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Ineke turned me on to “The Bala Brothers“. They are a South African multi-award winning trio, and are renowned for infusing Classical Opera sounds with those of Popular African Music they call it “Popera” (sound familiar?), a new generation of African inspired classical music. They are real brothers and are terrific!  I think you will like them and the type of music they sing.

They are not our Boys.  Like Mary Bohling said the other day, “I’m afraid our Guys are raising the bar too high,” but The Bala Brothers are pretty good.  Interesting in the past couple of years how the popular/classical/ opera genre has come into fashion around the world.  I’m not saying our Guys started it, but they sure rule it!

Also, besides me and Simon Cowell, has anyone else discovered “Collabro“?

Of course I couldn’t close without one of these.  Among my very favorites.


OK, WHERE’S MY NEW IL VOLO ALBUM? Sorry, didn’t mean to shout.


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  1. My 8 month shingles kept me up so I was up early and found your new great information page. Listened to “Bala Brothers” and they are nice young men and I liked their version of “Circle of Life” but some of the other song arrangements sounded like “Il Divo”. JUST MY PERSONAL FEELING. Several weeks ago I found “BRITAIN’S GOT TALENT 2014” and liked “Collabro” and “Jack Pack”.
    Our boys have a special MAGIC and I hope Sonie will make more Videos.

  2. 8 months of shingles! Bless your heart. I hope you’re in full recovery soon.

    You see Gina, it’s the one bad thing about Il Volo (hard to write that!), we will forever compare all singers to them! We know there is no comparison! Sometimes I’ll listen to a song by someone else and think “I could have been listening to the Boys!”.


    1. Marie, do you happen to have any connections so our boys can sing Happy Birthday to me? Today is my Birthday (61) and I would LOVE to hear them sing to me. It would be a dream come true.

      Barbara B.

      Also I am voting my heart out for these guys and I did it for hours yesterday when i have time and when I am off of work, which is rare for me.

      P.S. Keep up the good work. I appreciate all you and the group do for us.

      1. bb, if I had that connection I would certainly have them sing for you. Unfortunately all I can do is wish you a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY! You found Them and that has to make your day happy!

  3. Wow I have to say I liked those 2 other groups. BUT my heart belongs to Il Volo. Although I would like to see the other groups succeed as well because they are good. I really used to like Il Divo but since our guys came along my heart belongs to them. Then Gina if you want to call it MAGIC then Il Volo is my MAGIC & yes I would like more dvd’S & videos of our boys.

  4. Wouldn’t you know it I can’t get Porta a Porta until Wednesday so I hope it will be b latest video of Il Volo. Too bad Canada can’t stay in line with the States.

  5. Gina, 8 months of shingles!! i don’t know how you could stand it. My hubby had shingles a few years ago in the summer and were VERY painfulI. I hope you are feeling much better and a speedy recovery for you. I listened to the Bala Brothers and they sounded good and the group Collabro are young and picked a great song to sing for just 1 month together they sound really good. I also listened to Il Divo until I heard Il Volo and they have grabbed my heart and I feel like they take me to a another place in time where i only hear them. When i am driving and listening to them I lose track of where I am driving and pass by my turns going to work and my exit off the highway coming home. I just get into the music and sing along with them. They make me so happy and make me feel like a young teenager again. I also compare our boys when I hear other groups and NO ONE comes close.

      1. Thank you all so much. Let’s enjoy the moments we all have together and we have one thing in common. The Love twe share for IL VOLO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. I listen to these other groups and although I can appreciate their talent all I want to do is turn them off and listen to our Guys. Gianluca, Piero and Ignazio have the best voices, the best hearts and the most handsome faces in the whole wide world !!! They have been in my heart for four years and they will remain in there forever !! My CD’s are starting to ware out !! I am waiting impatiently for their new one to be released !! Meantime, I will continue to listen to all my, almost worn out,CD’s everyday and VOTE,VOTE, VOTE !!!

  7. Gina, I am so sorry to hear about your shingles. I hope you get better real soon.
    Barb B: Happy Birthday, I wish the guys could sing happy birthday to you also.
    I still hope you have a wonderful day.
    The other groups are fine, but they did not make my mouth drop like IL Volo did the first time I heard them. Until I hear another group that stops me in my tracks and brings tears to my eyes when I listen to them, my heart will always be and forever more belong to IL VOLO.

    1. Karen its amazing that’s exactly what happened to me. My son heard them & called me to listen to them on the computer & after I heard them I asked my son WHO ARE THEY. Heard they were coming to Toronto & ran & got 3 tickets |& have been running after them for 5 years. We all have excellent taste

  8. I was thinking other people got shingles until one day the left side of my face swelled and I was told the shingles arrived. Anyone in the right age group please get the shot. Doctors told me shingles can last for a year and some people get permanent nerve damage. It drives me batty because it starts with my left eyebrow and goes half way in my head. SO PLEASE GET A SHOT BUT HOPE IT LEAVES YOU ALONE.
    Barb have a nice day on your Birthday. I am 79 today and can not believe I made it this far. THE BOYS COULD MAKE A VIDEO AND SING HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ALL OF US.
    My children think I am loosing it when I start on Il Volo.

    1. Happy Birthday to you also, Gina 🙂 I’m sorry to hear you have the shingles also. It sounds unbelievably painful. I’m so sorry for the pain you and Barb are going through.

    2. Thank you and Happy Birthday to you too. I hope your day is a Special one. and all your wishes come true. I never knew so many people had a birthday today. I wish they would sing Birthday wishes to all of us. Wouldn’t that be beautiful to hear. My family and friends think I am nuts also. They just don’t know what they are missing!!!!!!

    3. Gina did I wish you Happy Birthday well if I didn’t then I am now. Please have a great day also. You have been in my prayers ever since I heard you have shingles so I hope they are finally getting better.

  9. I’ve always said that music is my life and there is room for everyone. I listened to these two groups and really enjoyed their singing. Of course, they will never replace “il Volo”. Our Boys not only have gorgeous voices, personalities and looks, their music always comes from their hearts and I have never heard them sing a song that wasn’t special.

    1. I want to wish BB and Gina a very Happy Birthday today. I hope you enjoy it with your family and friends. I will say what I think our Boys would say to you. Something I always say. Per Centi Anni!!!! which means “may you live 100 years!” If I forgot anyone, I am sorry. It’s snowing here in Chicago so I decided to make my own gravy with sausage and meatballs! Smells so good. Hope it turns out well.

  10. Whenever I hear someone else sing a song, I think how much better it would be if IL VOLO sang it. They seem to take an ok song and miraculously turn it into a song you can’t get enough of. Examples, El Triste, Little Things, Angel, Can You Feel The Love Tonite, and so on. Just my opinion.

    1. Karen, that is exactly what I was thinking . The Bala Brothers sound good singing Nella Fantasia, but can you imagine our Il Volo guys singing that song, how exquisite and heavenly that will sound.
      The Bala Brothers were interviewed on a morning news show a couple of weeks ago. They told the presenter that a USA recording company is here in South Africa filming them performing on stage and that they will travel to the USA later in the year.
      I think our guys need to marked themselves with more intensity in the USA.
      I also wish the Birthday Ladies a beautiful day and many happy returns.

  11. I would love to hear Nella Fantasia on Il Volo’s upcoming CD. I just watched the Bala Brothers on You Tube perform it. Nelly Fantasia has been recorded by some great singers:’Sarah Brightman,, Russell Watson, Il Divo, to name a few. It was the theme song in the film The Mission. It is such a beautiful song and Il Volo could do it proud!!!! It would be wonderful for them to consider it.

  12. I have listened to the groups mentioned above, but none can compare to our beloved Il Volo. Piero, Gianluca and Ignatzio captured my heart the first time I heard them. And yes, my family thinks I’m a little nuts too.

  13. You are all right in my opinion I enjpyed the songs the the groups sang & I was thinking at the time that Il Volo would put their spin on them & they would be perfect different.

  14. BARA,& GINA, I too wish you a very happy birthday and Il Volo day! Don’t eat too much cake!

    Guess I will put my 2 cents in about the other two groups. I agree that they have singing talent, but the very first thing that I noticed, was them standing still, and singing a song, afraid to move or smile, or react. That is something that Il Volo absolutely has never done, and the very reason they are so appealing. Besides their tremendous singing voices, their georgous selves, and their beautiful arrangements where by each of the voices are perfectly showcased individually, they have the personalities and showmanship to go with it. They totally relate to, and engage their audience, both young and mature (no matter which), which in turn endears them into our hearts, our souls, and our lives. They are so transparent, and lovable, that they are like watching our own sons grow into fine young men, even if we don’t have a son at all. Not only that, but they have brought us into their families, and into their everyday lives. Show me what other singer or group that has ever been so inclusive with their following! Put all of this together, and that is what makes our special guys, so special! Need I say more? They have definitely, and totally , earned our respect, and with that comes our complete support and devotion! Blessings, always guys!

  15. Thanks for the nice commentsAnn,Marie and Allene. We all love them don’t we.

    MARIE, hope you saw my inquiry to you on voting page 3 pages back or so, regarding Lynda.

    1. Kitty, I’m I don’t think I saw. Linda was home one day and returned to St. Johns. Looks like it could be a very lengthy stay. Truth is, it may be permanent. Either way I hope she will be able to join us on computer soon. I text with her throughout the day. I will tell her you asked. We watched Ohio State kick Minnesota’s butt “together” yesterday. (Love Ya Minnesota Gals!)

  16. Oh Gina, you poor lady! Years ago I got shingles just as you did, mine started in my left eyebrow and moved up my head. Day Two of the shingles with half my face swollen and my hair seriously messed up I looked like Quasimodo , they were afraid I would lose my eye and then I’d have to wear an eyepatch for real.. Luckily it did not last 8 months, I just so feel for you.
    Now, as to these others….they are very nice….and NOPE

    1. Dang my typing! Anyway, NOPE, I shall stick with the original Wonder Italians: Mr.Dimples, Mr Smooth and Mr.ThunderBaron. What I do appreciate is that we are seeing people stepping up to that bar. What I love is that IL VOLO is still the class act that stands far above all.

  17. Happy,Happy Birthday BB and Gina !! Hope your having a FUN day and wishing you a year ahead filled with all that your hearts desire. And Gina — I hope you soon get relief from the shingles as it is so very painful and you have had to endure it for so many months. I got the shingles shot and I believe everyone should do the same to protect themselves against this painful affliction.

  18. Happy Birthday and feel better to everyone! I really liked Calabro and you can bet that if anyone can do something with them, it will be Simon Cowell! But our guys just have such a shimmering brilliance to their sound. I love that Verona video and I wish Gianluca woul wear that sharkskin suit again. I don’t remember seeing it anywhere else. C’mon GG! He was also so worried about Piero’s ear tuck, you can see it in these short little glances. But what a big sound: Ignazio’s high notes, the sustained power of Piero and that smooth open delivery by Gianluca. One of my favorite videos of them. It is alwasy such a pleasure to see thae fun things on this page. Thank you Board.

    And like Marie: where is that new CD????

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