#LMIA2014 Voting Blitz ~~ Day 1

10726780_1502388250019816_268997053_n Hey Everyone! 

It’s the first voting blitz for the Latin Music Italian Awards 2014!!

So, I would have to be living under a rock not to see all of the concern over the voting process that is being voiced here and elsewhere in the Il Volosphere.  I know it’s been frustrating to be locked out during the voting, but you have kept at it.  I think we all agree that supporting the guys at anytime is fun, and could be even more fun if we do it together, am I right?  Today, let’s not only support Il Volo, but have fun doing it!




To go along with the voting, we have a question of the day for you:

Il Volo Deserves This Recognition Because…

While you’re voting, finish this sentence with as many reasons as you can think of throughout the day! 


Ok.  Are you ready?  Get set…VOTE! 

~~ Kelly

34 thoughts on “#LMIA2014 Voting Blitz ~~ Day 1”

  1. I am VOTING because I care deeply about IL VOLO and because “SUCCESS SEEMS TO BE LARGELY A MATTER OF HANGING ON AFTER OTHERS HAVE LET GO “(Wm. Feather)

  2. Il Volo deserves this because they ARE the best. Their music is unsurpassed and will not be forgotten in a few years. And how amazing is it that they look as good as they sound? They are also very tolerant of their fans which is GREATLY APPRECIATED!!

  3. I am voting for Il Volo because they are THE BEST young men who have been blessed with beautiful voices, good looks, and hearts of gold!

    1. I totally agree with maddiev’s comment about Il Volo–THEY ARE THE BEST and will stay that way for a LONG time!!!

  4. Hopefully sooner than later they will receive the international recognition we know they deserve. One of these days, a grammy!

  5. Because, hands down they are the best young singers world wide out there today. They have it all… Talent, looks and personality.Not to mention hearts of gold. They are the total package, the cream of the crop. I know I speak for everyone when I say we adore them!

  6. Our guys deserve this recognition because they are by far the best three voices in the world. It never ceases to amaze me when I listen to them so powerfully sing in harmony or sing equally as we’ll individually with or without music. Gianluca,Ignazio and Piero have worked hard and have a tremendous work ethic for such young men. They also enchant us everyday and we love them so VOTE!! VOTE!! VOTE !!

  7. They are the best there is among singers as well as young men. My “mouse” was smoking all day yesterday voting. I saw the other guy gain ground and I worried. Today I will spend the day voting. Joanie G

  8. Oh! Marie!! You really hit the nail on the head!! But…how could they be near you unless you moved next door to me in Texas??? I’m not sure this old heart could stand it!! LOL?…Dot….

  9. Piero, Ignazio, and Gianluca deserve recognition because, in spite of the fact that young people today feel that you have to sing LOUDLY and with words that we of the older generation can’t understand in order to be popular, Il Volo has brought to us classical music, operatic arias, and lots of familiar songs in an
    (as Ignazio says) Italianly way. They have shared their glorious voices with the world, and for that reason, they deserve this award and many, many more.

  10. Because they reach so many people of all ages with their music and are so dedicated to the hard work and comittment this takes, they have touched so many lives and are really genuine and I think they are still very humble, recognizing that their voices are a gift from God

  11. Why am I voting for our three beautiful young men, because every time I see their faces, and hear their song, they bring………………..

    The sun to my face,
    The tears to my eyes;
    The breeze to my skin,
    The wind through my hair,
    The sound to my ears,
    The beat to my heart,
    The joy to my spirit,
    The pride to my soul,
    The light to my darkness,
    The youth to my being,
    and my thankfulness to God for this loving gift.

    1. “The light to my darkness.” That’s the best way to describe them that I’ve ever heard! Thank you, Love! <3

    2. WOW Kitty, you said so well what we ALL feel!
      Thanks for being MY spokesman and for many others that are not as gifted with words as you are. Thanks and my VOTES will always be for Il Volo–Love those young men and their God-given voices and talents!

  12. Well everyone else has spoken everything I feel & wanted to say except that they are not only the best on the planet but they appreciate their fans who show them the respect & appreciation that they put in their concerts & music that they choose. Just the fact that they also respect their audience that they start their concerts on time as a lot performers don’t. Also the fact that they enjoy the meet & greets & meeting their fans even as I am sure they must be exhausted from performing. They are not only the BEST singers & performers ever but they are THE CLASS ACT.

  13. I have been voting every day because they are amazing. But mostly because of my 93 year old Italian Mama. She has alzheimers and its getting worse each day. She doesn’t remember a whole lot now, but every night I pull up you tube and play O Sole Mio that our boys sing so beautifully and Mama will sing along. God bless them for making her smile. They are the best and deserve to win.

  14. I know I said this once before (maybe a hundred times) – I hope and pray that they get nominated and win the Grammy awards. Latin Grammy is fine but I really want them to get a mainstream Grammy award. In spite of all the other awards in this country, for recording artists the good ole American Grammy is the top award.
    Come on IL VOLO !!! This next album will do it. I just know. Make it your best so far.

    1. Myron, do you think signing with Sony will help our guys’ careers, and what will it take for them to break into the mainstream music world, other than pure luck?
      Appreciate your expert opinion on all things Il Volo.

  15. I was voting by going through the post on October 14th. now when I try to get to that post I can’t. the archives only goes back to the 17th? can any one help?

  16. Mary Bukosby, I have to tell you that your comment was so lovely, it brought me to tears. I would say that you must love your Mom very much to play Il Volo’s music for her. I’m sure it must bring back such memories, and is something to which she is able to relate, and find a few moments of comfort. The guys would be honored, I know. God bless you!

    1. Thank you so much Kitty. Your remarks touched me as well. IL VOLO is our light in the darkness. Those boys are wonderful and so are you!

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