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“Home ~~ adv: At the center or heart of something”



Il Volo Facebook
Il Volo Facebook






Whether they are actually at home in Italy or not, Il Volo always shows us their home.  

~~ Kelly


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  1. QUESTION-on iL VOLO MUNDIAL OFFICIAL FACEBOOK they posted a November Calendar and it had comments like #enjoy your relax time #CD & #tour coming soon. I am never sure what the # means other then they use it on twitter. I just wondered if they are going on tour soon.

    1. We know a CD release and a tour are being planned–since Mr. Torpedine said so. Rumors swirl about when these things will happen. Everyone here will be the first to know as soon as we do. 🙂

      1. One of the articles about the Ra1 show that is airing in the first week of January said the show is to coincide with the release of their new CD. You probably can still find that article somewhere. It didn’t say anything about a tour–just the CD release. I hope they are right!!!

  2. I need some help! I have forgotten how I go about posting “an experience”. it said somewhere to go to the “about “page, but I cannot find an “About”page. it’s too long to put on the normal posts

  3. thanks Kelly. also, where has the voting page gone?? we need it at the top always so we can vote fast. you had it perfect before, now I don’t know what to do, I have stopped voting

  4. Kelly, where do you press to vote? there is no sign saying “Vote here” which the other post had , and which when you presses, it took you straight to the Il Volo site they are on and you could vote and then go through the whole process and get back on their site much quicker than any other way which helped us a lot with getting a lot of votes

  5. It is nice to see them at home even if those pics may not be right now. In previous years they were on tour at this time of the year. I am not sure why the change but I do feel that they need to keep a little bit higher profile in the USA. These guys are so good and our country needs more reminding of that fact.

    1. I love all the pictures posted. Keep them coming. Thank you. I’m voting and doing my best with it. I do so want the boys to know we love them.

    2. Let’s not forget they just changed record company. Moreover, the last two years concerts were titled on the album “We are Love” which was recorded with their previous company. So that could be the one of the reason why they are not doing any tour now as they started with the new contract. I too am anxious to see them again here in the US. At the mean time though, I hope they can enjoy the downtime and spend as much time as possible with their family and friends because they will be busy and once again spend weeks and months on the roads as the new album is released.

      Gianluca, Piero, and Ignazio enjoy your time at home and thank you for sharing your photos and news. We love you and even though you are not here now, we can feel you as your music are with us 24/7.

  6. Hooray!!!we’re back where we should be : in first place. I was determined to keep voting until we got back our true place, I now do two things at the same time, when I am voting, it is so boring that I take my computer by the TV, or I listen to a tape at the same time, that way I don’t think of the time.

  7. We are behind again but we always are when they vote in our afternoon time. We seem to catch up during the evening hours. I just read a comment on one of the facebooks complaining that the ‘the grandmothers” are not voting. I know we all are doing out best. We still have 31 more days to go. You can find the voting on several of the Il volo facebooks.

  8. We’ve been finding that slowing down, with small pauses has helped. I happened to see a post on ALL THINGS IL VOLO from a voter who checked with someone who is an IT person, and was told that most likely their system is set up to try to catch fraudulent voting and robot computers. If we vote too fast, or too often, it thinks we are not legit and cuts us off until it gets checked out by someone that we are okay. Hence the message.

  9. If I vote 50-70 times and stop for awhile I don’t get booted off. I will continue to vote whenever I can. Our Guys have to win !!
    I love all the photos Kelly. Looking at their beautiful faces is my favorite pastime !!
    I think their exposure has been more extensive in past years but this might very well be because of the new Sony contract. Just seems like they have much more down time this year which is not necessarily good for their careers. Of course we don’t know what might be going on behind the scenes. What I do know is that we all love them and we want to continue to watch all their dreams come true today and in all the years to come.

  10. Placido Domingo will be performing in Istanbul Turkey in 2015. Will Il Volo perform with him? Would be fantastic!

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