would go to greet them and represent the Flight Crew. Only 11/2 hours from my house.

  6. Hey, friends,

    I think I found at least part of the answer to your question about recording in different places…

    This post:
    @GianGinoble11 Cenando aquí con el gran @EmilioEstefanJr !! Great thing coming up!!

    Some kind of a duet with Emilio Estefan Jr.?? (They met up with him in Miami.)

    In the past, some of their work was done in L.A. with sound engineer and mixer, Humberto Gatica. One of the greats, for sure. Not sure if Gatica is still part of the team with their switch to Sony.

    Saw a photo of the guys being welcomed into the Sony Latin family. Would like to see a video interview with more details!

    ~ Jeanine, Compassion’s Doorway

    P.S. I’m envious! I would totally love to be part of the airport welcoming crew, but I live on the other side of the planet (Oregon), oh, country, I mean! 😉

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