Talking With Linda

From the Vienna Va. Concert M&G
From the Vienna Va. Concert M&G

Spoke with Linda last night.  She couldn’t wait to tell me that she is still receiving cards. She wanted you all to know that she is sure that’s why she is getting better!  She has over 40 so far and happily read all of your names to me!  While she’s still not up to using a computer, her voice is strong and clear.  Leelee was even able to visit her last week. 

Linda says she is receiving good care and has walked part way across her room.  The Nurses and Nun’s caring for her are nice.  Well, except for one which she has dubbed “Snotty Sister”.  She can tell you about her when she’s communicating again.   It can’t be the same Sister I had in the second grade! Yikes!

Don’t know what I’ve ever done to deserve knowing kind people like all of you, but to borrow a line from yet another Maria, “I must have done something good”!



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  1. Sorr I find ‘ t realize Linda was sick. I was out of the country and when I got back hadn’t paid to much attention to my emails . Could you give me Linda’s email or somewhere where I can send her a card? You ladies are so awesome!!!♡♡♡

  2. I am mailing another “RED” envelope on Monday. When I came to the States I went to Holy Name High School. The Nun’s were good teachers but tough. Today I appreciate their dedication and teaching me to go on without having to take remedial classes like so many young people have to these day. Must confess though I did have to take an extra English for foreigners class in college.
    Please keep us posted about Linda so we can be of some help by keeping her
    with cards and wishes.

  3. So glad to read the good report about Linda. Our guys are love…WE are love….it’s a trickle down effect. Healing thoughts continue to flow Linda’s way.

  4. Linda, My thoughts are with you and they are filled with positive thoughts only.
    Always our best to you.

  5. I called Linda last night at the Nursing Home & she is sounding strong & is hoping to go home next week.
    I was going to write but I have to travel to the plaza to mail it so called instead. We use to have mail boxes on the corner of streets but not anymore.
    Marie is doing a terrific job looking after her site until Linda comes back. Hail, hail Marie. Good picture of the guys holding a scarf for Linda

  6. The best medicine…
    Love, Laughter, IL VOLO harmony, and Flight Crew friends sending ongoing Love!

    All the best to you, Linda!
    Great report from Marie and Loretta!

    ~ Jeanine, Compassion’s Doorway

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