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The Lovely Lady proudly displaying this years concert t-shirt is Ineke. Although you have to look hard for her occasional comments, she is an avid Flight Crew Member and my friend. She has been with The Flight Crew since the “old site” and reads us three times a day! Believe me she knows all of you! I’m happy to spotlight her so you can all meet this Crew Sister. Ineke hasn’t had a chance to actually see her beloved Il Volo Boys (Gianluca!) in concert yet. She is going to have to wait for them to come a little closer to her home in Amanzimtoti, KwaZuluNatal, South Africa.

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  1. Hi Ineke. So nice to meet you and I hope you get to see our boys soon! It’s great to hear about the love we all share for Il Volo!

  2. Hello Ineke. It is so nice to meet you and to have you as an Il Volo crew member! Here’s hoping that our boys, or should I say young men, perform in concert near you on their next tour. If not, perhaps you can come to the US and meet some of the Crew AND the boys! If you think you love them now, wait till you hear/see them in person! Again, it is so nice to meet you!

  3. Hi Ineke, I haven’t been to a concert yet either but I do love those three
    young men. I kove their music and listen to them daily, but am voting
    for them every day for the Latin Italian Singer Award a lot. Welcome
    to you, maybe we will meet one day.

  4. Hi Ineke! Thats one of my favorite shirts yet! I love everything Il Volo! i am busy voting whenever I have time to sit still, but it’s hard to find enough time to keep them far out in the lead! Gotta get back to voting! πŸ˜‰

  5. Hi Ineke! Just think you have the most exciting experience waiting for you! Being at a concert is out of this world–time stops and you are just lost, lost, lost! 2 hours of sheer bliss!

  6. LOL! Well I chose the wrong time to post this! It’s 3:00 a.m. in South Africa. πŸ™‚ Ineke will be surprised when she wakes up!

    Good Morning Ineke!

  7. Welcome, Ineke! I hope you will be able to see our wonderful guys in person! You will be on cloud nine!!😍

  8. Hi, Ineke!

    So lovely to hear about you and your passion for IL VOLO lived out in all ways available. My friend Leslie is currently in South Africa and nearby nations, communing with elephants especially. Her favorite song is Beautiful Day!

    I personally LOVE South African harmonies that I have heard in various ways, including through Playing for Change (.com). I’m sending out wishes for our beloved IL VOLO brothers to come to your beautiful nation, close enough for you to attend a concert!

    Gianluca has such a tender heart, a glorious voice, and is quite the philosopher! May they record some of your most treasured songs of his for their next album!

    Blessings and gratitude,
    ~ Jeanine, Compassion’s Doorway

  9. A very heartfelt HELLO to you Ineke! So both our hearts beat wildly for Il Volo but Gianluca has a special place in your heart too?

  10. Hello Ineke, so happy to meet you, love that T-shirt. Does anyone know how I can purchase one? I thought you could only get one at a concert and since I haven’t been to a concert yet (but hope to soon), thought I was out of luck. It’s such a great way to show our love and appreciation for the guys.

  11. HI! Friendships begin with sharing and the boys give us a lot to talk about.
    Hope they come your way soon. I am holding my fingers crossed that they would come to Texas before too long.

    1. I’m so sorry I missed them in Tampa last year, hoping they come back again in 2015. Just can’t wait to feel the experience of a live Il Volo Concert. LOVE,LOVE, LOVE them!!!

  12. Hello Ineke, nice to have you with us. We may be an older group of loving fans, but thats okay. At least we have seen, and heard enough through the years, to see just what these young men demonstrate that make us adore them. Yes they are handsome, yes they have beautiful voices, but it is what is inside that is so appealing. Something we haven’t seen, especially in young people , for such a long time. You probably already know they are like our family, and we will be glad to have you as part of the family too. Welcome!

  13. Hi Ineke, welcome to the Flight Crew family. So glad to meet you. I hope you get the opportunity to see “Our Boys” in concert, as it is an experience that will last you a lifetime. I saw them for the first time in July in Taormina and it was amazing. Once they start singing everything around you disappears and you only hear them. It’s like they are only singing to you.

    1. Oh Ineke, Karen is so right! You hear a song begin that you know so well, then you look up and there THEY are, in all their magnificent glory, finally singing just to you. Maybe one of them will actually lock eyes wih you among the crowd. Then you know you’re stuck for life! It’s better than you can imagine! Ineke, it’s an experience well worth waiting for! You’ll see!

  14. Greetings Ineke! May I say you have amazingly excellent taste in music and handsome men? Isn’t it fun to have a whole bunch of crazy people to share this ? I know I think it is just grand that so many of us from all over the place share this grand love of excellent music and three beautiful Italian young men. Hopefully you will see them in your part of the world soon!
    Connie aka Pirate

  15. Hello Ineke, it is great to finally meet you. Marie has told me all about you and your love for Il Volo. I was actually with her when she purchased that Lovely T-shirt with those handsome faces on it. It looks awesome on you. Hope you have a chance to see the “young men” in concert soon. They are great.

  16. Hope you get to see the boys in concert one day. It is an awesome experience. I been have fortunate enough to see them twice. It’s two hours of bliss. Where did you get your tshirt?

  17. Hello Ineke. It is indeed a pleasure to meet you. Those of us who have had the pleasure of meeting our handsome talented young men, are correct when describing the most magical 2+ hours of your life. They sound exactly like their CDS. In person, they are so cute and playful. Gianluca is my personal favorite even the three of them are magnificent singers. They are so handsome beyond words. I hope they play somewhere near you soon. They have been our globe trekkers. WELCOME aboard.

  18. WOW! What a pleasant surprise Marie, and ‘Hi’ to you and all the lovely ladies on this, the best Il Volo site!! Thank you for all your “welcome’s” and every one of your beautiful messages. I also hope that one day they will come to my beautiful country.
    Michael Buble is coming to South Africa in March 2015 for 4 big concerts (stadiums can each cater for over 30,000 people) and these concerts are already nearly sold out. Can you imagine our 3 Guys coming to this beautiful country! You, my Crew Sisters must also come and we can rent a big house near the concert for all of us to stay together and then we must invite ‘Our Guys’ to join us. I remember reading here a while back how great it would be to have our own Meet and Greet with our Il Volo guys. Who knows and why not?
    Now back to voting. (I timed myself, I am now able to do 9 votes per minute)

  19. My darling 17 year old niece (who fell in love with Ignazio last year when I introduced her to IL VOLO magic) emailed me that she had a dream about the guys the other night…she saw them shopping at TARGET!!! πŸ™‚ Oh, don’t we wish!! πŸ™‚

  20. Hi Ineke, Here is a warm welcome from sunny California. We are all waiting for our guys next tour. Hope they include your country. Joanie G

  21. Welcome aboard, Ineke. It is exciting to have someone from your part of the world joining us. Fresh perspective is always wonderful. Joan (above) offered a warm welcome from sunny California. My welcome is from also sunny Las Vegas which is sometimes even warmer ( ahem ! ! ! ) certainly in July.

    1. Myron I have already thanked all the lovely ladies for the many kind thoughts. Now I want to thank the gentleman of the board for your kind words and also take this opportunity to tell you how much I value your input to this site.

  22. Hello and welcome dear Ineke, Just as all the others have said before me, you are in for an absolutely life changing experience when you see these three Italian Princes walk across the stage and begin singing. I saw them in June and I was mesmerized and thrilled! Just so handsome and having fun together, you can see they enjoy doing what they do. Yes, they do look around at their audience and offer sweet smiles and maybe even a wink or two!! I sincerely hope you have the opportunity to see them in concert in your lovely country. Blessings and warmest wishes to you.

  23. Hi Ineke, so very nice to meet you. I offer you a warm welcome from the mid-west – Minnesota to be exact. And I have to agree with all the rest. Going to a concert and seeing and hearing our beloved Piero, Gianluca, and Ignazio is the most glorious experience you can ever imagine! I hope you get to see them soon.

  24. Hi Ineke !! It’s nice to meet you !! Maybe the Guys will get to South Africa on their up coming World Tour and you’ll be able to see them up close and personal !! If not come to the USA and see them with us !! I have been following them for the last five years and have been lucky enough to be able to attend three concerts and a M&G. I was so wired up from anticipation before each concert ,and especially the M&G, that I felt like I was going to jump out of my skin !!! Then when the concerts are over you immediately want more ,miss them terribly and suffer from bad Post Concert Stress Disorder for months and months to come. The effect that these talented,charming,handsome,and kind hearted young men have on all of us is truly amazing and I love them all very much. But I must admit that Gianluca holds an extra special place in my heart.

    1. Hi Joanie! I hope the guys make more stops next year on their tour here in the USA. Where are you at? I am in Tampa Fl. I followed them since 2011 when they were on Ellen DeGeneres show. I fell in love with them so fast. Those voices just took over my heart. I have been to 1 concert in 2012 and was in hospital ICU for 2013. This year they skipped us. I had an M&G last year but bad luck. At least I am alive to see them again someday. I know the feeling of PCSD. Piero holds that special place in my heart.

  25. You know I hate to be negative, but that P.C.S.D. strikes me really hard! It would be worse if I didn’t have this site and you all to come home too and to share the grief! It takes me several months to come around. I go through everything short of gnashing my teeth and weeping uncontrollably. Ok, to be honest some gnashing and weeping.

  26. Hello Ineke. I am from Florida. I love your shirt and so happy I can get to know you through this site. I am glad you are an Il Volo sister. Hopefully you will get to see them next year. They are great in concert and even better behind the scenes. Love ya !!!

  27. I love Il volo’s new t shirts. I have not been able to make it to any of their concerts this year hopefully I will be able to in 2015. I would love to get one of their t-shirts but not sure where to go to get one, hopefully someone can help me. I think they are so awesome, and am looking forward to a new CD and songs!

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    1. Hi Elizabeth, The only way to get those t-shirts are at the concerts. However, if you go to Walmart on the net and click on their photo store you can make your own for a very reasonable price. Just be careful whose photo you use. You are welcome to use any photo with “Marie” written on it.

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