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Hey Crew,

Just wanted to let you know how much Linda loves her cards and notes.  She said to tell you all that the other patients are jealous of her because she get’s more mail than anyone!  “It is the bright spot of my day”.  I knew it would be!

Terese, she told me about every item in the red envelope you sent.  She loved it, especially the picture of Ignazio!

me (in pink) and Linda over Mojitos last winter.
me (in pink) and Linda over Mojitos last winter.

Her status is the same.  She will, hopefully, be able to have her computer with her soon.  

What a crew!  Thank you all so much!


12 thoughts on “About Linda”

  1. Not a good Idea “b”! I would be jealous and have to pretend to be sick so he might send me one. Then I’d feel bad for doing it, but I would do it anyway. Then I would go to hell when I die for lying. So… no not a good idea!

  2. Marie, does Linda have access to a computer? I thought it might be fun to do a blog just for her. So we could post get well thoughts to her within our site here. Don’t know if that is possible, just an idea.

  3. I am glad Linda is enjoying all her get well greetings…I’m sure they truly let her feel the love from all the Il Volovers. Get well soon, Linda!!! ♥

  4. Great to hear you’re enjoying our cards, Linda!

    And your computer on the way should definitely be another lift.

    Blessings of well-being and IL VOLO joy,
    ~ Jeanine, Compassion’s Doorway

    1. I wish I had friends like this while I was recovering in a rehab hospital for 3 months last year and 2 months this year. I suffered from respiratory failure, liver, pancreas disease and enlarged spleen plus leg infections. I was in the ICU first. This year in Feb I had a minor stroke and was in rehab 2 mos. I wish I had you guys to send me cards. I am glad Linda is enjoying our love though.

      1. Frieda, you stay healthy now.
        And make sure you have friends who know to contact us on the Flight Crew if you need a card or two to lift your spirits.

        I’m gad you got through all that despite your IVFCD (IL VOLO Flight Crew Deficiency)! 😉

        Many blessings,
        ~ Jeanine, Compassion’s Doorway

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