Il Volo has been nominated for this year’s Latin Music Italian Awards, and if these first few days are any indication, it’s going to be a fight to the finish. Are we up to it?

To encourage and inspire us along the way, join All Things Il Volo, Il Volo Flight Crew and All About Il Volo for three separate, special days of voting and fun!

Of course, we have to vote everyday–EVERYDAY! But, mark your calendars for these special days and then spend the day with your fellow Il Volo family blitzing the vote so our guys come out on top!

Each day will have a different theme, so stay turned as they days get closer!   #ILVOLOVERSPOWER


Click here —>  VOTE FOR IL VOLO!!!!

108 thoughts on “VOTING BLITZ ~~ #LMIA2014”

  1. ME TOO!! Don’t know how to do more though, already spending late hours and 1-2hrs at a time repeat voting. But whatever more I can do, I’m in!!

  2. Sounds like fun!

    Ultimately, though, I wish these organizations would set it up for one vote per person. IL VOLO would leave everyone else in the dust!

    Anyway, I’ve got my voting routine in full motion!

    Thanks for the extra effort to coordinate the fun with our affiliates. Your enthusiasm and creativity is appreciated, Kelly!

    ~ Jeanine, Compassion’s Doorway

  3. I have the voting down to a routine. We can do it but have to keep it up till December 5.
    A COMMENT- I have noticed that some fans are upset and feel “rejected” that Il Volo is now with “Sony Latin”. They feel the US fans are rejected. Sony has many divisions and we do not know what they will be doing. Emelio Estefan is a producer and wonder if he will be working with the boys. Sony has a big studio in Los Angeles and they do great videos. Maybe the boys will do some.

  4. Marcos Carta is an Italian singer that has been around since 2007. He is 29 and a very nice looking young man. Seems to have received a lot of awards and sold a lot of records.

  5. Has anyone else run into this problem? I have been blocked for voting too many times and will be “unblocked” after a “cooling off” period. Cooling off? Sounds like I did something wrong.

    1. Donna, I had the same problem FOUR times, but last night and tonight seems ok. Only had one other person say she had the same problem!

  6. Lord, thank you for this Kelly! I was going crazy scrolling down. hope the competitor doesn’t latch on to our method. Grazie Mil again, you just made life a little bit easier

    1. Deanne,
      When I last voted last night, our guys were 13,000 ahead! Now they’re only 5,000 ahead!!???????
      Hard to believe as many fans as Il Volo have that we could be losing ground so fast!!
      Either Marco has really loyal fans or something’s amiss!!!!

  7. Ok, I am just sitting here wondering if there is a definite glitch in the voting program that we are all so faithfully responding to here. Just wondering how in the heck this can stay so ultimately neck and neck…hour after hour…do you suppose there is an error in the system…every so many votes for the guys… a vote goes in for this Marco person as well? Just wondering. I have never seen a vote so evenly paced and one that parallels each so closely. Just wondering. Otherwise, this guy has some pretty devoted fans much like us!

    1. Mary Jane, it’s 9:45 pm eastern time, Oct 15th. Il Volo are Exactly 10,000 votes ahead– 224,444 to 214,444 for Marco! It will be interesting to see what transpires in the morning!

      1. Yes, Anna, it will be. Also, do you wonder why so few of the others in the list have only a very few votes?? Something just does not seem right here.

    2. Yes, Mary Jane, I HAVE noticed that the others haven’t received many votes. I think it’s a duel between IlVolo’s fans and Marco’s, for sure, and I’m sure in the dueling mood!😄

    3. I just had a thought–has anyone looked at the number of votes, voted twice and seen the actual number go up? I am going to be looking at this from now on.

      1. Mary Jane,
        Yes i have been watching the numbers go up as I was voting and wondering if I was the only one voting for a long time. But the numbers are up if you check them now. It’s a hard battle just seeing the percentage going up but when it gets closer to a goal i want us to reach i get excited and try and vote even faster.

  8. An hour and a half and I’m still being blocked from voting, this is so frustrating.
    Also, when I try to check the results a message from webpage comes up saying, We have detected suspicious activity on this poll. Please try again later.
    Something is going on here!!!!!

      1. Don’t know what’s going on. I voted for 1-1//2 hours last night from 2:30 to 4:00 while I was watching “We are Love” on PBS. We were 15,000 ahead! I wish Barbara or Myron or someone was able to check on this. They seem to have an inside on this. I really don’t like it. The voting is not fair. It should be one vote per day per person.

  9. Mary Jane,
    I posed about the same question on FB! First the boys are 6,000 ahead, and then.before long, they were 2,000 behind. Last time I voted a few minutes ago, they were WAY in front, but we’ll see what happens!
    I’m still voting, but only 11 others were also, and we need more to keep voting!!

    1. I’m still voting! I didn’t see your post, Deanne, until after I posted in reply to Mary Jane

  10. Okay, now I know It’s not my computer! Think I was the first to post of having a problem getting back into the voting page. Happened again last night, and I never did get in after voting a lot a bit earlier. Once I leave the site, its then when I can’t get back to vote when I go back. Also, it seems after I pause, and check the standing before clicking on RETURN TO POLL, it has not registered my votes. I vote a certain number or times, then check the standing and it has not advanced by that number. It’s only after I have RETURNED TO POLL, that it advances. It almost seems like if I make one more immediate vote, and check again, it has advanced by much more. Hard to explain, I know, but something is odd. Obviously, others are having some problems too. Have not tried yet, read comments first, and glad I did. We’ll see what happens now, if I can get in.

  11. Yes Anna, I noticed the same thing: that the percentages never seem to go up, and the bar seems so close to the second one for the amount of votes more. I don’t know how they work this thing, I go by the votes now and trust that that is the most accurate. back to work

    1. I just voted several (a lot) times. They were 11,000 votes ahead. Actually, I kept voting until they were 11,000 ahead!
      We’ll see what happens!
      I certainly hope this is a fair contest!!

  12. Frustrated! Been trying for 45min, can’t get in. Talked to my son about this, he thought that because of the extremely high number of votes occuring in this catagory for just 2 people, the system is probably oveer loaded. If you’ll notice that all the other catagories (non international) have far less voting going on. Maybe, that is the problem? Will keep trying.

  13. I vote multiple times several hours at a time. It seems that important to me. They are ahead 13,000 votes 9:52 p.m. Oct 15. I do my work and eat and the other
    hours are spent voting. I would like to know how many votes I have turned in.
    Keep voting every chance you get, those beautiful young men are worth it.

  14. Yes Kitty, but this morning I got a shock: we only had a 7.000 + lead. somebody on the other side worked through the night!!! I have a little while to spare so I will be on, but who can, please get to work, we have to keep up a big lead

  15. Drat! I have been voting all morning, but now our lead is just a little over 5,ooo! I don’t understand it! I have to go downtown this afternoon, and if I could, I would lug my desk-top computer with me! As it is, I’ll be antsy all afternoon, wondering how the voting is going. And this is only the 16th of Oct.!

  16. I have no problems getting to vote but I go to different sites to get in. I think it takes a few minutes for the votes to show plus Marco’s fans must be in Italy and Europe and their peak time to vote is on their time which is 6 or 7 hours later then we are. Someone noted that this was their peak time (2::26 Central-US). We will have to keep this up till December 5th since Marco’s fans are not giving up.

  17. Good Morning, at least for me. Was up until 3:30 a.m. Time to get busy voting. Out of curiosity, I went to Marco’s site. Like you, I don’t know if these are USA fans or where, but they appear to begin voting about 6am. Some comments regarding praises of him remind me of our devotion to our guys, but the ones about voting, sound like people reporting more for work. His abilities, vocally, do not compare! For the most part, didn’t feel the love. ONLY MY OPINION! Their 6am time, was about my 3:30 am time here (arizona). Found it very interesting, but cold. Will get busy now, voting calls. Oh yeah, check out IVMO, info on new things coming with our guys, and the new album, and duets w/?, and I Tunes DEC 2nd.

  18. We are behind, and I’ve been blocked for too many votes. Also they have reported activity supicious. Someone needs to vote!

  19. I have some thoughts on this voting ! first of all, I just don’t like how things are organized: it would be more fair if like the last one, you could vote only once a day. after all, no one can spend the whole day only voting here for 2 months, we will just have to drop everything else and only vote, and I can see that a few on this site are doing all the voting, so they have to drop everything else, just now it will be no sleeping! this is a little ridiculous, and besides it is not that important a poll for our boys. there seems to be only two sides voting in this poll, all the other names have hardly a vote. so I will continue to vote when I can, and if the other side want to win, well so what, it doesn’t change Il Volo’s status with their fans, so let the other side enjoy themselves. after the poll is over no one will remember that name. I think they like challenging us, that’s their game. this is a ridiculous way to run a poll, it makes no sense to me

    1. Deanne, you’re right! This is a crazy poll, for sure! We all love our guys now and still will even if they don’t win!
      I just don’t understand how they could be 16,000 ahead, as someone posted, and only be ahead by 5,000 now!!
      I’m still going to vote, but, like you said, we can’t just sit around and vote all day, even though we know there’s no one else like our precious Il Volo!!

  20. Something does not seem right here. Don’t these people sleep? I vote hundreds of times. I wonder if Barbara or their team is aware of all this. I think we should address this. They probably stole our page on facebook and are using it! I hope not.

  21. Myron Heaton, do you think you could get in touch with Barbra, since you know her, and ask her about the voting? I think this might be a good idea. Don’t know who else to check with – the people who are doing this survey?

  22. Ann, I agree with you 100%. how could we be 16.000 ahead late at night and next morning be only 5.000 up? also those bars, even when we were way ahead the bars were still close, and the percentages: they were confusing.
    to change the subject, I was surprised that they were going back home after Miami because I thought they were also going to the headquarters in Los Angeles. anyway, I am happy now about them going back home because they usually have to travel a lot on the airlines, and at the moment with all this Ebola scare and people travelling and then getting it, I just want them to get back home and stay there. this is not a good time for travel.

  23. Well, this voting may not be the right way to go about it, but since this is what we’ve got, I’ll keep voting til my finger falls off! We’re starting to pull ahead, but I remember this morning we were 12,000 ahead at one point, and by afternoon, Marco’s fans had pulled ahead! So I’ll keep clicking away.

  24. I really hesitate posting right now, there are so many debatable aspects to what may or may not be going on within this venture. Questions that frustrate us because, as someone said, we don’t understand the workings of this award process. I, certainly don’t. Earlier today, as I posted, I too was blocked from voting anymore for a while, which seemed strange if there is no limit to how much you can vote. It wasn’t that I couldn’t vote for our guys, the entire catagory was blocked from accepting any votes for any one, at least by me. In addition, I was notified that they suspected some malicious activity might be going on. Now, my block has been released and I will vote again. I’m pretty sure Gary is right about, when North America is awake, we are ahead, and when Europe is awake we get behind. That makes sense to me, we vote then sleep, they must be just the opposite.

    Yes, some of us are available to vote for perhaps longer or more frequent sessions, but I don’t think it is up to us to decide what is, or may be, important to the guys. I know that they were extremely disappointed when the didnt win their first Latin Award nomination, and I feel that every win, to them, is a feeling of accomplishment towards their success. Personally, I will leave those decisions to them, and in the meantime do everything I can to further their goals. After all, who else benefits from their success, we do!

    This is just my opinion, and we all have only one purpose, that is to be as supportive as we can, and do anythiing we can, to show how much we care.

    1. Been reading the comments and appreciate the thoughts.

      Happy to vote when I can.
      AND I really wish it was 1 vote per person, so it reflected the most meaningful expression of support for our guys!

  25. Marco Carta is also nominated for “International Video-Male” and he is 66.24% over others but only with 15,118 votes. I think that is more the true number of his fans. It has become a RIVALRY VOTE for “International Male or Group” award.
    The boys have given us hours of great music so I think this once we can go ahead and work little extra to get this award. This will be “We Love You” award from us to them.

  26. I have just discovered that when the votes reached 298,993 at 6pm (South African time, same as Europe time), my next vote took the votes to 299,022 which means that there where 29 of us voting for Il Volo at the same time! Great!

  27. Marco’s fans might have their own plans on when they will have their “blitz’ so we need to just daily vote and keep us ahead.

  28. That’s what I do even when i come home late at night from work, I eventually get on the computer and vote my heart out. You Guys are the Best.

  29. I volunteer at a Food Bank about four days a week and when I come home tired I look forward to see how the World is treating our boys. I am a g-ma fan and years and years ago I used to love to listen to the old “Ink Spot” records and especially singing Irving Berlin’s “Always”. It is a romantic song but can apply to us caring about Il Volo. (There are five different versions)


    Days may not be fair Always,
    That’s when I’ll be there Always
    Not for just an hour,
    Not for just a day,
    Not for just a year,
    But Always

    I’ll be loving you, oh Always
    With a love that’s true Always,
    When the things you’ve planned
    Need a helping hand
    I will understand Always

    So lets keep voting!

      1. I totally agree with you Ann. I believe those words are exactly how we all feel about Piero, Gianluca and Ignazio. Thanks Terese for sharing those feelings of love we all share.

    1. I have been voting all afternoon up to 10 pm EST and have only gotten up for a few breaks. I kept voting like crazy when the other guy was really close to IL Volo, but we are ahead for now but they gave us a run for out money that’s for sure. My wrist and arm hurt from holding the mouse in a certain position to be able to quickly have a routine of voting faster. I right click on voting link and open a new tab for about 15 open windows and keep going to the next tab, clear out the ones i have voted on and get a whole new set to vote on. When i am done with all the open tabs I go back and do it over again and again and again. Whew, good job everyone. Get some rest for and get ready for tomorrows voting 😉

  30. I remember the ink spots and that song vividly. Haven’t heard it in forever. This was a most appropriate time to read those lyrics, couldn’t be any better to again, express how we feel about them. The words are so perfect ALWAYS, but especially right now when we can not only tell them, but show them as well. We will ALWAYS do our best to support them, and make their flight as smooth, and as high, and as long as it takes to insure that they reach whatever destination they might choose. When they arrive, we, as ALWAYS will be invited to celebrate right along with them. So buckle up, and enjoy our flight!

  31. My sister called me at 2:30 am this morning to tell me that il Volo was on PBS in We are Love sholw in Chicago! I voted during the whole show while watching until we got another 1,000 votes. Going to bed now.

  32. We just fell behind. We need to all start voting again. Also Super Junior is picking up speed.

  33. We need a ‘GET OUT THE VOTE’ PERSON with computer knowledge to keep posting encouraging reminders to keep us voting. I checked at 3:30 US Central time and Marco’s fans were gaining. So they must be in Europe and vote after work or school. Also we need to find out when the cut off time is on December 5th so we are not left behind due to the two different time zones.
    “The only difference between a good day and a bad day is our attitude” SO LET US STAY POSITIVE AND VOTE AND VOTE.

  34. We are right now 21,000 ahead, but their morning is coming, and just like last night and this morning they will be back. Watched the count when they began this morning, and they caught up rapidly. We have to keep tabs on what, and when their prime is.

    Wonder if they did any voting at Nick’s birthday party? Sorry, That was my thought when I saw the picture. Could use
    the votes from all the fans from the guy’s 4 concerts!

    1. When we fell behind yesterday, I posted to Piero’s FB page and here and within an hour we were ahead and we have been ahead ever since. We are about by 25,000+

  35. Today and 46 more days to go. I can not believe that Marco’s fans will give up so easy. Need to keep voting. “Super Junior” is slowly gaining too.
    “Sometimes the best thing you can do is not think, not wonder, not imagine, not obsess. Just breathe and have faith that everything will work out for the best”

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