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Il Volo Professional ~~ Catch Up; July

professional Hi, Everyone!

As July comes to a close, here’s a recap of Il Volo Activities and News that took place between the concerts.

~~ Kelly




And They Finally Get It ….

The Guys talk about some things we already know but Italy is still learning…and how it feels to make their mark there.


Il Volo on Panorama.it Interview  ~~ All About Il Volo




Release of Grande Amore ~~ Spanish Version

“Grande Amore” was released in Spanish.


Visit iTunes and preview/buy it here -> Spanish Version of Grande Amore









Malta Crashes the Servers

The Italy tour is growing.  August 29 in Malta has been added to the tour dates and they promptly crashed the servers trying to get tickets.  Whohoo!  Way to go Guys!

Il Volo News and Links for July 15th ~~ All About Il Volo





They Defied Jet Lag….

…And made the quickest trip ever to the US.  While we know that the point of the day was the Wine and Dine event and the Detroit airing of the Pompeii concert — which made so many of our Crew happy, wonderful memories — they were there to work…doing a few interviews before hitting PBS.


“Il Volo Live From Pompeii” Premiere in Detroit  ~~ All About Il Volo



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And They’re Still Recording…


Oh wait…



I said…






A Professional In Case You Missed It

s - linda Hey Everyone!

No one can ever replace our faithful reporter, Linda, and I know we are all missing her. Since The Guys have been mixing business and pleasure as they jet across the world and back, I dedicate my Professional to Linda and give you an In Case You Missed It  crossover.  Enjoy!

Get Well Soon, our friend!

~~ Kelly

In Case You Missed It…

Ignazio came home from Russia and celebrated his birthday with his sister, who was kind enough to share a bit of the celebrations with the fans.  Thanks LiJoy for pointing them out!


Il Volo Professional…

We know The Guys have been all over recording, most recently in Miami, where they received a very warm reception (don’t they always?) , took random selfies/pictures,

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And hinted that great things were happening…

Which turned out to be joining the @SonyMusicLatin Family.



This is the 2nd situation in which we’ve heard the name, Sony, in conjunction with Il Volo, so I’m hoping this is going to be a great partnership between them.   It seems like it will be because…


The Best is Yet to Come!