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Il Volo at Wolf Trap June 13, 2014

Hello fellow Il Volo Lovers!

Do you believe in signs?  Sometimes I do, and I want to believe in them now. I have been reading the National Italian American Foundation’s (NIAF) Fall 2014 Ambassador magazine. I regularily read the magazine but this time my eyes were immediately drawn to the advertisement below. Like many of you, I am an Italian American and I believe my unusual interest in the advertisement this time is a sign to do something that a few of my family members and I have talked about doing – determine our eligibility for Italian dual citizenship. I am going to put this on my bucket list – it’s time to start the eligibility process. I can’t think of anything cooler than to have the same passport as Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca, can you?

Have any of you undertaken this?  If so, please let me know what to expect.  Grazie!  Michele



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  1. Yes, I would love that. I have been to Italy and Sicily six times and I feel at home there, I can be emotional as I feel and no one is surprised! My dad came here when he was 24 years old and said he was an American citizen and didn’t have to go back, but I grew up like our Boys did and I loved it so a dual citizenship would be nice to have. It’s being proud of your heritage. We never could go home during an election unless we voted because my dad said we had to vote and be good Americans. I was very proud of him.

  2. Sadly, as far as I have looked, there isn’t a single drop of Italian blood in me. You know , even before IL Volo, I wished I was Ilatian. But my last name is Swedish, my pirate ancestor was French and my Oregon Trail pioneers were English and German. Not an Italian in the bunch. Except in my heart. *sigh*

    1. I did send my and dad to Italy on their 50th anniversary for 6 weeks and they had a wonderful time. They had never even been on a plane! My dad was a singer and he even sang in one of their restaurants in Rome as they have guitar players everywhere and everyone thinks they can sing! But we know our Boys can. lol

    2. Piratesorka, be proud of your beautiful ancestry. You just have a lot more countries to visit! I have only been to Germany and France. I was never able to visit the Nordic countries. I would have liked to very much.

    3. At least Sweden, France, and Germany are in the same continent as Italy. For me the closest connection is Marco Polo and pasta 😐😂.

  3. I only wish I had a speck of Italian blood in me! So happy for those of you who do. I have dear friends who are Italian and have always admired their loving, unafraid to express emotion, genuine ways. I admire the Italian culture for so many reasons. I wish you luck on getting your dual citizenship. What an honor! 🙂

  4. There is a lot of information on duel citizenship on the internet. I was born in Lithuania and they passed a law in late 1990’s that people that were forced to leave the country due to WW II could have duel citizenship but people after 1990 could not. My parents fled Lithuania and we lived in Austria and Germany till the end of the war and later emigrated to US. Once Lithuania regained her independence in 1990 you could go and visit. I did not make it then and now I am not sure I can handle a long trip. Italy always personified ROMANCE and everyone loves the music.

  5. Sometimes I wonder if our Boys will get dual citizenship because they love California and America and they are so adaptable at a young age. I’d like to ask them this question too.

    1. That is a very interesting question. I hope you get the opportunity. I can see Gianluca doing this, maybe Ignazio too but Piero seems too in love with his Sicily ….but I bet if the other two do it, he would too!

  6. Something you do not think about at the moment, I see: with an Italian passport you can travel into Europe and everywhere within the European Union without any visa. Vice versa it should then be the same when you are living in Europe with a double passport. Until now travelling to the US affords quite some preparation in advance and in any case a visa. Unfortunately double citizenship with 2 passports is not very common in Germany, probably the whole of Europe. Only exceptions are granted.

  7. Thank you all for responding. Your stories are very interesting. I had never thought of dual citizenship until a relative lived in Roma and traveled all over Italia and Europe and discovered the possibility! I will try to make time to investigate for myself. Have a great day everyone – I must get ready for work! Ciao

  8. I am italian and spanish descendant. I have tried to get the Italian citizenship for a long time but I haven’t got yet. My grandpa was born in a city near Venice, San Donnà di Piave, that was bombed in 2º world war and the building where were the birth records was burned, so it’s very difficult to find his documents. I have his military document, but the Italian consulate demands birth registration. I have to go to Italy to request it and gets there until the documents be ready, is so expensive to do it, but is easier, because here in Brazil it takes about 5 years to get it due to the the large number of requests. I am almost giving up…

    1. A quick way to determine if you are eligible is to look at this website: If you think you are eleigible, then you need to put the paperwork together.
      I’m not. My grandmother would have been an Italian citizen because of her father, but she could not transmit to my mother or to us grandkids since she was female and born before 1948. Oh well, just have to love being Italian-American.

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