Il Volo Professional ~~ Il Volo and Etihad Together Again; Dallas

Hey Everyone!

But he apparently used Ignazio…as a…coat hanger…???…before that…???   *the things brothers do*   😀

More jet lag.  I hope they get some rest on the plane home… *feeling protective and hovering*


Hall of State; Bing Images
Hall of State; Bing Images

Last night marked the second Etihad gala dinner, celebrating non-stop flights from Abu Dhabi to Dallas/Fort Worth.  The event was held at The Hall of State at Fair Park in Dallas, Texas.  It is a gorgeous venue (in my opinion)–very stately and elegant and perfect for an event with our guys.  Take a —> virtual tour to see for yourself!

 But, I know what you’re really anxious for, so here you go!   😉

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Il Mondo

By: Jo Longstreth; All Things Il Volo

O Sole Mio; LiJoy

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After yet another quick trip to the US, The Guys have made it safely home for the holidays — which is where they belong this time of year.

I think there is a rumor that they will be involved in some sort of Christmas program on Rai1–if I find proof, I will let you know!

Until then, Merry Christmas, Guys!



10 thoughts on “Il Volo Professional ~~ Il Volo and Etihad Together Again; Dallas”

  1. Thank you Kelly for yet another great update !! They seemed to have a better audience in Dallas and they looked like they were having fun. Much more so then in San Francisco . In the video Ignazio touched Gianluca’s hair (a big no,no !! ) and from that moment on GG was uncomfortable with how his hair must look and kept running his fingers though it to get it back in place !! He is always very conscious about keeping everything in place including his tie, sleeves and watch ! Just one of his endearing quirks !!
    One thing I don’t understand is why they can’t fly to their venues more then one day before performing so they can catch their breath and recover from the jet lag. Knowing what jet lag feels like I really don’t know how they are able to perform as well as they do. They are remarkable troopers !! True professionals always !!

  2. Thank you Kelly for the beautiful pictures of the Hall of State, wow how poshy. You, Marie & Michele are always so up todate with pictures, informative news & videos. This has got to be the BEST blog on the internet. Thanks so much girls for your hard work & expertice. We are experiencing the love you put in to this blog. For me I am sending love & appreciating back to you 3.
    Boy I hope that girl that Ignazio sang to knows how lucky she is. They were spectacular. It was is such a treat to see how well respected they are received. And I am glad they are experiencing being accepted in these high class places which gives them the experience of how the upper crust lives.They are such fine young men that they give the same classy performance to all their concerts. We are so lucky that they are coming to our countries to perform. Just being in their presence is an honour. I am so looking forward to their concert this year & possibly a hug from Ignazio. I’ll be in 7th heaven again.

  3. Glad that Dallas treated the boys well. It seemed a very nice evening. Thanks for the video. I know all their fans want to hear them at each event.
    QUESTION-They have been selected to go to Sanremo 2015 and everyone is excited but I would like for some one to explain what exactly the selected STARS do. There is a newcomer group competing but do the STARS compete too or just entertain. Thanks.

      1. Kelly, I know that you are and the rest of the team are doing such a wonderful job finding out every bit of information concerning our young men… I hope Il Volo and their management knows how well you keep the fans informed with accurate information and not just hear say and babble… We are very lucky here on the flight crew to have a “dedicated to the truth” team working to get Il Volo information out to us…
        Thank you all, and Merry Christmas…

  4. Kelly, thank you so much for this treat, including the ATIV video!

    I’m working on a project and haven’t been able to read the blog for what seems like forever. This was such a lovely treat to take some time to enjoy.

    I miss you all and look forward to time to read and send my gratitude for the beauty you share and the beauty all of you are!

    Wishing you joyous times,
    ~ Jeanine, Compassion’s Doorway

  5. I get up at crack of dawn only because my dog Zero insists he needs his trip outside and I always check the information posted on Il Volo. I noticed again that they are asking to VOTE for the artist who we want to win Sanremo. I think a little more clarification would be great so we do not get into another long voting contest.
    Thanks for leading us fans and giving us the right information.

    1. Gina, I’m posting it right now. This is a competition where the majority of Il Volo’s fans aren’t going to be able to do anything but wait for news.

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