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It appears that there is opportunity to vote on some level right now. I am figuring it out so I can give you the most accurate information and easiest way to accomplish this. Come back to this post for complete details!




OK.  This is what I’ve found out quickly just by trial and error–and I’m not going to be late for work…maybe my boss won’t notice?  Maybe she’ll understand once I tell her how important this is…???   😉

At Optimagazine, there appear to be several articles in Italian about the San Remo Festival.  When I clicked on the articles, I found a voting ballet in at least two places that asked the question, :

Quali sono gli artisti favoriti per la vittoria tra i Big del Festival di Sanremo 2015?

(Bing Translation: What are the favourites for victory among the Big Festival di Sanremo 2015?)

Ummm….hello?  Who do they think they are dealing with?  We know the answer to that!  We have a chance to prove it by clicking the little box next to Il Volo’s name and sending that vote on its merry little way.

Now, even though I found the ballet in two places, it is the same poll, and it appears that you may only vote once–at least for today.  I will go back tomorrow and see if it will allow me to vote again.  So you can do the same, bookmark this page for your personal use so that you can come back to it easily.  🙂

Vote For Individual Artisits —> Vote for Il Volo Here


1.) scroll down to closer to the bottom of the page.  There will be a ballet.

2.) Choose Il Volo

3.) Click “Vota”

s - vote

This is not an official pole; it is only a magazine. But it is a way for some of you to silence the critics about who will win. Right now, Il Volo is ahead with roughly 50% of the vote.  Are you surprised?  Get out there and make your vote!

~~ Kelly

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  1. Thanks for all the endless research we ask you to do. We are here to support the boys and are always looking for guidance how to do it. I do a lot of internet search on different subjects but never sure how correct some of the information is.

  2. You are amazing Kelly !! With all you have to do in your own life you always manage to keep us well informed I just voted. I hope that little check I put next to their name is actually calculated. Seemed a little weird. They will WIN !! These so called critics probably never even heard of Il Volo !!! I hope our precious ones let it roll off their backs because to know them is to love them— and we do with all our hearts !!

  3. Difficult sad day yesterday….then this morning, I read the latest from my Flight Crew and one tiny check later I have voted for IL VOLO in a major music festival and suddenly I feel JOY!
    Thank you Kelly and thank you JoanieFl2! Lets dance!

  4. I have voted 3 times as well as yesterday although yesterday I didn’t know about clicking vota under the names. I pressed VOTA under the names after I clicked the box because each time I went into the site again the box was empty again so I clicked it again to make sure it is going through. So if the box is empty after I leave the site when I go back into the site it doesn’t stop me from voting again so maybe we can go into the site as many times as we want to.
    This is what I am going to do until I am stopped

  5. Who listens to critics anyway we all know how incredible IL Volo is and if we do get to vote we know they will win. We have enough time to really organize. Thanks Kelly for checking into how to vote. Appreciate all your hard work.

  6. I voted for Il Volo the first day I saw it posted, but unfortunately I’ve been prevented from voting since, even two-three days later. Yes, the box was empty at the time. Folks need to know this, because we’ll need EVERYONE voting to keep those numbers up. Hopefully, it will help those inadequately informed critics (trying to be gracious here) understand who they are dealing with; i.e. incredible natural talents. In the long run I think the “proof is in the pudding” and Il Volo will take Sanremo by storm just as they did with their five other concerts in Italy.

  7. I see that Il volo has 125 votes so far but I could not find anything that looked like a ballot. I hate to sound like a dufus but I can’t figure it out. Help!

  8. There we go. I got it. The second time I logged in there were the voting boxes!

    I’ll be voting my little fingers off once again. Love it. Thank you so much for setting this up for us.

  9. If you have a computer, laptop and/or tablet in some combination, try voting on each. From what I have experienced, you can only vote once. If there are any changes to this I will let you know.

  10. Thank you Kelly for the research, much appreciated. I voted several times today but the site won’t let me continue. I agree about the critics, I can only assume the never heard Il Volo music or they would have been more favorable to them. Most of the other singers I’m not familiar with, but our boys are so exceptional they should win, so lets vote…..The Flight!!!

  11. I pray its only one time per person to vote. AS much as I want them to win, I want it done with a sense of dignity and worth. As in: Quality not quanity.

    1. Amen. I was able to go to the site 2 or 3 times to vote, I’m not sure if the votes all recorded, but even a few times is better then that endless voting.

  12. I am not sure what to do! yesterday, I used Kelly’s instructions and think I got to vote. today, I get o the San Remo site and scroll down to where the names are. Il Volo is in first place with a long line at 230 vote. I put my cursor on this line(which a hand does not show up on), but it tells me “you have voted already”, and shows me nowhere to press vote. I voted yesterday, but now I want to vote today. does it mean you can only vote once for the whole time? I can’t seem to get a place to vote today. anyone can help?

    1. Deanne I voted 2 times this morning. If you can get on the right screen, click on the box The Flight then click on Voting Results ( think that’s what it said), you voted. I looked at the number of votes after I voted and the number went up by 2, so I think it registered my votes. Try it. Hope this helped.

  13. I could only vote once which is how it should be. If I bring up the voting by hitting vote on our site the only thing I see is the tally of votes for each singer. Last I looked our guys were WAY, WAY ahead !!

  14. I click on our post where it says “vote for Il Volo here” and I get on the site. I scroll down to where the candidates and their voting numbers are , and I put my cursor on the line under Il Volo(as soon as I do that, it tells me “you have voted for this choice) I ignore what it says and click on that line, but the votes did not go up. I see no section marked “vota”. what am I doing wrong??

  15. Deanne, I don’t believe you can vote on the page you are on, it’s not a ballet page. Now I’m confused because when I do exactly what you did and put my cursor on the line under Il Volo it doesn’t tell me that I have voted. Maybe that’s why I could go back to the site and vote again…….my votes didn’t register! I never saw “vota” either. I’ll see what happens tomorrow.

  16. Kate, I decided to try some other cite Kelly gave, so I clicked on “Optimagazine, and it took me to a site where there was a box before Il Volo. I clicked on that and a tick appeared, then I scrolled down and found a “vota” and I clicked on that. I presume that my vote went through

  17. Just voted again. You must be able to vote once a day because I voted last night. Right now, Il Volo is in 1st place w/ 314 votes, 75%, 2nd place has 26 votes. Bet the bookmakers are choking right now, ha ha. TOLD YA!

  18. IlVoloMundialOficial informed that we can vote for them in Sanremo News page on facebook (the link above) Il Volo is in 3th place. Let´s vote!!!!!

    To vote for Il Volo just give “like” in their picture.

    Para votar por @ilvolo solo debes dar Me gusta a la foto de ellos en Sanremo News en Facebook. Da…

  19. I voted on another site, and I know it went through because after I hit vote I was thanked for voting. Yea, I’m happy!!!

  20. Voted again today on the voting sight from here, but also on the site link on ATIV. But since then, I’ve not been able to vote again. We’ll see what they say tomorrow. Kelly said that our site link was only a magazine site (Optimagazine) and not an official one. I think that’s right anyway. It only shows IL VOLO in 1st place with 333 votes – 76%. However the other site is from Sanremo, or seems to be, and it shows them with 696 votes – 83%. Don’t know why the difference, but maybe if it’s “official”, that may be why. Either way, IL VOLO is slamin it! Highest under them is 47 votes. Appears as though Sanremo has never had this occur, but this is only the 1st phase of the process. We will see what happens. Can’t say we didn’t warn them.

    1. 76% IL VOLO!

      Love the 333… 3 being my number for God!
      Yup, like I said earlier, With IL VOLO, Angels All Around!

      😉 All smiles,
      ~ Jeanine, Compassion’s Doorway

      1. Oh THAT is Funny! My comment above was #33.
        Gettin’ some serious angel winks here.

        I came back to say, Kelly, how much I appreciate your time and energy to get this out to us. I know your life is busy and work asks a lot. You are so generous! Thank you!

        Still smilin’,
        ~ Jeanine, Compassion’s Doorway

  21. Thank you, everyone for all of your appreciation! I sometimes get discouraged with my schedule and life (which has been a bit hectic recently) and how it affects my work here. But, I love you all, and you encourage me so much. Thank you for being understanding!

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