Keep calm and all the faces of love


I saw this on Facebook yesterday and thought it couldn’t be more appropriate.  So I am borrowing and sharing it here – thanks to our Il Volo sister Christine Peganto.




While we are all patiently waiting, let’s revisit my favorite French song “Tous Les Visages de L’amour” which translates to “All the faces of love”.  Oh yes…the faces of Gianluca, Piero, and Ignazio…which we love…so much!!!


The video was taken on 6/20 at the Elgin concert.  I can’t believe it’s been five months already!  I MISS you guys (Keep calm Elaine 😕)!!!

24 thoughts on “Keep calm and all the faces of love”

  1. It has been what seems like FOREVER since they came out with something new. Ahh me, tis enough to make a pirate walk her own plank.

  2. Elaine, “La Visages–” has always been a favorite of mine. When Piero comes in at the beginning with all of his power and glory I feel like I am going to burst right out of my skin. And the ending……aah, heaven. As for keeping calm, good luck with that. I’m trying, but— So thankful for the videos that help us feel that we are keeping in touch, and for this site which does such a great job of helping us with that, too.

  3. I ordered, on Amazon,Ricardo Montaner’s new CD to hear the Il Volo part. I am sure the rest will be good too.
    We need to keep VOTING since Marco’s fans will not give up.

  4. Elaine, thank you so much for this breath of fresh air on a cold, snowy day here! Pure heaven listening to and watching them during your concert! Keep calm…ok, if you insist! 🙂

  5. Speaking of IL VOLO music, I FINALLY got the video posted to YouTube tonite. You should be able to find it by tagging Taormina or IL VOLO. It was my first time creating a video from pictures. Some of the pictures are a little blurry. I hope you all enjoy it. I used We Are Love for the backround music because that is one of my favorite songs. I don’t know how to upload it to this blog. If anyone of you know how I can do that, please let me know.

  6. Karen, your video is simply beautiful. The blurriness in some photos gives it a mystical feeling. Truly beautiful! The look on the little girl’s face as well as the looks on Piero, Gianluca and Ignazio’s faces says it all…they are love shining so brightly for all who come to them. Their love is reflected in her eyes!

    1. Hi Maryjane, thanks for you wonderful comments. I’m not sure what little girl you are referring to in the video, the only other person in the video is Piero’s mom.

      1. Karen, I must have looked at the wrong video. I typed in exactly what you wrote to and I just looked at the video that came up. It was where the guys came out of a building to greet one of their fans. A very small girl. It was really a nice video. I don’t know why yours didn’t come up. I will have to try it again. 🙂

  7. Karen, just watched your video and it is lovely. I saw this quote a few days ago and I think it applies to Il Volo and their fans. ‘IF YOU ARE LUCKY ENOUGH TO BE DIFFERENT FROM EVERYONE ELSE DON’T CHANGE.”

    1. Hi Gina, thanks for your comment. I soooo agree with that quote. I hope “Our Boys” never change and that their fan base only grows with intensity.

  8. Elaine I forgot to thank you for your posting the Elgin concert section with Tous Les Visages de L’Amour. Whenever I hear them sing it I just melt into a piratey puddle.
    Karen, thank you too for posting your video. I wish we could have filmed or photographed the concert I went to in Saratoga but I am so happy when people like yourself , Elaine and others post their concert memories.

    1. You’re welcome! Sorry it takes so long for me to post this video. But there were so many videos around the time of the concert tour so I am saving it for downtime like now…something new from something old. What haven’t changed are the wonderful sounds and looks of our angels of music!

    2. Pirate I’m still so darn mad about Mountain Winery not allowing us to take pictures. It was a fantastic concert. We had such great seats and great opportunities but those hawk eyed concert police wouldn’t let us!!!

      1. I hear you Gerri, I was just so thrilled to be there at all that at the time I was happy to just breath the same air they did. Now when I look at all these wonderful videos and photos I get a bit sad to think of the opportunity missed. Then I go look at my desktop photo of my Meet N’ Greet photo and I smile and become a piratey puddle again.

  9. something interesting I saw on Il Volo Mundal posted by Roz Chappe on the Il Volo Voting post: she said that she noticed that when she went to the voting site and clicked on Il Volo, then kept the cursor down and went right away and clicked numerous times on the right side, then clicked on vote, that the numbers increased a lot. I tried it and it worked, the numbers went up by about 30 votes. you can try it and see, but first check how many votes they have before so you know if it really works. you can check out what she said on Il Volo Mundal to be sure. she did mention that after a few times she was blocked, but even so it’s worth it if it works because it adds so many votes and eases up on your voting, you can afford to take a break.

  10. I think this really works and I have not been blocked so far. I just click away on the right. please go to Mundial, Roz’s explanation is better than mine. she put it on the post of the competition which is a little lowere down from the recent posts

  11. I tried that Deanne & I discovered if I just click twice on the right the numbers will increase by from 20 to over 30 but that could be because others are adding their counts also

  12. Yes, Loretta, that is true, but I don’t think so many people are voting in relation to the total which goes up. I need to explain a little clearer what I am doing: I get the site, then I put my cursor on “Il Volo” and click on the left side, I keep my cursor on Il Volo and go to the right side and click about 20 or 30 times (not too fast) then I click on vote. to me it seems to be working, I don’t know if all my clicks are going through, but the total is certain rising faster than it was before. it would help a lot if it works, let’s see what others find!

  13. It is hard to tell, when there is FULL FORCE voting, how the numbers go up. I voted this morning and it was fairly quiet so I could see that my voting was registered. Today and 26 more days. The fans that will vote and vote till the end will have their “STAR” the winner.

  14. I came on my computer this morning and tried again to see if it is really working. it is! but I find that I must click slowly so it really registers. something I found though! I did not switch over to clicking on the right side after the first click on the left, I tried clicking only on the left side, and it worked too? ofcourse I also noticed that the competitor is also working hard this morning, I wonder if they are using this same method

  15. look, I really don’t know if this multiple clicking works! I tried going on one of the other names who has practically no votes and clicked 10 times, and it only went up one point. so it is very hard to tell if it’s working for Il Volo, but I will still do it and see

  16. It seems like forever ago that they were here, but in no time, it will be 2015, and we will be anticipating new things. Where does the time go? Thanks for sharing Elaine! 🙂

  17. Deanne, happened to see a post on Il Volo Mundial from Sharon Eisner asking how to vote. I don’t know how to post on that sight. It is under the picture of the voting. Can you help her? Everyone counts,right?

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