Where In The Heck?

Heading to Italy… bye Is been a GREAT trip!


Back home . Miami see you soon ! xxx

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  1. Marie, is there a way I can contact you privately? Can I have your e-mail address please? It is about Il Volo! Thank you!

  2. Our Guys are Jet Setters and we are all going along for the ride with them every minute of every day. We follow their careers, family life, social lives and every move they make 24/ 7 because we all love them more then words can express and have ever since they were introduced to us as young boys. Is it time consuming?? Is it dizzying?? You bet !! But we love them and we love every minute of this ride with them !!!

  3. reading “All About Il Volo’s” article on their visit to Miami gave me a real thrill, because I always prayed that they would not have to live in Los Angeles with that Hollywood crowd. I did not want them in that mess of drugs etc. and my prayer got answered, because Sony Music Latin is based in Miami. that is a blessing and I thank God for that. Miami is a much “healthier” place for them. I am so happy!!!

    1. A few people born and raised in Los Angeles:
      Supreme Court Justice Earl Warren
      Olympian Marion Jones
      Actor/director/producer Leonardo DiCaprio
      Astronauts Sally Ride & Ellen Ochoa
      Ronald Reagan
      Co-chair of Sony, Amy Pascal
      Inventor of the Laser, Theodore Maiman
      Just sayin….

    1. Terry I was just thinking yesterday when I read the notes about leaving Miami that the name “The Flight” has become very appropriate for our handsome guys. I just keep wishing they would fly themselves over to the Pacific Northwest for a concert in Oregon.

  4. Wow, they stay in the air a lot. Thanks Marie for the update. I was curious
    too. Keep us informed of their activities.

  5. Hey Marie the guys sure seem to be flying a lot this year all over the world. I love them for allowing us to go along with them. They always send out tweets to us so we know where they are they so good to us. that’s why we love them so right? I just hope they stay healthy I get tired just thinking about all the different time zones they have been in this year. Have a great day all IL Volo Flgiht Crew members.

    1. I know. I hope our guys fly first class so they have enough room to really get comfy and that their sleeping area (beds) are great. Poor babies. They must be so tired by now of waking up everyday in a different country/city. They need a few months of vacation to say the least but only after they come back to the USA to be with us once again preferably, the San Francisco area. I love these guys beyond imagination. Pray they travel safe.

  6. Just want to share some thoughts over this year (these are just my thoughts, not anything official). It seem to me that the boys contract with Interscope ended in the early part of this year and they did not renew. I feel that after 5 hectic years they were ready for a little break this year and to get back a little normal family and friends life and then decided where they go from here. I feel that is why they were available to go with Brioni to Russia.
    Now, they have decided to go with Sony Latin, which is a subsidiary of Sony (remember Interscope was also a subsidiary of Universal). they seem very happy with this contract(and what I am happy about is that now that they are well know, they have more say in their contracts than at the start) and excited for new things.
    I don’t know if this contract is 5 years also, but this is actually a step up the ladder. I am really proud of how Torpedine and the boys have been managing their careers in spite of pressure from fans sometimes. they have their heads screwed on well thanks to their family upbringing.
    As fans, we always want action but I can see that they are trying to balance their lives so career is not everything. they have set a wonderful example for me that money and fame are not everything. by their singing they have entrenched themselves into our hearts, but now they have become more than their singing to thousands of us who love them as our family, and they are setting a new roll model for young people. they are actually a force in the world for good by their example, in spite of the bad roll models portrayed by so many of the young entertainers who are consumed by money.
    Once again, I trust wholeheartedly in their team to always do what is best for them and I will not question their actions because they are on the ground and I am not. they are the experts and I am not. so I look forward to all that’s to come and just thank God for sending them to us in the 1st place.

  7. Deanne, I liked very much your comments regarding our guys exiting progress this year. It takes a tremendous amount of sacrifice, dedication, and hard work to come this far this fast. Especially when they were so young, and still are. They truly are an example of what a loving family dynamic, and proper encouragement plays in developing this kind of ethic into your childrens dreams. They have to love what they do, and thanks to the the exposure when young, there is no question that they certainly have built upon their family’s nuturing, and attention. We DO love them as family. We know many of their likes, dislikes. foods they eat, things they enjoy doing, we been introduced to their friends, they take us along to places they go, while all the while conducting themselves as an example for other young people, just as you said. Of course, they are human, and as such, far from perfect. But we don’t expect them to be. God made these young people as he wanted, and I believe He has a specific purpose in mind for them. In addition, I feel that inside they are aware of something that drives them, something that causes them to appreciate the glorious gifts they’ve been given. and in turn use them in whatever way they can, to bring even a moment of joy, hope, encouragement, or love into the lives and hearts of all those who will hear. Can’t speak for you, but for me, they are doing a great job! God continue to bless them, and us, as I know he intends to do.

  8. Allene and Diane, you have expressed our feelings and emotion for these
    beautiful young men so well. I am so gad they are close family oriented.
    They definitely are the right example for other young people. I love their
    music and listen every day. I hope they win the current contest, I am
    voting every day and encourage everyone else to do the same.

  9. I still love what the Guys said (when they were Boys) about the name IL VOLO… because the music makes them feel like they’re flying! (as it does us, too!) All other flight references are secondary in my mind to the Heart of the matter.


    Love and remembering,
    ~ Jeanine, Compassion’s Doorway

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