I’m Smiling Because…

We’re Smiling Because…




…of selfies with dad…

…of delicious looking desserts made with friends…

 …of lazy weekends…

...Enrique Iglesias is asking his fans to vote in the LIMA 2014 too, lending some credence to the idea that all of our voting is not a scam… 

Bing Images
Bing Images


 Click here —>Enrique Iglesias’ Official Website  ~~ Thanks to Gary with All Things Il Volo for the head’s up!



Why are you smiling?


~~ Kelly

19 thoughts on “I’m Smiling Because…”

  1. I was not smiling at 6:00 am when my dog Zero insisted it was time to go outside but now I have time to eat breakfast and read the paper and then go Vote for the boys. I AM SMILING because I ordered the “Ricardo Montaner” CD and I should get it by the 9th. Anxious to hear the Il Volo part. Also I am glad so many older pictures have been posted. I am a late comer in discovering the Facebooks and this lovely blog so I missed a lot. Thanks to all who work so hard keeping us informed.

  2. I am smiling because the sun is out…Gianluca is having a relaxed weekend…Piero’s sister is a beautiful young woman who looks so much like her dear brother especially in the eyes, and Ignazio is Ignazio…what more can I say! Il Volo simply lights the world with love.

  3. I’m smiling because those Guys just make me smile!

    Gina (aka Terese) We’re happy you’re here. If you look under “Topics” (top of this page) you will find everything from “concerts” to “poetry” (ahem). Plus we have a good time with the older stuff. Still love the cheeks and curls!

    MaryJane, I will publish your “Il Volo Love Fest” in a few days. You Mn. girls have way too much fun!

  4. I’m smiling because Il Volo and our Il Volo Flight Crew community rock my world everyday !! Also, because looking at Gianluca,Ignazio and Piero’s beautiful faces,( love the photos Kelly !!) listening to their magnificent voices and seeing their love and devotion for their parents, siblings and grandparents (and us !! ) makes my heart swell with love and pride. These lovable young men make it so easy to smile !!

  5. I’m smiling because now I can look at the video of Ignazio’s with Barry White every day, its cold out but the sun is shining & I am healthy & am reading the blog & emails & looking forward to anymore
    information on our Sweethearts.

    1. I’m smiling because I go to bed every night listening to Il Volo and how can you not wake up smiling after a night of Il Volo singing you to sleep. I’m also smiling that Piero gets to spend another birthday with his nonno. I’m smiling because after months of frustration I was able to upload my video to YouTube. I’m smiling because you all are the best. 🙂

  6. To the computer people-HOW CAN I CHANGE MY NAME ON THE ADDRESS BELOW. It will let me override it but it does not stick. I do want to be Gina and delete my ‘incognito’ name Terese. Thanks.

    1. Gina, can you find your profile settings? The instructions should be able to walk you through. Do you have your profile icon at the top right corner of your screen? If so, start by clicking that. It’s a little hard for me to help without seeing what you see. Sorry. :S

  7. I’m smiling because of the wonderful IL Volo family that I now have. I treasure them so much. It all started when I went to my first concert in June and continued when Marie Crier printed my little article. The people I facebook with every day are so wonderful !

    1. They are filming an episode on Porta a Porta on RAI tonight. Unclear whether they will be live on the show or if it will be shown at a later date. I’m sure we’ll find out soon enough.

      1. P.S. I’m smiling just because life is good with Il Volo in it (and all of you, too, of course!!)

  8. Kelly, could I ask you to put the voting post back at the top? I am getting trouble with it now, it is slowing me down because the other post are coming up instead of that one, so I have to go back to Il Volo Flight Crew often.

  9. thanks Kelly! folks we’re on top again. it’s been a long battle, we were many thousands behind, but we did it. now, let’s get back a huge lead, we HAVE to bring victory for our boys .looks like some long nights ahead!!!!

  10. I’m smiling because…
    ~ I listened to my We Are Love concert tour playlist the whole time I was cooking my contributions for Thanksgiving Dinner! 🙂
    ~ My mom’s 4th neurologist (for dementia) is fantastic, as is her nurse! And they are recommending resources to help our family. What a relief!
    ~ Every day that passes brings us a day closer to IL VOLO’s new album release. (Even though we don’t have a date, we know this is true! 😉
    ~ When my life requires concentrated attention, you’re still here with Love and wonderful IL VOLO news of every kind. And catching up with you is so fun!

    Love and gratitude to our Board and to all our IL VOLO friends,
    ~ Jeanine, Compassion’s Doorway

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