Il Volo has been nominated for this year’s Latin Music Italian Awards, and if these first few days are any indication, it’s going to be a fight to the finish. Are we up to it?

To encourage and inspire us along the way, join All Things Il Volo, Il Volo Flight Crew and All About Il Volo for three separate, special days of voting and fun!

Of course, we have to vote everyday–EVERYDAY! But, mark your calendars for these special days and then spend the day with your fellow Il Volo family blitzing the vote so our guys come out on top!

Each day will have a different theme, so stay turned as they days get closer!   #ILVOLOVERSPOWER


Click here —>  VOTE FOR IL VOLO!!!!

108 thoughts on “VOTING BLITZ ~~ #LMIA2014”

  1. For what it’s worth…

    I am voting once a day when I can. My life is far too precious to spend hours upon hours clicking a vote button, especially when we know that anyone who votes too often gets locked out of voting for a while. (Very odd.)

    When my husband died 15 years ago (after 67 days in ICU), I was unable to watch TV or do anything that didn’t feel like a quality use of my precious time in life. I was so aware of what a blessing it is to be alive and to see beauty, express love, and use my time in ways that felt fully meaningful to me. (Perhaps in part because my husband no longer had days to live out this meaning.)

    I’m grateful that each of us can choose what feels meaningful to us, and I KNOW that all of us find meaning and joy in IL VOLO! I have no doubt they would be first if the voting process were meaningful and reliable, such as 1 vote per person, or no more than 1 vote per person per day.

    My 2 cents with love and gratitude for all our IL VOLO family sharing the Love in whatever way we each are called to, (and yes, every one of our lives and minutes of the day are precious!)
    ~ Jeanine, Compassion’s Doorway

  2. Reporting from the west coast, “Our Boys” hit 500,000 at 11:21pm and were 40,000 ahead of Marco.

  3. It took me into my senior years to realize that I needed to ‘just have fun’. Each of our lives were lived in various ways and I was too serious in mine. I think that is why for the first time in my life I am so involved with something ‘fun. Il Volo has given me a outlet just to be silly at 78. Voting in a fun rivalry gives me the ‘laugh’ of the day. TODAY PLUS 45 DAYS TO VOTE.

    1. Terese, I love your attitude and your joyful voting rivalry!

      My laughter often comes when I’m out walk-dancing to IL VOLO in the park by the river. (I have a hard time spending more time at the computer than the several hours a day that I already spend.)

      Keep en-joying Life!
      😉 Jeanine, Compassion’s Doorway

    2. I too, am in my senior years and too serious in my life. I think that
      might be one reason I love Il Volo so much plus the fact that I am
      a music lover. I have been following them on Youtube since
      about May this year. And yes, this is something fun. I never
      realized I liked classical music until I first heard Andrea Bocelli
      a few years ago. These beautiful young men have given me
      reason to enjoy every day of my life. The voting is serious yet
      fun and I vote multiple times daily and plan to continue until
      December 5. I hope everyone has fun with this voting.

    1. I love voting for our precious guys also!
      Changing the subject— have you or anyone else heard if Ignazio received his birthday cards?

  4. Getting a little worried. The voting is getting a little too close for comfort. We have to band together and do what we can to get the guys this award.

  5. Why do I cry when I hear those beautiful voices sing those love songs?
    It could be that my husband has gone on to his reward much earlier
    than some. I just feel the emotion they put into their performances
    way down in my heart and being. And yes, I love any of their songs
    whether I can understand the languages or not. You still feel the deep
    emotion they put into each song. I would love to attend a concert but
    to my knowledge they have not been to Oklahoma yet. Maybe
    some day they will . . . . Love those handsome young men.

  6. It is not only annoying when they block you from voting, but when you are blocked you can’t even view the results. They won’t even let you see the score. What kind of a competition is this? One person, one vote would show the real fan base for the various people.

  7. I also agree. It seems to be about 2 hours that I am blocked from voting. Is that the way it is with everyone? We should at least be able to see the results.

  8. I’m still not sure that my votes are registering. I again voted in another category,last night and today, for Chino & Nacho (about 20 x) and their votes haven’t budged !! If I,m clicking into the voting from this site it should work–right ??

    1. That has been my problem the last 2 days. I was told i had voted too many times. Here the other guy is way ahead of us and I can’t vote. They are controlling the voting of the fans. I had to stay off the voting last night for the rest of the evening. All I can say is just keep trying. 🙂

      1. I have been blocked ALOt!! I have tried several different methods, such as voting 10 times, taking a break and voting another 10 times! Sometimes I get blocked after 20 votes!! Yuk!

  9. Try and right click the link and open in a new tab and keep going back to the link and right click to open in a new tab. When I do this I open about 15 tabs so i can jump from one to the next and the next one voting on each one and don’t stop to look at the results until you are back to the last tab. Close all tabs and start doing the same thing over and over again. You can get a lot of votes in a short period of time.

  10. Has no one from flight crew been posting anything lately? I have not received any posts for days. Was wondering if I somehow lost my posts from you or if you have not posted.

      1. Darn! I made other plans. Loved it last year!

        Cheer extra loud for me.

        Here’s hoping…
        ~ Jeanine, Compassion’s Doorway

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