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Have you been missing “In Case You Missed It”? I have.s - linda

Well, I have to tell you that our Linda has been ill. After a hospital stay she was moved to a rehab facility where she will remain for a while then probably return to the hospital for surgery. At present she does not have computer access. If you get a chance, write her a note or send her a card. Linda is not only a valuable Flight Crew Board Member and MAJOR lover of our Il Volo guys, she is my BFF.

Linda Snyder
St John’s Nursing Center
3075 NW 35th Ave.
Lauderdale Lakes, Fl 33311

Thanks Crew,

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  1. A card and healing thoughts are going out to your dear friend today. I hope she can be listening to our wonderful young men sing every day, as that is healing all in itself.

  2. Please give Linda my get well wishes! I hope she recovers soon, but in the meantime listen to the boys and keep getting stronger!
    Nancy on of the !
    Elm Grove, WI

  3. Yes, Marie, a card and prayers will go to Linda today. Tell her we all wish her the best and a quick recovery. I know that listening to our boys will help heal her.

  4. Will mail a card in the morning. Hope she will feel better soon and able to check on the boys.
    Ladies keep voting for the boys. Marco Carta seems to have a lot of devoted fans and we go back and forth who is on top. Remember this voting lasts till December 5th.

  5. Thanks Marie for letting us know. IN fact I would like to know anytime one of our peeps ends up in the hospital or such if that would be possible. In any cast, I shall send a card off to Linda with my prayers.

  6. What a great group you are. I knew you would all react this way. Love you all! So does Linda!
    Your cards will make her day! She told me I could tell you she was ill. I didn’t tell her I was posting her address. What a surprise! I wish I was there to see her smile! Between your cards and prayers I’m sure she will be well soon.

    Thanks Crew!

  7. I’m so sorry to hear about Linda, and, of course, wish her well in her ordeal. I think it would be wonderful if the boys saw this post and each one of them would send her message. I’m sure that would go along way in making her feel better. In any event, I will send her a card, with the hope she gets a great outpouring of messages from all of us.


  8. Thanks Marie I was wondering where Linda was because I missed seeing her posts. Thanks for the address. She told me the last time we emailed that she was not feeling well. Prayers going out now & card will be sent tomorrow.

  9. I hope Linda will be ok and recover soon. In the meantime hope she gets lots of comfort from listening and dreaming about our darlings! May God bless her and help her recover soon!

  10. Thanks Marie. Have not met Linda, but she is part of our IL VOLO family. Sending card out tomorrow!

  11. A card is on the way to you in the morning, Linda!

    I’m *hoping* that St. John’s Nursing Center likes my idea of a roving iPad with links set to IL VOLO, IL VOLO, and more IL VOLO. Of course, it won’t get to rove much while you’re there, Linda! I’ve got a feeling you’ll be hoarding it, and rightly so! Perhaps just play IL VOLO’s music nice and loud, so everyone on your floor can hear it. 😉

    Thank you so much, Marie, for letting us know! Linda is part of the Flight Crew family and a great contributor through her columns.

    Peace and well-being,
    ~ Jeanine, compassion’s Doorway

  12. I saw Linda last Saturday and she is doing okay. I know she misses all of you. I will be seeing her again this Saturday and will bring her all of your well wishes. I didn’t mention about the cards coming her way – she will be sooooo happy and I know will make her days while she’s recuperating. Love to all.

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