A Professional In Case You Missed It

s - linda Hey Everyone!

No one can ever replace our faithful reporter, Linda, and I know we are all missing her. Since The Guys have been mixing business and pleasure as they jet across the world and back, I dedicate my Professional to Linda and give you an In Case You Missed It  crossover.  Enjoy!

Get Well Soon, our friend!

~~ Kelly

In Case You Missed It…

Ignazio came home from Russia and celebrated his birthday with his sister, who was kind enough to share a bit of the celebrations with the fans.  Thanks LiJoy for pointing them out!


Il Volo Professional…

We know The Guys have been all over recording, most recently in Miami, where they received a very warm reception (don’t they always?) , took random selfies/pictures,

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And hinted that great things were happening…

Which turned out to be joining the @SonyMusicLatin Family.



This is the 2nd situation in which we’ve heard the name, Sony, in conjunction with Il Volo, so I’m hoping this is going to be a great partnership between them.   It seems like it will be because…


The Best is Yet to Come!

21 thoughts on “A Professional In Case You Missed It”

  1. Thanks so much, Kelly! Great post, and nice job filling in for Linda.

    We’re rooting for you to be feeling better every day, Linda! All good is possible and is my prayer for you!

    I’m curious who the mixer / sound engineer is working with them in the studio.

    Is Ignazio’s sister older than him? (I thought younger, but I see the 28 and 20 on the cake, so that’s why I’m asking.) Anyone know?
    Lovely cake.

    Also, has anyone heard back from Ignazio about whether he got the package of our cards? I’m trusting he did. Just wondering.

    Take care, friends,
    ~ Jeanine, Compassion’s Doorway

  2. Ignazio’s sister, Nina, Is the oldest. She operates a pizza restaurant! Haven’t heard if he received the B D greetings!! Has anyone?? Now that theY are back home, perhaps things will settle down, at least for a little while!!

    1. Thanks, Dorothy! I do remember when his sister took over working in the pizzeria, and at the time I thought she was younger than she is. Ahhh…

      ~ Jeanine, Compassion’s Doorway

  3. Let me offer a little background here. Sony is a huge step up for Il Volo. In the past 40 years, Sony has made some very wise business moves in the entertainment world. One of them was to merge with Columbia Records (Barbra Streisand’s company) and they have the best quality control in the business. They also have much better promotion dept. than Interscope ever had (that was a serious short-coming here in the USA/Canada). Sony also bought up the huge MGM movie and recording studio complex in L.A. (Culver city to be precise) and that gives them access to the best live recording studio in the world – the famous MGM – 1939 recording studio. In Miami it means that they have connections with some powerful Latin Music people. But the best thing still is that Sony/Columbia has nearly 80 years of recording experience compared to 15 years. Our boys deserve a huge improvement in the way their records are promoted and their image, in general is promoted.

    It is my hope that finally we will see them back on TV again here in the USA/Canada – They need more nation-wide exposure – Today show; Tonight Show; Good Morning America; David Letterman; back on the Talk again (their first American TV show). It may be only one or two songs but the public gets to know them better and better.

    This all happened last December and finalized in Feb.

    1. The negotiations happened back then and it took a while to get the details worked out. Then they wanted a very appropriate place to go public with this announcement. It could have been in LA but Miami is just fine as long as it is in the good ole’ USA.

  4. you all might be interested to see an old video which All Things Il Volo put on their site of Ignazio (and others) singing A CHI. it is very interesting. type in: Ignazio Boschetto and Fausto Leali singing A CHI – you tube. a few video’s come up. click on that one. very beautiful. Ignazio had passion from young

  5. No, sorry, I got a better one. disregard the one I just gave you and type in instead: Il Volo Ignazio Boschetto con Fausto Leali “A chi” – TLUC – 2009 very marvelous

  6. A CHI is great Deanne, #2 favorite. but NON RIESCO A FARTI INNAMORARE with Sal Da Vinci is my #1 favorite. Asked Ignazio to do this in concert sometime w/ Sal. Very different, to compliment their versatility. What do you think?

  7. Actually I love them both. #1 & #1. Sings more on A Chi, But really holds his own W/ Sal. Lets face it, he”s just plain great!

  8. Ignazio is out of this world in Ti Lascio Una Canzone 2009 (and 2014, of course).

    One, among many, that I love from 2009 is Perdere l’amore (which I originally heard sung by Lara Fabian). You can view at rai.tv and put in cerca (search): Perdere l’amore Ignazio

    Ignazio sang this one with Gabriele Tufi.

    Let’s face it, the guy’s got passion!

    Thanks for the other songs. I enjoyed exploring.
    And for background insights, Myron! I have felt all along that the move to Sony is a good one. Because it’s Sony Latin, I’m just hoping they don’t forget the U.S. I know the guys don’t want to, so I’m sure they’ll have a good presence in the U.S. as the months and years go by.

    I am sooooo anticipating their new album!

    ~ Jeanine, Compassion’s Doorway

  9. Jeanine, thank you, thank you for telling us about this video. I loved this song when I saw Lara Fabian sing it, ad now I have to hear & see Ignazio do it. Yes, he sang his portion of it with the same passion as we would expect from him, even then (2009). Just think what he would do with it NOW!! I definitly now have 3 favorites from him from 5 yrs ago. PERDERE L’AMORE FOR SURE.

    1. Cool, Kitty!

      I’m actually making 3 playlists for the Guys’ beginnings (Ignazio’s is done), and Perdere l’amore is on there. I think you’ll like all of them. (Just need time to finish the other 2 Guys’ playlists before I post the page for y’all to enjoy.)

      Sweet night,
      ~ Jeanine, Compassion’s Doorway

  10. Myron, thanks for the information. This is so exciting…they do need more exposure in USA. I purchased a new tablet recently. My daughter told the a t &t clerk that I needed to be able to see IlVolo…he said, “Oh, the Italian guys!” That was in San Marcos, Texas…so word is getting around! Please let them come to our area before I get too old to travel!! LOL! Call me Dot!!

  11. By the way…I want a lick of that frosting off that beautiful cake! In all of the photos these guys post of cakes they have had for various celebrations…I have wanted to try them all. They are all spectacular looking…of course they would be…spectacular guys deserve spectacular cake!! 🙂

      1. Maybe you should! The next thing to happen will be you jumping into a swimming pool with you know who that is filled with whipped cream!
        Hm. Sounds interesting…

  12. Hello ladies, hold on your going to love this!
    #1 We are at least 34,ooo ahead, and have held all evening. YEA!
    # 2 Since we seen to be looking back on older songs like 2009 TLUC, look what I found out about.
    Go to utube–Gianluca Ginoble-sound check-Juarez

  13. You don’t need to type in the name of the song. Funny, I had been browsing utube, and listened to it. Don’t remember who was singing, but made a note of it because it was so pretty. Didn’t connect it to Gian. I’m happy!!

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