Rai TV Video – Translation #3

Rai TV Video – Translation #3

Here are parts 4 thru 6. One more to go!

This translation is rated IG (OK for Ignazio and Gianluca lovers). Beware Piero people! Piero admits he’s in love! Is he even engaged?

Who is that on drums behind our Boy?
Who is that on drums behind our Boy?

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Thanks again Jeannette and Madeline!

the interview IL VOLO Porta a Porta 2014 translated by Madeline Bugeja. From 23.20 to26.20
Part 4 is the feature about IL VOLO.

Nadia starts off the feature by saying, that it is 2009, and Ignazio Boschetto, Piero Barone and Gianluca Ginoble, perform for the first time as individual singers, on the talent show Ti Lascio Una Canzone hosted by Antonella Clerici, which then saw them perform as a trio, and that was the start of this fairytale, Italy falls in love with the three young tenors (TRE TENORINI) the three teen phenomenon, but beware if you still call them that (TENORINI) They are now IL VOLO, they have gone beyond our shores, and they have reached an incredible success over the ocean, thanks to Mr QUANDO QUANDO, Tony Renis they landed in America, and they become the first Italian singers in history to sign a contract with a major American record company.

They also were the first Italians to perform in the mega concert WE ARE THE WORLD for Haiti, along with all the great American stars, and personally invited by Quincy Jones, singing side by side with artist like Celine Dion, and others. IL VOLO bewitched and convinced even those hard to convince, they arrived at SanRemo, as super quests, and in the United States they are given standing ovations, they are hosted on all the great American shows, the likes of Good Morning America. Their 2011 tour turned out to be a huge success, and they worked on their second album, which has duets with Placido Domingo, and Eros Ramazotti. For the three, it is a dream come true, divided by music and international events, from the Christmas tree lightning in America to as far as Oslo, for the Noble evening there, and even here, at Porta a Porta, they managed to have success, where they had the second largest amount of viewers, next only to a popular politician in Italy, Bepe Grillo.

2014 opened up for them, by them being awarded the Billboard award in Miami, and by them performing at the Arena Di Verona, while their summer tour touched sixteen cities in America, they also confirmed an Italian tour, and it looks that the three will not stop here and that is for sure, because in the drawer they have, a tour in the east, and we will see a virtual duet with Elvis, on the stars 80th birthday, that will see IL VOLO, as the only Italian performers in the event, and as for vacations, well it seems they do not spend too much thinking of them.

Part 5 of the interview IL VOLO Porta a Porta 2014 from26.21 to 31.05

We hear the door bell, and we see Michelle behind the door, Bruno welcomed him, saying that he was their manager, and also a record producer, and here Bruno asked the boys, “ If I am your uncle, then what is he? A great uncle, Piero said. Michelle here said that he has been dreaming for twenty years, to enter from the door he had just entered from, Michelle said, that now he felt fulfilled and very happy this evening.

Ignazio here explained that with two of them coming from Sicilian families, they are used to having lots of aunts and uncles, as well as cousins. Bruno here said, that now was the time for someone to pay a debit, and he said “Ignazio” And Ignazio said “ Yes, well he” referring to Michelle here, Ignazio said that Michelle was an ex drummer, other than being a manager, Michelle here said, he knew he would bring that up, Ignazio continued to say that Michelle did songs with Gino Paoli, a famous Italian singer, and also with Orietta Berti, also a much loved singer in Italy, Piero, here said, that Michelle was the first on tour with Paoli, and with the Italian female singer Ornella Vanoni, and he played the drums, when Orietta Berti sang this song, so it is your turn again to hit the drums, Piero said to Michelle, we see a surprised Michelle stand up, saying but those were other times, and told the boys that they would pay for this, (LOL, terrible times ahead for our naughty boys) Ignazio said, that he would get ready, and Bruno told Michelle that it was just like riding a bicycle, one may not ride it often, but one never forget how to ride it, Bruno told him, to keep cool, and try. And Ignazio asked Michelle if he was ready, and we hear Ignazio singing this Beautiful Italian song, Quando l amore diventa poesia! When love become poem.
Translation of the lyrics of this song, by Madeline Bugeja.


End of part 5

Part 6 of the interview IL VOLO at Porta a Porta 2014, From 31.05 to 38.50.

After we heard Ignazio sing, Bruno said , IGNAZIO BOSCHETTO AND MICHELLE TORPEDINE ON THE DRUMS! Michelle seems to have enjoyed playing, from the smile on his face, but he still made a gesture with his finger, that he would deal with Ignazio later, Bruno went over to Michelle and hugged him, congratulating him, while saying that in his opinion Michelle enjoyed that. We see Michelle hugging Ignazio.

Bruno asked Michelle what type of character were the boys? Which of them is more capricious, and has it all gone to their head that not one, but ? Michelle said that you can never know when they are going to come up with a prank also, it can happen anywhere, but they are BRAVISSIMI (very talented) Bruno here told them to always be humble, like Pavarotti always was, and Michelle said that not one in particular is capricious, but all three, because they have ideas, Michelle said, artistically speaking, they know what they want, what results to obtain, they are still young, but they all have very mature minds.

Bruno asked Michelle about future projects, and Michelle said that they had several, because they had just changed the recording company, and Michelle said that they now have a new family, and we thing that they are more close to our project, that we have now, he said that they are counting on doing a world tour, of fifty three countries, it is big project, and now they will be off to Russia, Bruno said, fifty three projects, fifty three countries, but how does that feel? Bruno asked the boys, Ignazio answered and said, that it was not easy, and Bruno told Ignazio that he has to learn Chinese, and Ignazio said “I am Ignazio” in Chinese, Ignazio said that they picked a few words, here and there, when they were promoting in Asia, but a bit of Chinese I know already, said Ignazio proudly.

Bruno said that they were going to see some clips of the duets they had, and after the clips Bruno asked the boys what kind of character did Barbara Streisand have? What type of person was she? Was she the type who after singing, says “ SEE YOU AND THANKS” ? or was there something more? Piero answered and said, that they did twelve concerts with her, and she is a living legend, she gives out a different image, but she was just like an aunt, just like all the great stars, she is humble, very reachable, but the thing is, when she arrives the air changes, you feel it in the air, that there is something different, when she speaks, it is as if an angel opened it’s mouth Piero said, with emotion in his beautiful voice.

Bruno remarked that even a macho man like Ignazio, looks emotional, Ignazio here said, that he may look macho, but he is a softie in real life, unfortunately, concluded Ignazio, Bruno here said that Ignazio had a fragile heart, to which Ignazio replied, that not a fragile heart no. Bruno asked Ignazio, how many times did he fall in love, to which Ignazio asked WHAT! (And here please stop the video for a minute, and feast your eyes at the cute expression on his face) (OK, no problem-Marie) Bruno again pressed Ignazio, and asked him, How many times did you fall in love? I think it was Michelle, who said that it was Ignazio that fell in love the most, here Ignazio tried to avoid the question thrown at him again, by saying that the tour with Barbara, went very well, and we hear Michelle laughing, which makes me think that this man knows something we don’t, and Bruno made the question to Ignazio again, and Ignazio gave in, and answered that he fell in love only once in his life so far, Ignazio said that he does not get carried away fast, Gian said he does, and Ignazio confirmed, Piero here said, that for sure he was the one that would marry first, and Ignazio said in that in Sicily they say that one gets engaged, he said it in Sicilian, and Gian tried to pronounce that, Ignazio told him, that he would master that, when Gian will be born again a Sicilian.

Ignazio here said, that Piero was engaged, or going steady, and Piero and Michelle here told Ignazio not to say the girl’s name on TV, to which Ignazio said “ oh goodness no, that is private” Ignazio continued to say, that Piero was engaged and we returned home, Monday, on Thursday, Ignazio said, he met Piero, and Ignazio asked Piero how was everything, and Piero told him, ‘We broke up” Piero here explained, that with their life the way it is, that is the life they lead, makes everything more complicated, Piero said, because Piero said, turning to look at Michelle, Michelle here keeps us always on the move, said Piero making a face, here Ignazio said that Piero should tell Michelle to always keep them on the move, Ignazio joked business wise it makes sense Ignazio.


Piero confessed, that he was in love with a girl, and that maybe he still is, but he said that this was a period, where there were always many things to think about, and here Gianluca warned Piero, to be careful because she might be watching and listening, and Piero bravely told Gianluca that he knows that, Bruno told Piero that he can imagine this girl with tears running down her face, knowing he was talking about her, and here funny Ignazio broke the moment by saying “ Here Maria De Filippi should show up” and that made everyone burst into laughter, because Maria De Filippi is a host of a show that brings couples back together, Bruno here told Piero if he understood what he just said, that is that Piero said, that maybe he is still in love with this girl, and that Michelle keeps them too busy, for him to be in one place, Piero said it is not Michelle’s fault, Piero here said, that he thinks he is still in love with this girl, because he saw her again, and Piero said, “ I know that maybe I still love her, because when I saw her my stomach closed up” ( Piero is so sweet,) Bruno said, that Piero’s stomach will soon open again when he sings this song, that Placido sang.

Bruno told the boys that they were not born in 1990 when Placido did this, Ignazio said that he was born four years later, Bruno here said that it was a memorable evening, and during the world cup that at Caracalla, where the three tenors where performing that Placido sang this song. We see and hear Piero singing this beautiful song.

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  1. Marie, Thank you so much for this translation. It must have been a huge undertaking.
    I watched the program on my computer even though I could not understand what they were saying. I just got a “smart” TV and have been watching You Tube videos of the guys. It’s the first time I’ve seen them except on my computer. What a difference. I soooooo want ot attend a concert.
    Barb W

  2. Suddenly I got an image of thousands of girls falling in a dead faint at the thought of the beloved ThunderBaron being in love…and it wasn’t for them.
    As for me, I just felt sad for him ( well okay, sad for me that I am no where near his age, don’t speak Italian and I’m not a Sciliana and its NOT ME!) I was sad because this is part of the price they pay for being who they are at this point in their lives. They bring us such happiness, I wish for happiness for them too. Michele has the more cagey idea, to keep them moving along, it makes more business sense. All the same I wish each one of them could also be a normal young man and get involved romantically and not let it impact their professional life.
    I guess I’m just a romantic. Poor Piero….

    1. I felt sad for him too. It’s a tough balacing game, fame and personal life. I think they have the heads to make good decisions in both.

      So, Ignazio falls in love alot. You don’t suppose one of those times could’ve been…. Just sayin’.

      1. I hear ya, I have that same thought for Piero. What is life without its dreams eh???

  3. YEA!! This is what we’ve been hoping for, but we can’t let up now and count our chickens too early!! Just 2 or 3 more days. We’re going to do this, RIGHT?

    Not to change the subject, but when the recent Porta a Porta full video came out, I put it on my favorites list, but now I get constant buffering. I guess that’s what it’s called. It keeps stopping, with a spinng wheel in the middle. What is wrong? It doesn’t matter on what site I can find a link on, it does the same thing. What is the reason, and/or is there anything I can do? I am so upset!

    1. Thats the same thing that is happening to me too Kittykam. I’m so irked by it because now I want to go back with the translation and see it again.There has to be a way. Thoughts anyone?

      1. I have seen the same thing. Here’s what sometimes works for me. I let it run with all the buffering. When it’s over I hit replay and it runs through ok.

    2. I get the same exact thing which is so frustrating. I would love to watch this without any interruptions. These guys also deserve a romantic life. I often wonder what kind of girl each would fall for.. IGNACIO once said he did not care about the physical appearance, as long as she gives him her heart. Is that still true since now, he is so HOT looking. Poor Piero. My heart goes out to all of them. What a huge price to pay for success. By the way, when I checked this morning (4am), we were ahead by 159,565 votes. Don’t stop keep voting. There is still 2 days left. Our boys have to win over Marco Carts. Keep it rolling people.

  4. I agree Joan I want a true & faithful girl for Ignazio but actually I agree with you also Pirate I so wish I was Ignazio’s age & I would give everyone else a run for their money so the saying goes, at my age I can see no other man but him.

  5. Thank you so much for the translation. It seems that we learn something new about Piero, Gianluca and Ignazio every day !!
    It is not easy to have a private life when you’re in the public eye morning, noon and night as our Guys are. They are all very endearing,romantic, loving young men and they deserve to find remarkable women who will shower them with as much love, respect and happiness as they extend to everyone in their lives everyday. If they happened to find this love in their home towns it probably would be much healthier then finding a somebody on tour. Maybe someone that started out as a friend. Someone that they have a history with and knows them for themselves and not as celebrities.
    Oh to be young !! I would not want to be 20 again but I love that they make me feel like I’m 20 ( or even younger !! ) again !! And if I was their age I too would be saying ” watch out girls here I come ” !!!

    1. Joanie, I think you could still give them a run for their money. I would certainly try! lol

      I don’t care who they end up with as long as that woman is kind and loving. I would hate to have to fly all the way to Italy just to hurt someone! Oh yes I would! Almost did once before! Except I think she was in Mexico that time!

      1. Ohh I wanna guess who this could be! Could this woman in Mexico be that lady that put that huge SMOOCH right smack onto Mr.Dimples smoocher? Am I right huh? Am I???

  6. Thanks for the translation. Makes a big difference.
    I have been concerned for the guys and girls for a few years. Don’t want to see them hurt or taken advantage of. My hope is that they will wait at least 5 more years before they get married. Maybe by then I can find the fountain of youth. Hahaha.And be careful with the relationships they enter into. Whoever they end up with has to realize that these guys are music men and accept the life they need to live without jealousy or making demands that make them feel guilty for doing their job. Marie, you can call me for backup.

  7. Damned if Windows hasn’t shut me down from voting b because they said there is something wrong with windows. Has anyone else had that problem. I saw voting for Il Volo was 3,922 something so I still voted & then discovered my votes were not going anywhere & the count was back to 3,888 something. Has that happened anyone else? I was going to & was working towards 4,000,000

  8. I’ve been fighting a losing battle with windows it will only let me vote once at a time. Does anyone else have that problem? I wanted to cross over to the 4,000,000 mark but I am not staying up all night to just vote once at a time. I hope the next award that is given does not have this program. I don’t know what is wrong with my windows & I don’t want it to shut down on me.

    1. ARRrrrrrrrrrrshiver me timbers, I was willing to bet my parrot on that one.. I know not this tale you tell. Now I be off to vote some more to boost our IL VOLO flag high over the sinking ship of that MC scalywag. Arrrrr.

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