Here’s what’s up with Linda. I’ve hesitated telling you all, waiting for something positive to say. I’ve got nothing.

Linda knows I’m telling you this. Her problems are many. She needs surgery. Has very painful problems with her hip, sciatic nerve and spine. Doctor won’t release her for surgery. Several reasons including lungs and heart. Even though she is on pain meds, she is still in a lot of pain and is only able to walk a few steps. She receives physical therapy everyday. Chances are she will be at St. John’s a very long while.

So, it looks like our Linda – as you all know has one of the best minds around, possesses more common sense than I’ll ever have plus, she gets all my jokes! – is trapped by her body. I hate telling you all this. I really do, but so many of you were asking. I just hope she is able to come back to us soon via computer. She misses it very much.

She wanted me to be sure to tell you all how much she appreciates you thinking about her. She was the envy of the center because she received so much mail from all over. Said even the nun’s were envious when she got a card from So. Africa.

Say an extra prayer for your board member and my best friend.

Linda Snyder
St. John’s Nursing Center
3075 NW 35th Ave.
Lauderdale Lakes, Fl. 33311

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  1. I am adding Lynda to my prayer list and will send her a card. God bless her and God bless you for telling us, Marie.

  2. So sorry to hear this news. Would she be able physically to use a tablet computer? Does she have one? Does she want one? Just thinking it might be a nice distraction for her with all she is going through. I would be honored to contribute to buy her a tablet.

    1. OH Mauimom, How sweet! She actually has a laptop. Wants to try using it soon. I just sent her a little MP3 loaded with all Il Volo Cd’s. Just in case.

      Thank you so much!

      1. Marie–The MP3 was such a very thoughtful gift to send to Linda. Our three boys are such wonderful therapy. Being able to listen to them will lift Linda’s spirits and brighten up her days for sure. I think it is just amazing how these three remarkable young men have touched so many people in so many heartfelt ways. I have never experienced the likes of them ever before in my life. They are truly a Godsend.

  3. Thanks Marie for the input on Linda. She has been in my prayers for a long time also.Sorry to hear the prognosis isn’t very good. Hope she can use a computer so she can keep up to date on what is going on here.

  4. I wish we had better news about Linda. I will add her to my prayer
    list. I am so sorry to hear of her condition. We don’t like to hear
    this but we can pray for her and send cards. Thank you Marie
    for bringing us up to date.

  5. Linda. you have been in my prayers since I heard you were in the hospital. we all have our cross time, I want you to come through this stronger than ever and be back with us. you may not be with us in person, but you can be connected to our boys just by offering up all your sufferings for them. they need it in the world they are in. so you are the suffering arm of the flight crew, the most important part, so remember that.

  6. Marie, I am going to resend the envelope that was returned when she went home. I will do it this week. I am late doing it since I had my own troubles. My husband was dragging two trash cans up the incline to our garage and fell. He is on blood thinners so he bled all over and when it was over he broke his right hand and left thumb. So I have been playing nurse, maid and “patient” wife. He always did our Post Office duties.
    I hope Linda gets better and able to use the computer and follow the boys and especially Ignazio. Thanks for keeping us posted.

  7. My prayers are with Linda and her family. I pray that all will work out well so that she can get back to IL VOLO FLIGHT CREW. Miss you Linda

  8. I am so sorry to hear about Linda’s extended problems. Of course, I wish her the very best outcomes in the weeks and months ahead.
    I am still hoping the boys read about her and send her a get-well message; they have so much compassion.

  9. I am sorry to hear about Linda. I’ll pray every night for you to feel better and stronger soon and for God to wrap you in his arms with Love and his Strength as you try to mend. Godspeed.

  10. Thank you Marie for keeping us in the loop about Linda. I hope you share with her these latest comments of ours, I would think it be of great comfort and strength for her to know how many of us are praying and thinking of her. I include myself as one who believes in prayer and so I will add her to my list too.

  11. I am so sorry to hear about Linda. Even though I don’t know her personally, I do know that we share a common love for our boys. Therefore she is my comrade and my heart goes out to her in all her pain. I will continue to pray for her recovery and hope one day to get to know her better. I wish the boys could go see her and wish her well. I bet that would cheer her up!
    Paula Elkins

  12. Not to change the subject of Linda but the other group are catching up & are 31000 approximately behind Il Volo. So I am staying up for a while to vote, I was hoping we could make it to 3 million. Just keeping you informed.
    Linda thinking of you always

  13. Linda, you are in my thoughts and prayers for feeling better and all the IL VOLO joy that may help you mend!

    I have had tremendous results with talking to my body, thanking it for all it has done for me every day, expressing gratitude for all the parts of me that feel good and healthy (even when it was only my hair or my big toe), letting my body know that I choose to be healthy and feel good, reminding my body of the blueprint I was born with that it can “sync up with”. I have seen immediate dramatic results with the simple power of love and gratitude.

    May my experience be of benefit to you, too, Linda!

    We miss you!

    ~ Jeanine, Compassion’s Doorway

    1. I agree with you Jeanine I do that all the time also & I try to keep as positive as I can. Linda please try thinking positive & see how it can work for you also. Still praying

  14. Thanks Marie for letting us know about Linda. I am so sorry to hear she had to go back into the hospital. She and her family are in my prayers. Linda, if you get to read these we are all wishing you love and a speedy recovery.

  15. Marie. I think the power of music is a great healing tool. I know hearing our boys will take her to another place. get well Linda. Joanie Guyon

  16. Marie, I made it to the Post Office and she should have my big envelope by Monday (according to the PO). I will keep looking for fund stuff to send her.

  17. Oh, I am so sorry to hear these news about sweet Linda! I know that the IlVolo prescription that you supplied in that Mp3 is going to be a good medicine for her! She just needs to use it daily and double the dosage when needed! She is in my prayers.

  18. I will include Linda in my prayers and one of my music ensembles is doing a “Thank-you” concert in connection with Thanksgiving to thank people who have made a special mark on our lives (anyone in our group which includes me) so this will include her name. We lift up positive thoughts.

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