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#LMIA2014 Voting Blitz ~~ Part Deux


Hey Everyone!

It’s Day 2 of 3 of our voting blitz for the Latin Music Italian Awards 2014!  I hope everyone is having fun!

It’s so great to see people participating and showing all the love for our Guys! 

We promised a different theme on every blitz day, so here we go:




Answer that question by posting your favorite IL Volo Pictures.  To get you started….



Taormina was a great night for them, wasn’t it?  🙂

Happy Voting, and what’s your favorite picture?

Click here —> Vote for Il Volo

~~ Kelly


Send your photo to us at:     ilvoloflightcrw@outlook.com


A favorite of Karen Church
A favorite of Karen Church
One of my favorites ~Marie
One of my favorites ~Marie
Another of my favorite.  Oh, I can't choose! ~Marie
Another of my favorites. Oh, I can’t choose! ~Marie
Here's a real beauty from Barbara Bubb (bbubb)
Here’s a real beauty from Barbara Bubb (bbubb)

I’m Smiling Because…

We’re Smiling Because…




…of selfies with dad…

…of delicious looking desserts made with friends…

 …of lazy weekends…

...Enrique Iglesias is asking his fans to vote in the LIMA 2014 too, lending some credence to the idea that all of our voting is not a scam… 

Bing Images
Bing Images


 Click here —>Enrique Iglesias’ Official Website  ~~ Thanks to Gary with All Things Il Volo for the head’s up!



Why are you smiling?


~~ Kelly

#LMIA2014 Voting Blitz ~~ Day 1

10726780_1502388250019816_268997053_n Hey Everyone! 

It’s the first voting blitz for the Latin Music Italian Awards 2014!!

So, I would have to be living under a rock not to see all of the concern over the voting process that is being voiced here and elsewhere in the Il Volosphere.  I know it’s been frustrating to be locked out during the voting, but you have kept at it.  I think we all agree that supporting the guys at anytime is fun, and could be even more fun if we do it together, am I right?  Today, let’s not only support Il Volo, but have fun doing it!




To go along with the voting, we have a question of the day for you:

Il Volo Deserves This Recognition Because…

While you’re voting, finish this sentence with as many reasons as you can think of throughout the day! 


Ok.  Are you ready?  Get set…VOTE! 

~~ Kelly