18 thoughts on “Il Volo sings “Happy Birthday” to Michele (Well Almost!)”

  1. A very special birthday wish to a very special person ~ Michele! May happiness, wealth, and good health be with you always❤️❤️❤️

  2. Happy Birthday Michelle! And, even though my name doesn’t even begin to sound like Maxwell or Michelle, I claiming this song for myself as my birthday is on the 16th! So, Happy Birthday to Me, too!

  3. Happy Birthday Michele and many more to come. I hope you enjoy your Special Day. Marie do you think you can get the boys to sing Happy Birthday to me? I turn 61 on Sunday November 16th. It would be a dream come true and I would feel like I died and went to Heaven.

  4. A very happy birthday Michele! You do a great job guiding, and taking care of our boys. I know they love you, and I think you love them too. Have a good time, and thank you so much.

  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY. I just heard this song on my evening ‘tour’ of songs to end the day. I certainly finish with the boys but I thought this was a nice one for all of us to ask the boys.
    Am I asking too much when I ask you to love me?
    Am I asking too much when I ask you to care?
    Am I reaching for stars that are too far above me?
    Can’t you find somewhere in your life a little part for me?
    Can’t you see there may come a day when you’ll want me to love you?
    Am I asking too much when I ask you to love me too”?

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