Il Volo Professional ~~ Invited to San Remo in 2015


 Hey Everyone!

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As Gianluca has said, they are officially participating in the 2015 Sanremo Music Festival:

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This is quite an honor for Il Volo as they had to apply and be chosen to appear at this festival.  They will be singing a song written by Francesco Boccia, “Grande Amore”, and he seems quite excited about it:

Some more details about the upcoming competition can be read here —> Italy Rai Reveals Twenty Sanremo Campioni Candidates from Eurovision Italy (thanks, LiJoy)

and here —> San Remo 2015 Special Commission Members Revealed (Eurovision Italy; LiJoy),

and finally, here —> Sanremo 2015: Everything You Need to Know (; LiJoy)


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The Sanremo Music Festival is the oldest music festival in the world, the place where the Italian music was born and spread its notes all over the world (Italian Prestige Tour).

According to the Italy World Club website, “The Festival of Sanremo is a singing event held annually in Sanremo, Italy during the winter season. It is the most famous pop music event in Italy and a major media event on Italian television.  

It currently takes place at the Teatro Ariston between late February and early March. Originally it was held in the ballroom of the San Remo Casino near the end of January. The festival is essentially a singing competition among performers presenting original songs in premiere, never performed publicly before, composed by Italian authors, and voted by juries and/or by popular vote.”

The rules are as follows (loose interpretation provided by LiJoy)

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To learn more about the festival’s history and see past winners, visit Italy World Club <— here.


San Remo

San Remo is a city with about 57,000 inhabitants on the Mediterranean coast of western Liguria in north-western Italy, best known as a tourist spot on the Italian Riviera.  Click here for the entire Wikipedia article — > San Remo Article.

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Per the well known Trip Advisor website: “With a comfortable climate that varies little throughout the year, Sanremo has been a favored tourist destination since the mid-1700s, attracting visitors from all over Europe, including heavy contingents of Russian and British aristocracy. For many, the long stretch of beach is the main attraction, but don’t miss the impressive casino or the hillside medieval section of town called La Pigna.”

dreamingSounds like a place I need to add to my Bucket List; what about you?  You can begin planning your dream trip with Italian Prestige Tour Website, or Trip Advisor , both websites which were used to gain information for this article.

Congraulations, Guys!  2015 hasn’t even arrived, and you’re off to an awesome start!  We can’t wait to hear, “Grande Amore”!



~~ Kelly

28 thoughts on “Il Volo Professional ~~ Invited to San Remo in 2015”

  1. Ohh myyy. Now I understand just how important this music festival is. I had no idea at all. At first all I thought was “Well that’s nice, they have a concert in Sanremo in 2015” but now I see this is really a BIG DEAL. They have to win, they must win and they will win BECAUSE WE KNOW THEY ARE THE BEST in the Woorrrrrld.

  2. Kelly– Thank you for letting us know just how important this music festival is. The Guys are beyond excited that they were chosen to participate in this awesome event and they will most certainly knock it out of the park, with their magnificent voices, and WIN !! My heart is bursting with love and pride for our sweeties !!

    1. Thanks Kelly. I didn’t realize the importance either! Good thing is..besides the fact they’ll it is important enough to be videotaped. Yay!

      BOYS – GO! SING! WIN!

  3. Well if they had to apply to enter & were chosen that’s a feather in their cap. Soo looking forward to February 15th hoping I can get it on radio or TV & hearing for the first time a new song from our precious sweethearts. Hope its going to be possible to vote on line. Thanks Kelly that was awesome information & pictures. I have got to win a lottery to get over to Italy

  4. I just read some of the Italian critics and good thing I take blood pressure medicine.
    Can not believe the ugly comments about all the selected ARTISTS and not too kind at times about Il Volo. I hope the boys know how much their are loved all over the World and that they do not feel hurt.
    We will need information about the voting process so we can show the critics how wrong they are.

  5. I’m seriously thinking about getting the Italian channel RAI for that month just to see the show if it is all broadcast. You can add any country/language from your cable company. Last time I checked, it was $25 a month.

  6. Just called my cable company and it is $14.95/month for a foreign country. She said they install it immediately and you get 49 Italian channels and programs will be listed on your tv guide!!!

    1. Very cool, Ann! Thanks for sharing!

      So delighted to read the history and see the level of recognition Our Guys are receiving. This is IL VOLO’s year for Italia to realize the jewel they have!

      Way to go, Gian, Piero, and Ignazio! And thanks to Michele and your team!
      ~ Jeanine, Compassion’s Doorway

      1. After you watch the il Volo Christmas show, you can cancel. Of course, you can keep it for a month and then cancel! So it will be $14.95 for the concert!!!! Good deal?????v

      2. Considering I pay $15 a month for basic cable just so I can watch 1 or 2 hours a YEAR of IL VOLO (and maybe a special with Ethan Bortnick or such), $14.95 sounds worth it to me!

        Thanks again, Ann,
        ~ Jeanine, Compassion’s Doorway

  7. My mistake–festival is not until Feb. what I was referring to is the Concerto di Natale del Senato which is Dec 21. We are supposed to be able to see it on RAI Saturday at 6:30am but all I see at that time is a soccer game?

    1. I was going to sign up for the Italian stations for a month. Wonder why it is not listed. Does anyone know? Any of our members from Italy? I think we have one or two. Per Piacere!!!

      1. I did sign up for the Italian stations. It took 10 minutes and I can cancel any time I want. Also, they have been advertising all day on the news the airline our Boys made a commercial for. Can the commercial showing in the US be possible soon? If it does, it will be fantastic for them!

  8. I just checked my RAI station and it lists “Concerto di Natale del Senato” for tomorrow Sunday for 1/2 hour at 4:45 Chicago time. It does not even list il Volo!

  9. I know everyone was out shopping today as I was but I went to an Italian store to get my Christmas Panettone made in Italy. So yummy I could just sit and eat it while watching our Boys and think I was there!!!!

    1. Oh my goodness, I love Panettone almost as much as I love our guys. So far I have not indulged in any because I know I will have zero self control and my thighs will suffer accordingly! To be able to sit and watch our Bellisimo IL VOLO and eat Panettone would be heaven on earth!

      1. You can eat it – no calories, lol. Honestly, it is so light and fresh like someone just baked it and there are bits of fruit in there, not really sweet – just right. I never had it toasted but my niece toasts it and I will have to try it.

      2. You must toast it, thats truly the best way to enjoy it. It also makes wonderful “french toast” . Only I like to think of it as ” Italian-franco toast”

      3. I never knew that you should toast it because it is round and so high, kind of hard to cut to put in the toaster. What is “Italian-franco toast”? I’ll try french toast tomorrow morning. I know I’ll love that. Grazie..

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