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Hey Crew,
Here is part of an email I received from Mary Bohling while I was on vacation. I want to share it with you (I added the pictures). She won’t mind. Will you Mary?


Pardon me, but I feel a lecture coming on. I just have to tell you about what has helped keep me from going crazy during the time of “not enough Il Volo.” I have a new enthusiasm for Andrea Bocelli since Il Volo has taught me to love anything Italian—especially the language and especially when the language is sung.
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 I just got my copy of his new DVD, “Vivere, Live in Tuscany”. (Amazon, $20 for DVD and CD two disc set) I knew I would love it, since I already have “I Found My Love in Portofino” DVD and CD, and love that.


Let me say at the outset, that while I do love Andrea’s singing, he can’t compare to the voice of Piero Barone….he is second choice, but since Piero has yet to come out with a disc of solos, I have to be content with supplementing with Andrea. It is interesting to note that the new DVD’s music was produced by Humberto Gatica and co-produced by Tony Renis. Have they been too busy with Andrea to spend more time getting our boys out there in front of the public, especially in the US?

Back to “Vivere”. There is lovely Tuscan scenery at the beginning and the filming is gorgeous throughout. I did notice that Andrea, like Piero, wears a scarf and leaves his shirttail hanging out…also dresses beautifully. The orchestration is superb. There are guest appearances, notably Kenny G. and Sara Brightman. The pianist Lang-Lang is wonderful, Chris Botti nice, as usual. I must include that A.B.’s version of “Can’t Help Falling in Love”, while adequate, doesn’t begin to compare to Gianluca’s.
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The final song, with Sara Brightman (who I think would be great with our guys) is one that I didn’t recognize by name “Con te partiro”, but as soon as they started to sing I knew our boys have sung it beautifully. I didn’t know it meant, “time to say good-by,” but it is very lovely and you would know it right away. Also of note: he does “Il Mare Calmo Della Sera” which you may remember Ignazio singing when he was 14 or 15….and he has done it more recently, too.
i - Il Mare..

Again, while A.B. is admirable, I’m afraid our guys are raising the bar too high for anyone else to reach.

But we must deal with the fact that we need some supplementation, since we just can’t get enough of them. After all, they are only human (or are they?) and we do have appetites to satiate. So, I’m just suggesting that if you need more Italian (and who doesn’t?) Andre Bocelli is there for us, and while I have to extol Il Volo over everyone else I really do appreciate A.B.

Sorry if I rambled on too long, but just listened to two hours of “Vivere” and feel the need to tell my IV friends that I think they would enjoy that and “Portofino” a lot.

With Il Volo Mary

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  1. Mary, I too have listened to Andrea and thru him fell in love with Italian music. This was before I accidentally found Il Volo doing their PBS special from Miami. It was love at first “sound”. It was half over but I found it repeated at a later date and was able to record it. I have watched it so many times, it is starting to skip in places. Boo hop. I sure do wish someone would make DVD s available. I would scoop them up in a heartbeat.
    Barb W

    1. Hi Barb
      The Miami PBS is available on DVD. It’s called Live from the Fillmore Miami Beach at Jackie Gleason Theater IL VOLO We ARe Love and I am sure you can find it on Amazon, which is where I got it–albeit when it came out. Check and see if they still have it.

  2. Mary, Thanks for suggesting AB to listen to while in Il Volo deprivation. Sure hope some new Il Volo comes out soon. I enjoyed you comparisons to Il Volo and am sure you are totally correct. Piero is the best. Wishing for a solo cd from Piero, or a cd with solos from each of them. Joyce

  3. Blwalther, if you are asking about dvd of il Volo in Miami, check on Amazon, it’s “We Are Love ” and can be had with dvd and c combo! I have two copies, juse in case I wear the first one out…and I might! Hope this helps!!

  4. No one can compare with our Piero, I agree he should do a CD with solos. I checked out that guy Marco carter who is neck and neck with our boys for the Latin Italian award thing, Gad! He isn’t even in the same league as our boys. How did he get so many votes. I’m still voting regularly. Joanie G

  5. You and me both, Joan. And Mary, I agree 100% that Piero is the BEST, even after listening to AB. I, too, have Andrea’s CD and DVD. They are indeed wonderful, but when I hear Piero;s solos my heart just soars! No one comes even close when compared to Piero!!!

    1. Hear, hear! Piero can grab your heart and squeeze it (in a happy way!). There is no one who can match him. I have listened to videos of Pavarotti and I think Piero now is better than he was–I can’t even imagine what he will sound like in a few years.
      Each of our boys has his specialty–the crooners of old are outmatched by Gianluca, and Ignazio can sing so tenderly one minute and soar to the heavens the next.
      How lucky are we to be able to listen and soar with them???

  6. Dear Mary I know what t you mean about not hearing enough of IL Volo driving me crazy too but I’ll just have to wait until their new cd comes out early next year. because after hearing IL Volo especially Piero just don’t want to listen to anyone eilse. Have fun with Anrea Bocelli cd.

  7. It seems that there are two schools of thought on this topic. There are those who, while totally loyal and faithful to Il Volo can enjoy listening to others (that is enjoy not be enraptured, like we are with our guys) and not feel disloyal. Then there are those who want Il Volo and no one else, thank you very much. Either opinion is, to my way of thinking, valid and right. The bottom line is that NO ONE IS ON A PAR WITH IL VOLO, and that’s that. No one can take their place in our hearts. (Piero moved into mine years ago and is thoroughly entrenched.)

    1. I find it hard to listen to other men singers. No one comes close and we are spoiled by our guys! Listening to women is not so hard! I have a friend who sends me all sorts of off the beaten path videos. Sometimes I enjoy them, sometimes I turn them right off–they are no where near my standards!

  8. I was introduced to this kind of pop/opera style music by Bocelli from his concert “Under the Desert Sky”. There is no doubt that he is one of the best tenor and his unique voice, style, and technique is incomparable. And I love all four of them.

  9. Time to say goodbye is the song I was thinking of before that Andre Bocelli sang that I wish Il Volo would put on their new album. AndSara Bright,an is the girl who sang it with him

  10. Mary, I also love Andrea. He was my first love that I saw on PBS while searching for something worthwhile to watch. He is wonderful and such an humble man and a great humanitarian. I have all of his cd’s and dvd’s and have seen him in concert twice. While looking on you tube for his music–that is when I happened upon Il Volo. I don’t believe in coincidence. I think God meant for me to find them. They are such wonderful young men, also very humble and respectful. And they love and respect their elders as well as family. They have, through their music, helped me in many ways. I love all these entertainers equally. They all have inspired me to learn the Italian language and study more about opera. Because of them I enjoy life much more. Thanks to all you guys–young and old!

    1. Paula I certainly agree they are wonderful
      young men, very humble and respectful.
      What great love and respect they show for
      their elders as well as their families. They
      are so kind to the more mature men and
      women at their concerts. Of course, they
      love the reaction of the teens to their
      presence and music. Ignazio has those
      cute dimples and the sweetest smile that
      he displays to all in his presence. He is a
      warm, loving human being. Gianluca is a
      sweet guy and shows his talent in his singing
      and emotion. The group is completed by
      Piero’s strong, operatic type voice. Oh my,
      I just love them all.

  11. What I admire about ll Volo is the fact they all have completely different voices. Put all three of their voices together and you have the WOW factor. Except for the first promotion of ll Volo, Interscope Records never did another video of any of their single recordings. Sony Music was a wise choice for these talented young men.

  12. For a large group of us Il Volo became A ‘SPECIAL’ PART OF OUR LIVES. There are many lovely voices and it is a pleasure to listen to them but for whatever reason they do not ‘grab’ our hearts like the boys do. I love to listen to many different groups but I have never had personal feelings about them. Now when I was 15 that was another story. In my day, the dark ages according to my grandsons, the movie stars had people’s attention and following.

  13. Terese–I agree that in my life I have enjoyed many singers and groups but they have never touched my heart strings the way our Guys do.
    I was never a groupie,even as a teenager,until 5 years ago when Il Volo came into my life with the Take Flight On PBS. And my love and admiration,for these sweeties,has escalated every year since then. My son says he thinks it’s great that I’m a groupie at 71 !! I agree !!
    I have always loved listening to the great Andrea but our Guys are, and always will be, at the top of my list.

  14. I love Bocelli but nothing will ever compare to Il Volo. I am 51 and Il Volo just makes me feel 18 again and I need that feeling to keep me going in life. I love all the friends I made thru knowing Il Volo. Thanks everyone for being there for me like lifelong friends and family.

  15. Very interesting this topic. Have made me think on my idols.
    Elvis was my first one (although I am not his contemporary) watching his films when I was teenager in the afternoons TV sessions I felt in love for the gorgeous and best singer I had ever seen in my life.
    Andrea Bocelli, was the first tenor I have enjoyed to listen, because of his flexibility to achieve all of music genres, from opera (I really don´t like) to bossa nova.
    Michael Buble, makes me know the classic singers like Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and others (I knew them, but I didn’t listen them very much).
    Then I was introduced to a 14 years old italian boy singing Il mare calmo della sera in an Italian TV contest and I fell in love immediately. I realized that he is a mixed of Elvis, Bocelli and Buble (I still love them) in a much better version, and now Gianluca is my number one.

  16. With more than a few of Bocelli’s CDs I count myself a long time fan. His sound is unique and he has definitely perfected his craft over the years. His music fills my sewing room on long rainy afternoons. Here is another singer that might interest you while waiting for the new Il Volo CD. Josh Groban. I’ve been a fan of his since his career took off back in 2001. Not only do Groban and Il Volo share a producer, Humberto Gatica, but they’ve recorded some of the same songs. “Per Te”, “Caruso”, “Smile” and “E Piu’ Ti Penso”, although Groban sings the latter in English. I have a picture of Mr. Groban with the guys but I don’t know how to post it here on the Flight Crew Board. I believe it was taken as the We Are the World Concert about four or five years ago.

  17. Posted this a day or two ago, but I posted late at night. Many may not have seen it, so am posting again. Hope you like.
    you tube

    Gianluca Ginoble – Sound check – Juarez

    This song has not been recorded, so you may not have heard it before.
    Contigo En La Distancia

  18. Thanks, Mary, for reminding me to order this Andrea Boccelli bargain from Amazon. I recognized parts of it from YouTube and found the concert was recorded in 2007 so probably not keeping Humberto Gatica from getting us more Il Volo. A new label might have more to do with that, but congratulations to our boys for signing with Sony, a major player in good music! I must confess I’ve taken to listening to Il Divo (gasp!) as well as Il Volo. Despite name and genres, these two groups are two separate styles and I enjoy both. My first loyalty remains with the more exciting Il Volo as they have been so generous to let us watch them grow thru the years. I’m proud to be an Ilvolover! They have accomplished one of their goals in developing love for pop opera in it’s many guises.

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