Italian Tourism: is it a Mistake?

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I’m going to Italy! No I’m not. I just tell myself that every morning. What? It’s a good way to start my day. Now, you’re probably wondering why I don’t really go.

Well, it’s because there isn’t enough critical information provided to the tourist. Don’t the Italians want visitors? I mean they seem like friendly people, but when I read a brochure I only see what they want me to see. Their websites only tell you things like:

– What to see
– What to do
– Where to stay
– Money conversion
– Common signs for Stop! Danger! and Hospital. (Yawn)

But not the things you really NEED to know, such as..

– If I go there will Italian men really pinch my butt? (I don’t want to go there with unreal expectations.)

– If I pinch theirs will they be mad?

– How many calories are there in a liter of Gelato?

– Do deaf Italians use sign language? Why?

– If Buonanotte is goodnight and Buongiorno is good morning shouldn’t Goodbye be Buonederci instead of Arrivederci? (Do they know they got that wrong?)

– Do Italians trash their computers when the “A” “O” and “I” wear out?

– How much spaghetti can an American Tourist eat and still fit in her seat on the flight home?

– Are there other men walking around who look and sing like Gianluca, Ignazio and Piero?

if so.. s - italian tourism

– Where do I cash in my return ticket?

– If Italians kiss on both cheeks, when they get mad do they say “Kiss my__, Kiss my__!” ?

– What are the most recent laws on stalking in Abruzzo?

– Is there such a thing as obtaining a restraining order in Sicily?

Now, aren’t those things more important to know than the current monetary exchange rate? Until the Italian Tourism Bureau answers the real questions I’ll have to stay home.

Or… if you would all like to send me there to find these answers, I will go. You know I’m always willing to bite the bullet for my Crew!

~Maries - italian tourism 2

54 thoughts on “Italian Tourism: is it a Mistake?”

  1. Right on Marie. These are things I want to know also. I would be glad to accompany you on the research trip. I have extensive credentials in doing research. Keep calm and Love Il Volo.

    1. I love , love, love it, Marie!!! I can’t stop laughing!!! Perhaps there are more Italian men walking around who look as good as Gianluca, Ignazio, & Piero!!! But it would not be the same! Just love our guys!!! 🎃🎃🎃

  2. Marie, Marie, Marie!! You’ve done it again! However….when you get the answers to your questions, call me!! We’ll plan a trip with our own “places to see” Thanks!! Dot….

  3. Marie,
    I think I can answer all the questions, I just need time.
    You really did your research.
    If you want to continue it over there, just let me know. lol

  4. look Marie!! you are killing me with laughter at this one. oh how I wish, I wish that our boys (and mine) would read this, they will crack up. you are something else!!!!

  5. When we were stationed in Germany we made a trip to the beach on the Adriatic Sea and visited Vicenza and Venice. It was in mid 70’s and unfortunately I could not test out all the thing Marie is interested in since I had my husband and three small children with me. My kids loved it because the children on the beach ran around with very little on. My brother in law wanted to treat the kids to the Italian version of ice cream in Venice and nearly went into shock when they told him how much it was.

  6. Oh Marie, Marie, what a brave, unselfish, crazycakes woman you are! I agree with your assessment of touring Italy. Who cares to see the Leaning Tower of Pisa when one needs the directions to see Ignazio’s sisters Pizza place and wait to see Ignazio himself? Or whats the best view of Piero’s house in Naro? Where can we get out Castrated Sheep mini kabobs arristocininii whatever? These are important questions. Oh and how can a pirate get a discount?

  7. I love, love, love it! I am still laughing! Maybe there Are Italian men who are very handsome as are Gianluca, Ignazio, & Piero & can sing? But no way could they be any where close to our 3 Italian charmers!!! They have captured our hearts forever!!! 🎃 🎃 🎃

    1. My first post didn’t post or so I thought! So I wrote it again with a change or so. I have IPad problems at times. Wanted you all to know I have not completely lost my mind! 🎃🎃🎃

  8. What can I say, Marie? You’ve done it again! I couldn’t stop laughing. I think Italy isn’t going to know what hit their country with all the new tourists going in and out… and who knows how many are staying forever, all because of 3 young boys who stole so many hearts!

  9. My son and d/law got back from a two week tour of Italy September 28
    and if they had your question list they might have got some answers
    for you. You are a funny lady but very serious about your love and
    emotion for our handsome three young men. The Italian men told
    my son he had good taste in women as my d/law has dark hair and
    they thought she was Italian. So let’s all get our hair dyed and take
    the trip. They brought back lots of pictures so I toured those.
    They went to Rome first, Florence and Venice. My son loved
    Venice because he likes boating. Even UPS is delivered in boats
    there. Thanks for the laughs. We all need to laugh more.

  10. Marie, I love your questions and your ideas. I would love to go with you to find out the answers. Especially a real tour with the boys who know the great spots to go to where they live and be by our sides and just get so starry eyed to be with them. You made me laugh so hard i had tears in my eyes and I you made me smile at the idea of even doing something like that. I would love to go to Italy for a couple of months and enjoy a slower life style. 😉

  11. Marie, I don’t know why all these ladies are laughing! These are absolutely serious and necessary questions! It sounds to me like you and I need to make a trip to Italy (I can’t go, either) to do research on location! Why would anybody think this is funny?!?!

      1. Marie. I don’t think we should wait. We can get all the answers for everyone if we go as soon as possible. Just trying to help!

      2. Marie I’m concerned about your problems going to Italy specially the pinching bit. My only suggestions in that category is your could put a sign on your butt that says reserved. Truly not being sarcastic just joining the fun

  12. Hi everyone! Haven’t been here in a long while and it was fantastic to come back and be able to read about all the new. Sorry to hear Ms. Snyder isn’t well but glad to hear that she’s recovering! Very good to be able to catch up on everything.

    Captain Crider, I’m very glad to see that you are still leading the adventures of this crew in the right direction! Why do we care about monetary conversion? We already know that we’re going to spend every penny we’ve got! We also already know where we’re going to stay. As close to The Guys as possible!

    The question that really jumped out at me was, “How much spaghetti can an American Tourist eat and still fit in her seat on the flight home?” We all know that you would never leave! 🙂

    Very glad to be back and looking forward to catching up on any news that I’ve missed! – Isabel

    1. Good to see you again Isabel! I had wondered where you wandered off. Hope all is well with you. Ciao!

  13. Hi, I really looked into going to sicily with my daughter, but the tour didn’t go where I wanted to go. I wanted to go to Naro and breathe the same air as Piero. I wanted to apprear at the garage of his uncle where his Dad works, I wanted to see all the post cards on the wall. Oh well. Dreams. I’ve never tasted gelato, Is it as good as the cost? Marie, the laugh was good for my soul this morning. Joanie G

    1. Oh Joan, I would take that tour with you. We could spend our time hunting the elusive but sexy Piero in Naro….or better yet we could go to the beach and see if we could find him there since he loves it so.
      Oh and YES, Gelato is worth it.

  14. In my dreams I do go and take you all with me. Oh, the air we would breathe and the people we would see!!!

    And Of course, Ignazio and I would lovingly wave Buonederci to everyone of you as you all board the flight back to the States.

  15. Marie, unfortunately there are ALOT of us who would be doing the same thing as you!!!!!so don’t get too hopeful, remember Il Volovers take their cue from the ones they follow? “sharing the love”

  16. LADIES THIS IS REGARDING THE VOTING FOR “The International Group”.
    We are now behind Marco and our voters seem to have slowed. Not sure if the doubts inserted regarding the AWARD has anything to do with it.
    “The greater the loyalty of a group toward the group, the greater is the motivation among the members to achieve the goals of the group, and the greater to probability that the group will achieve its goals.” (unknown)

  17. Gina, when did you see that we had fallen behind Marco? because I just went on and saw we were 3.000 ahead? I agreed with the comments made that even if this isn’t an important contest, it is giving them the publicity, so I have continued voting

  18. Deanne, It was couple hours ago and Marco was over 1 thousand ahead. They vote six hours ahead of us so not sure if they post the votes immediately or accumulate and release in groups. It is confusing but we must just prevail anyway.

  19. Sadly enough, our wonderful boys live in the one of the most poorly run countries in Europe. Italy has for decades been corrupted in all government levels. 60 minutes recently ran a story about the great historic monuments and how they are NOT getting the attention they need to keep them up because of bad finances and terrible officials. Even if our guys did not live there it would still be one of the most beautiful countries in the world with one of the most important cultures there is. I just wish they could get some real reformers into power there and clean the government up.

    Seems this corruption business in government is a problem around the world.

    Still, after all is said and done, our boys are who they are because of this incredible culture and wonderful family life they have.

  20. Marie, I am still laughing and I read this in the AM. You are creative and funny! Have you thought about a career in comedy? We need more laughs like this! Ciao.

  21. Hahhaaha, that was really funny!!
    Well, I know from personal experience that Italian men are handsome and elegant, they love to flirt and they can get very persistent!! They didn’t pinch my butt, they kissed my lips though, and they bought me flowers (also coffee and drinks in different occasions). And I admit that I totally loved it!! (*)
    Concerning ”arrivederci”, it doesn’t really mean goodbye, it is more like ”till we see each other again” and it comes from a-ri-vederci.

    Hope I have helped you to clarify things 🙂

    (*) Memories of my youth…

  22. Marie you are hilarious !! In my 30’s I was in Rome and did get a little pinch on my bottom by a handsome Italian man, that knew I was a tourist, who then said “now you know you have been to Rome ” !! It was funny and memorable. I love Italy and I love Italian men !!

  23. Hello to all friends in Il Volo! As I massage pain cream into my aching right shoulder, I had the lovely pleasure of pushing the vote lead back up to over 15,500. Of course, Italy sleeps. However, all over the world the love for our boys is strong. And how mystical is the “power of three”; imagine how many “threes” there are among us. I wonder how many of Poor Jack’s 951 votes are there because his name is listed directly uner Il Volo. I know at least three are from me because my voying is going faster than the accuracy of my fingers to hit the right button! Happy voting. As always, Marie, you are a joy. 💞💜💞
    Stephanie Cassidy, Pittsburgh

  24. Just re-ready previous post and realize I wrote Poor Jack instead of Dear Jack. I guess I think of him that way cuz he gets no votes. Anyway, correction made. Have a blessed Sunday.

  25. Marie, just when I think you’ve written your “cleverest” (don’t care if that’s not a word), along you come with this post. Tears are streaming from laughing so hard. You are a gem!!!

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