#LMIA2014 Voting Blitz ~~ Part Deux


Hey Everyone!

It’s Day 2 of 3 of our voting blitz for the Latin Music Italian Awards 2014!  I hope everyone is having fun!

It’s so great to see people participating and showing all the love for our Guys! 

We promised a different theme on every blitz day, so here we go:




Answer that question by posting your favorite IL Volo Pictures.  To get you started….



Taormina was a great night for them, wasn’t it?  🙂

Happy Voting, and what’s your favorite picture?

Click here —> Vote for Il Volo

~~ Kelly


Send your photo to us at:     ilvoloflightcrw@outlook.com


A favorite of Karen Church
A favorite of Karen Church
One of my favorites ~Marie
One of my favorites ~Marie
Another of my favorite.  Oh, I can't choose! ~Marie
Another of my favorites. Oh, I can’t choose! ~Marie
Here's a real beauty from Barbara Bubb (bbubb)
Here’s a real beauty from Barbara Bubb (bbubb)

26 thoughts on “#LMIA2014 Voting Blitz ~~ Part Deux”

  1. I also do not know how to post to this blog. At 78 I am glad I can function on he computer one step above illiterate. But I like the fun shots from the last Mexico’s concert. I enjoy when they are comfortable with the audience and are informal.
    ATTENTION MARIE. Is your friend Linda still at St. Johns? On October 20 I mailed a big envelope to her and it just came back “unable to forward”?
    We need to VOTE 24/7 to keep ahead. Marco’s fans are as determined that he would win.

    1. Gina, I added how to get your picture to us in the post. I added Karen’s and mine to the post.

      About Linda. I guess I’ve been hesitant about updating you. Linda was released to go home on the 20th. She had to return to St Johns on the 21st. She will be there for a while. Gina, please resend it to her. She was crazy about your first one. Thank you.

  2. Here’s a comment we received in our mail:

    Comment: The Marco Carta fans have really been voting non-stop and are getting closer and closer to Il Volo in the Latin Music Italian Awards for Best International Male Artist or Group. I have been voting & found I can vote 40 times by pressing the Return to Poll key after each vote. When I approach 50 votes it shuts me down for a cooling off period and I can’t vote for at least an hour or so. With the 40 votes I can go back after 5 or 10 minutes and vote 40 more times. Just thought I would pass this along so the IlVolovers can get moving and see to it that our boys win this well-deserved award.

    1. Hi Marie,

      I’ve had the same experience as you: I get about 40 votes in about four minutes and then I have been unable to vote for at least two hours later. I vote at least three times a day; sometimes four, especially if I have to get up in the middle of the night anyway.

      Taking the time and making the effort to vote so many times is my way of giving back to Il Volo all the joy and pleasure they have given us and showing them how much we love them.

      It’s been interesting watching the totals go back & forth between Marco Carta and Il Volo fans.

      1. Hey, Irene. I agree with you. This competition may not be for an award plaque, but it is my small way of giving back to the guys for all the joy they have brought to my heart. And bringing more attention to them in general. 💞💜💞

  3. It will be very important to keep a lead now because we only have today and 20 days till December 5th. I think Maco’s people will really push in the last days and the group that has the most votes by midnight on the 5th will win.
    MARIE I will resend it next week. Sorry she had to come back.

  4. You’ve got that right, Marie. Any and all pictures of our Guys are my favorite ones!

    Last night when I went to bed at almost midnight (CST), our beloved Il Volo was ahead by 60,094 votes. But this morning, I have been voting as fast as I can, and yet our lead is down to just over 45,000! That shows how fast Marco’s fans can catch up!

  5. you know, in the beginning of this contest, I was very hesitant about the whole thing. well, as people began talking about it on the different sites, I began to realize that even if it was not an important contest, that it was getting them know, it was free publicity, so I vote and vote and drop other things to give it a priority because I see now that firstly we have a tough competition with Marco fans (who we are going to win) and all the other competitors, they and their fans too must be looking at this group Il Volo and wondering who they are that they are at the top of the chart above all of them who were there before, so I am realizing more and more how much value this competition holds for our boys. I think they are getting loads of publicity from this and I am glad others showed me this because I was ready to stop. now, I am determined to get them victory even if it means loosing some sleep!

  6. What browned me off I have been voting 40 votes also & my complete total of 40 have not been accepted it has been reduced by 2 or 3 votes each time I vote & I am not pressing the black dot fast just a steady click to make sure each click counts.

  7. Loretta, I stopped voting 40 or 30 or any number of votes at a time because I have realized that although I thought it was working in the beginning, it is not working, so I vote once at a time. that works

  8. Loretta, the only way to know if the multiple voting really works is to vote that amount on a group that has hardly any votes, then you really know if your votes are registering. I will try that again and see if it works, otherwise I am getting ahead with my one vote at a time and not wasting precious time, it is going to be a long night, we have some good voting to do

  9. Yippee were 44.000 over the other group. In 2 hours whoever I was voting with we voted enough to increase the difference between the other group 5000 votes so Il Volo is over another 5000. They are now 2,200,000 & over that amount. Now I am going to eat & will continue later.

  10. Deanne I started the voting & was voting 40 at a time then it started to delete my votes again when I was checking the amount I was voting each time. So I reverted to only voting 20 at a time at a steady rate & concentrated at not checking my amounts until I figured I had voted a few hundred times. So I wasn’t stopped & found I was voting faster. So whatever works for you or for me or anyone as long as they win that’s what matters. I hope the next award winning contest that comes out it is more like the one last year where we were allowed to vote 10 times a day. Not so time consuming. Good luck voting

  11. Marie, so sorry to seet that Lynda had to return to St John’s. I too, sent her a card with some notes which came back as not deliverable. So, figuring she went home, I only knew her e-mail address, so I e-mailed. Please let me know if I should send her another card there, or does she have a computer. Hope she is okay.I might need her address there again.

  12. It is now Monday – 9 o clock in the morning in South Africa. We are now 70,000 votes ahead of Marco’s crew.!!!!

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