The Voting Issue


Because of your questions and input, board suggestions and my own investigation, here is the truth as we know it;  The Latin Italian Music Group is a fairly new organization with little detail given about the outcome of this contest.  We have no indication this has been sanctioned by the Il Volo Camp.

We were hoping to just have fun with the process but with still a month to go and the stress the voting is taking we don’t want anyone to feel obligated to continue.

Please use your own discretion.  Of course, if we hear more we will let you know.

For the Love of our Guys,
Marie and the Board

47 thoughts on “The Voting Issue”

  1. This organization was in full force last year. I saw some of the contenders in that year’s contest but nothing concrete about awards, presentations, etc. I am certainly not stressed over a contest….especially one that seems to have no backing by anyone in authority that we can contact. I agree, we should do what we want. I will not waste my time and efforts for something I cannot identify.; Good luck to all who choose to continue voting.

  2. Thanks for checking on the suspicious validity of this poll. Just in case it is real and more importantly my great love for Il Volo, I will continue to vote. Can’t let anyone else win.

    1. I agree with Donna. The contest will let them know how much
      we love them and their voices. I will continue to vote so they
      will at least win a popularity contest from ilvolovers. You are
      right, can’t let anyone else win. Ilvolovers CARE.

  3. It’s kinda like swimming against the current… Il Volo makes a little headway… then drifts under again.  In one way, it’s a little exciting, to see them overtake again; knowing it is all their fans voting over and over out of love for these guys.  Then when it gets too close, our hearts flutter and sink, afraid they won’t win.  WE want them to win so so bad, it is worth all the time consuming effort it takes to show IL VOLO how important they are to us.

  4. Thanks for that Marie, I am still going to keep voting whenever I am able as long as can, when they block me I`ll just take a rest, I usually get blocked for about 2 hours, but I just keep trying.

  5. I’m in agreement with everyone above. I have serious family issues going on that keep me from my voting “devices” as my mother recently passed after a very difficult summer of failing health. So, Please, vote when you can, and do one extra for me, cuz I want them to win, so that they (and everyone else) know how much we love them. Thanks! <3

    1. I will vote for you and myself because I want them to win. We
      do want these lovely singers to know how much we love them.

    If so they do have the “VOTE” posted and have changed it several times.
    I will continue to VOTE so they know we care to spend time and effort to put them on top. Besides the “evil” me does not want the competition getting ahead.

  7. Glad for the advice, The poll seemed strange to me also. We all want them to win, but maybe they will anyway, I can’t imagine them not. Joanie G P,S. I’ll take a break from voting. My arm was going numb. J

  8. I hope more info is posted in regard to this award site but in the meantime I love our Guys and will continue to vote. If this is legit I want them to win and win big against Marco !!

  9. I don’t think this contest is legit either. Something is not right. But I will keep on voting as much as I can. I vote 3 or 4 times a day and no matter what the number is I vote til it goes up to 1 thousand, then I need a break. We have to be very, very careful the last day. They are not giving up.

  10. Hi Girls

    All About Il Volo enter this challenge invited for Il Volo FC and All Things Il Volo, but we checked the Latin Music Site. They publish since last year about Latin Music and organize contests and other events. This same contest took place last year too. You can see this on their facebook page (more easy).

    I do not know if it is only a online contest or if they have Live ceremony. I think it is an online contest. Last year Belinda and Marco Carta won on some category.
    If it is an important Award or related to some institution I do not know. I think it is not.

    To vote or not is an individual decision.
    Mari Russu

    1. In time: the voting and all the fight with Marco Carta is promotion to Il Volo. I saw the fans of Marco (and also of Junior and Tokyo Hotel) commenting and trying to know more about Il Volo.

  11. From what I have read Latin Music Italian Awards started in 2012 and all winners in the previous editions came from on line voting from their fans. I believe that any nomination or voting process for our boys is a good opportunity to promote Il Volo, so I don’t find anything bad in voting.

    1. But by no means the voting should be an obligation or obsession for the fans! Each should follow his/her own rhythm and take it easy. The voting is till Dec 5th, and we will end up crazy if we get stressed! Kisses to all, Athina

  12. Athena, dispite all, giving exposure to IL VOLO is a valid point, and I think also that that in itself is always beneficial for them. Winning, would be our preference, but promotion can’t hurt. Marco, and his following are probably just as curious about our guys, as we were about him. The two factions are musically very different, first because he is a solo performer, where we are a trio of magnificent young men with tremendous voices, talent, and charm, who not only sing but entertain ALL ages. No comparison. There’s always surprises, and it’s done in a most professional manner. As always, you can’t have a discussion without there being two sides. Thank you,Athena.

    1. I appreciate everyone’s comments and agree this is a personal decision whether or not to vote, but for me I will continue to vote till the end. I vote simply because they are the best and deserve this recognition, as a fan this is my way of showing my love and appreciation for the many hours of joy they have given me, plus to put it mildly, they’re not to hard on the eyes either. Whatever the outcome is I’ll feel better knowing I did everything I could to help make a win possible. So, back to voting I’m probably unblocked by now.

  13. To me the vote sheet is very cumbersome not easy to get to each time I vote because I usually lose where the sheet is for Il Volo & usually have to scroll up & down to find it again. But if it isn’t a scam I will continue to Vote because they are the BEST in the world singers & performers combined. So I am commited. As you said Marie I have to also.

  14. Thanks to Marie and the Board for this perspective, and to all of you who have commented.

    I will continue to vote once a day when possible, with an extra for you, Barb. (Blessings and prayers. My parents are showing their age, and it’s a hard time.)

    And for a word of inspiration (ala Gianluca with his great philosophizing), Divine Grace have told me that “Every gift that is given is received” (at some time). So regardless of how the voting results (with its quirky process), each gift of clicking the vote button is received by our beloved IL VOLO. Along with every prayer, every gratitude and joy as we think of them, every time we reach out to tell others about IL VOLO, and on and on.

    ~ Jeanine, Compassion’s Doorway

      1. Jeanine, that was just lovely. You are a great writer and able
        to express what I feel inside. I have prayed for them many
        times and yes they do bring joy to my heart when I listen to
        them on youtube. I do have two cd’s that I play in the car
        while out driving. I have put in 250 votes today and plan to
        put in 50 more to make 300. It only takes about 15 minutes
        to put in 100 votes so I plan to VOTE . . . VOTE . . . VOTE.

      2. Oh, sweet, Gale!

        One of these days I’m going to be able to write the multimedia book that I have envisioned: IL VOLO ~ The Synergy of Love.

        Super job voting, Gale (and all)! They’re feelin’ the love, no doubt!

        In gratitude,
        Jeanine, Compassion’s Doorway

  15. Hope I can get this posted! Word Press said my password was incorrect & for a month or so I could not comment! Am at my son’s so my grandson entered anew password for me. I will just keep voting! We know our wonderful guys are the very best!!! I have added to my Il Volo tattoo & will be posting pics. I am also meeting my 3 month old great Grandaughter for the first time today!! Happy Halloween to All! 🎃🎃🎃 condolences Barb, such a difficult time!

    1. Wow, Tippy! You have so many wonder-full things happening in your life. Thanks for sharing, and can’t wait to see the tattoo pics!
      Look what you started, Marie! 😉

      And thanks for your sweet reply to my post, Marie!

      Following up on that, today I ended up speaking with a woman who was waiting for an appt. She is taking care of 3 family members who have dementia. Whew! She had some great insights and a positive attitude, despite a couple horror stories (the real kind that go beyond Halloween). So, while she was in her appt, I ran out to my car and got *that extra copy of We Are Love* that has been in my trunk waiting (since the album was released!) for the right recipient. She said she loves Josh Groban, so she was happy to take the CD home with her. What do you want a bet it will brighten many people’s lives?! And of course, we’ll have one ~ probably many ~ new IL VOLO fans!

      Happy Hallowed Eve,
      ~ Jeanine, Compassion’s Doorway

  16. I will keep voting as well, (I have to) and I will keep pushing my fellow IlVolovers to do so, every day! Let’s go for the 2,000,000 votes, guys! (This weekend, maybe?) Ha!

  17. WE ARE NOW BEHIND and it looks like our people are not voting like before.
    All we need is for 100 people to vote 100 times to put us ahead. . You can do it in 25 voting blocks.
    I think the questioning of the voting process might have stopped some people.
    I will continue to do my part and hope we still can win.

  18. Gina, I too have decided to continue to vote and support our guys, now knowing that fans from other nominated artists have been researching info on Il Volo. Even though the award may not be something you set on a shelf, or hang on a wall at home, the outcome may do them more good in the long run. Promotion is always a must, and it will still, with our consistant show of support, show them that we love them. That is worth far more. Love and encouragement have always been great motivators for success. Blessings!

  19. BARB, Prayers are going up for you and your family. It’s always a difficult time, but know we are thinking of you. Blessings.

  20. Help is coming! A few days ago, I sent messages to several other fan bases, and today I received a request from Honduras Il Volo wanting to know how to vote, which I,or course, was happy to provide. Yea!! Lets see what happens!

    1. i’ve been worried about what TIME of the day they are stopping the polling. Does anyone know if this outfit is in Europe or North America? If they stop Europe time we may be in trouble.

  21. Peninahonig, Go to ALL THINGS IL VOLO. Someone asked basically the same question. and Gary answered on there. On the voting picture.

  22. Last night the Guys were ahead 14,000 votes. Now this morning they are behind about 3,000 votes !! This is crazy but we have to keep voting. This voting period is much to long and I think everyone is getting a bit tired and bored but we must keep plugging along for our Guys !! VOTE,VOTE,VOTE !!!

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