Il Volo Professional ~~ Il Volo and Etihad Together Again; San Fransisco

Yay!  Ignazio’s back!  We’re so glad you’re back in the US, too…though we are sorry about the jet lag.

I’ve been out for a little bit, but glad to be back just as The Guys get to the US for two events.

Bing images
Bing images

Paired once again with Etihad Airways, Il Volo has come back to the US to celebrate the airline’s new direct flights to San Fransisco and Dallas.  Seeing Piero’s business class ticket recently, I’m guessing he, Gianluca and Ignazio didn’t travel in these accommodations:

Truly the lap of luxury…

but, the digs for the flight over seemed quite comfy…

Piero Barone Il Volo Official Facebook
Piero Barone Il Volo Official Facebook

and the view breathtakingly tranquil…

Piero Barone Il Volo Official Facebook
Piero Barone Il Volo Official Facebook

Morning in San Fransisco is just a beautiful, and aside from the jet lag, the guys settled in.

(Oh…the next time we’re on vacation and we think there is no way to be healthy and exercise…nope.  Not gonna fly.   😉   )

The first gala took place on Tuesday, December 9, at San Fransisco City Hall, with many prominent and important leaders of the business community  and artists in attendance.

Il Mondo

By: A Fan

Beautiful Day

By: A Fan

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O Sole Mio

Friday, December 12, is the date for the Dallas event, and The Guys will be on their way tomorrow.

Between Etihad Airways and the City of Dallas, I’m not sure which is more excited…

City of Dallas; Bing Images
City of Dallas; Bing Images

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But does it matter?  Il Volo wins no matter what.  I wonder how many more fans they will gain this trip?   😉

~~ Kelly

45 thoughts on “Il Volo Professional ~~ Il Volo and Etihad Together Again; San Fransisco”

  1. They will be only 100 miles from me in Dallas/Ft. Worth area. Wish they come and do a concert in Dallas or Austin. They looked so handsome in San Francisco and sang their hearts out but the audience was rude. That is my personal opinion. Etihad Airways plan to open many new flight connection all over the WORLD and I wonder if Il Volo will perform at all of them. I am not smart enough to digest the business news but I read an article where Sony Corporation of America and an Investment Group are doing some business with Abu Dhabi. Maybe that is the reason they are singing at the Etihad events. Hope they get to do regular concerts in 2015.

    1. I’ve heard through the grapevine that a 2015 tour is in the works… we’re staying tuned, and will let you know as soon as we know something. 🙂

      1. I so hope they come to Canada & that they go back to Roy Thomson Hall the seats at Sony |Hall are uncomfortable even Massey Hall is more comfortable.
        Although I’ll sit on the floor if I have to even my walker has a comfortable seat.
        Here I am crabbing about the seating when all I really want to do is see them

      2. Thank you so much for putting all the pictures and videos of our guys up for all of us to see of our Il Volo coming to San Francisco for Etihad Airways… The big secret of them coming to the USA is out and of course the were great… I am, along with everyone else a little disappointed with the audience … But our guys were professionals all the way and gave the best performance as the always do… Thank you again for putting Il Volo all in one place for us to enjoy…

  2. What was wrong with the audience at S.F. city hall? Don’t they know what a treat it was having our boys sing for them? I couldn’t believe it. Waiting for the next episode. I hope Dallas is more polite. Joanie g

  3. They should have sung for people who appreciate them! Like their “many prominent and important” fans!

    What are you doing guys? Here you are and we have no chance to see you. Get back to who you know loves you. Us!

    My mood will change in a minute.

  4. These private parties are very expensive. Wish they would do more American TV (I think I heard that someplace before).

  5. That was the same thing at Abu Dhabi when they were singing. It seems to me that the millionaires have no manners. The more money you have it seems that you don’t have to show respect. MY OPINION ONLY. Our guys wouldn’t show disrespect to anyone like what has been shown to them.
    I hope they have been flown on that Etihad Flight to Texas as a free courtesy.
    I am glad they are being recognized as top quality performers.
    I’m sure they know WE their fans give them the respect they deserve.
    Your right Myron I miss them on the talk shows I don’t understand why the States doesn’t interview them like Bruno did on Porta a Porta. He sincerely wanted to know about their lives & what they were thinking & looking forward to & touched on their love lives. That was an interview I thourthly enjoyed reading. I so wish had been in English

  6. Our guys were true gentlemen even though the audience
    talked to each other while Il Volo sang. It would be good
    if we could see them on a talk show and let them reveal
    more about their careers. And yes, SF folks missed a
    good performance.

  7. YES, I know! That was my first thought too! As an Ilvolover, and especially as a typical grandma, I was outraged at how our guys were treated! How dare they!! I noticed the same kind of look on their faces there, as I did in Abu Dhabi while they were singing. It’s a very different atmosphere than they, and us are used to experiencing! However, after stepping back a bit, I realized that these events are not concerts, they are business! They are not there to present or represent themselves, but to enhance the representation of important business, and/or worthwhile philanthopic endeavors on the part of others, big or small! When you think about it, what an honor it is for them to know that the people asking for them to participate in such events have both the knowledge of, and respect for them as worthy candidates to provide entertainment, or leadership of their cause or celebration. I think that that not only says a tremendous amount about how they are percieved, but also opens many doors for them that, perhaps, would never have opened before. For us, we have had the privilege of not only knowing who they are, or how extrordinary they are, but we ourselves have also been personally touched by their charisma, abilities, and most of all their hearts. Promotion always follows worthiness, and don’t we know they are certainly deserving! I can’t speak for anyone else, but aside from feeling protective, what I also feel is PRIDE. The young men of Il Volo are special, and we, obviously, are not the only ones who see it! Blessings guys, you are loved.

    1. Well said Killykam . This gives me a different outlook as to how they are accepted other than being overtlooked. It is a learning project for me to read all the different opinions which broadens my perspective

  8. I hope that their team and Sony are making the right decisions for them. They need the exposure — just not sure this was the best venue for them.
    I’m really happy to see that PBS is airing Buon Natale and the Barbara Streisand Special, over and over again, this year. These programs are great exposure for our Guys here in our country but they need more. So– in 2015 I certainly hope they will have many concerts and TV appearances here. They should know by now how much we love them, miss them and appreciate their amazing talent here in our country. Come back to us soon Gianluca,Piero and Ignazio !! We really LOVE you !!!!

    1. I sure hope their PR team is doing right for them. I agree with you that the audience was rude by not being quiet during their performance. Maybe I shouldn’t say this but Abu Dhabi seems more “Kardashian” to me than our beautiful Il Volo.

  9. I’m curious as to what Piero and Ignazio were doing when they were gesturing upward and looking up to the right? I bought red glasses today, I love them 🙂

  10. This was business. Somehow they have gotten themselves linked with this very swank upcoming airline company. Don’t think for a minute they had to pay for their airfare, that and accommodations as well as a nice paycheck was all part of the deal. This also gives them further exposure. I know we all heard rude people gabbing away as our handsome heroes sang but I also saw people taking pictures and I heard applause. Here is the thing: You just never know who was out there listening and falling hook line and sinker for them. Someone who saw them in Abu Dhabi, San Francisco or Dallas just might be the person who puts word in to the right people to get them on certain tv shows or events. I’m sure this was not their favorite event so far in their career but hey, it sure beats being at the County Fair in Podunk, NoWhereVille next to the lovely smells of manure and cotton candy.
    You just never know. So onward and upward we fly!*

    *No, I have not been dipping into the grog this evenng.

  11. Yeah Pirate, I think you’ve sailed into the answer. I tend to jump when I think our Guys are being mistreated. I always confuse myself with the wavering. I want the world to love them! I want to keep them to myself! See?

    1. I know your waver there Marie, I want them to have world dominance! Win every award! Sell out every concert! Then I foolishly think: “yeah but if they get too big, too famous I won’t be able to see them or buy their ticklets, M&G’s etc…
      I think we all want them to do their very best and be treated like the princes of Italy they are. Just don’t forget your fans!

      Ohhh and come to Portland Oregon! See meeeeeeeeeeee!

  12. If our guys were waiting at the airport did they have to take a regular flight or were they flown on the Etihad plane. After all they are top performers & they should have been flown on the Etihad flight as a free courtesy & in style. If the Etihad plane had to fly to Dallas they should have been taken there as wel. My opinion of course.

  13. I kind of think the audience were a bit rude, but as was already said, you never know who might be out there and are able to promote them even further,. Loretta, I also hope they come to Toronto and at a time that I will be here, I want so much to see them again, and I’ll only be away with my Granddaughter for just over 2 weeks, so I hope it’s not at that time, I guess I’ll just have to be patient and wait and see what is happening.

  14. OMGoodness… wish I had checked my email early yesterday.  If only I had seen this post IN TIME of IlVolo’s event in Dallas.  I knew they were coming, and have searched everyday on internet to find out where/when Etihad holding the their program.  Still not sure if the luncheon is when Il Volo will perform..  regardless I would have had to join the World AffairsDFW Council.  Not too expensive & Il Volo is PRICELESS.. just no time to get it planned out.  I am so very sad I cannot work it out to see Il Volo.  As all of us, I love them dearly and being in Dallas just may be the only chance I will ever have to see them live.   Hopefully, they will announce a US tour & be somewhere that I will be able to attend.  THANK YOU FLIGHT CREW for all you do, all the updates, etc etc.  Wish you all (Board & all Members) the happiest of HOLIDAYS and just saw on “All Things Il Volo” they WILL be doing a Christmas concert.  Yeaaaaaa  Merry Christmas to us all.

    1. Liz: I did find out where the UAE luncheon was being held, and went there. I found the group of invitees with their cocktails, and even found some venue employees working the event, but no-one had any knowledge of our guys’ appearance for that luncheon. I found no vehicles in the parking area that were even remotely suspicious. One person did suggest that perhaps the evening event was when they were going to perform. So, I’m back home, disappointed and dejected! I can’t believe they are so close, but so far away!

  15. Piratesorka, you make a lot of sense to me, you never know who is in the audience. ofcourse I always have felt that whenever I see Stars get to the top, they are manipulated by powerful strings, not always in the right way, and I have a fear of our boys getting like that where they lose control of their lives. My hope is that they will always be in control and take breaks when they want to. I have seen too many Stars ruined by greedy agents and being so overworked that they have to resort to drugs and alcohol and ultimately death. no need for examples. coffee is enough. I would rather our boys have less “success” and more “life”

  16. I understand your concern Deanne but don’t you think Mr. Torpedine has a firm grip on how & where they are going.
    My personal thought was the 2013 tour they were left on their own & was put together by VIP Nation where they had not much time between concerts to rest & they got sick. So I thought Mr. Torpedine was travelling with them more this year to watch over them. I presumed he would be doing that for 2015 & keeping a hand organizing & keeping tabs.
    My feeling is that each guy has a firm grip on how & where he wants his career to go. Gianluca wants maybe acting as well as crooning. Piero wants a future including Opera & Ignazio to stay with Il Volo & composing songs. I could be wrong but that is the vibes I have been getting.
    Plus I think if their families thought things weren’t heading right they would be pulling them back to Italy.
    My feeling is that these guys are pretty strong when it comes to making decisions whether together or alone. I thought if one was heading in the wrong direction the others would be yanking him back which makes me think they have a pretty strong bond between them.
    This is just me putting my thoughts out.

      1. Drat, I hit the wrong key and didn’tget to finish my remarks!
        So I was saying”They have also stated quite clearly that they want to continue to be IL Volo for a long long time. I pray they can get that to be a firm reality for each of them.

  17. Loretta, just getting to my computer, but wanted to thank you for your lovely response to my comments yesterday. I appreciated your acceptance of my alternative view on the issue of audience behavior in the last three events for our guys. As I said, I felt the same regarding the yak yakking from the audience as most of others, but then when they did the San Francisco event, I recalled some of my own experiences from the past, remembering that very thing. That is when I began to understand the fact that it was not THEIR event. I really was hesitant while writing my comments, hoping that no one would take offense, but felt obliged to present another way of evaluating what we were seeing. LETS FACE IT, WE TEND TO BE VERY PROTECTIVE, when it comes to our guys. Agreed? In these instances, IL VOLO & their team were not in charge.
    Anyway, thanks again to you, and to Kelly also for making me feel like maybe my comments were somewhat worthwhile.

  18. Kittykam & Pirate I have always enjoyed your comments because you both know what you are talking about where I feel am I am stabbing in the dark. And you are right Kittykam we are protective as if they were our grandsons. Also Pirate didn’t Piero state that by him singing Opera & also staying with Il Volo that Il Volo would have more prestige? So I also think they have their feet firmly on the ground & with Il Volo & staying together. We couldn’t ask for better grandsons and I am glad that Mr. Torpedine is travelling with them. He has already become part of their families

  19. Loretta, I am so glad you reminded me of Michele (and Barbara).Yes, I do have the utmost confidence in them.(you made me feel better.
    My feeling are that in 2012 they were overworked in a short space of time (whether by the studio or Live Nation, I do not know) I would not like to see that happen again. they are supposed to do a world tour of 53 nations in the new year. I hope this will be spread out over the whole year and they will have breaks in between to go home . I hope Sony is a little more merciful, after all singers are human beings too! not just money machines.
    I know it is a tough field they are in, but I still feel strongly that I rather them go at a slower pace and have more time to recover between each concert. Every new singer in Hollywood has had a hard time adjusting to the pace and the fame, they long for some privacy and normalcy. in a sense I feel sorry for Justin Beiber because he is so pulled and tugged that he sometimes rebels. Its an awfully hard life. we only see the glamorous part, we don’t see the struggles.
    Gianlucas recent pictures worried me a lot. He really look disoriented and the famous smile was gone. I felt he was struggling to cope with that Jet Lag. at least the other two covered it up, but he was not the Gianluca I know. this thing of rushing over time zones for a day or two is a killer, especially when you don’t have time to recover, you are going straight on a stage. when I see one not happy it worries me a lot. I know I cant always protect them, they have to go through their own experiences, so I support them with my prayers. that’s my way. PS: I still worry, I can’t help it, they mean a lot to me

  20. Me too Deanne. The same as I worry about my grandson. Live Nation was a killer for them but these wonderful guys toughed it out like the troopers they are. It worried me no end when I saw Ignazio covering up a cough but still singing & I was worrying about his voice so I think that opened up the eyes of Tony Renis & Michele. I’m sure Barbara was reporting back to them about what was happening. I think now they are old enough with
    more experience behind them to state more time between concerts like last year. Remember what Michele said in translation that they know what they want to do. I guess they didn’t fly back with Etihad. It wouldn’t have hurt them to let the guys fly back with them so that they could have rested. A little luxury wouldn’t hurt anyone. I guess we’ll have to hold our breaths until we find out what the tour dates are. Kelly said she we let us know when she does. My prayers are said also for them every night along with my family & people who are sick that I know & on the blog. I feel so fortunate the test I had on my heart November 29th came back with no blockages. I wish I could jump up a clickl my heels so onward to the concerts.

  21. I have very much enjoyed all of your comments above and agreed with every thing that was posted by all of you; Marie, Pirate, Loretta, Deanne and Kitty. I loved your comment, Marie, “I want the world to love them, I also want to keep them to myself”. Exactly how I feel. They are my Italian grandsons, also, and I worry about them just like my own grandsons. Is that a tattoo I see on Piero’s arm in one of the pictures from Dallas? I assume the men in the picture are Muslims.

  22. It seems that we are all concerned with “A day in the life of IL VOLO” and how it is effecting them physically, emotionally and maybe even spiritually. Deanne mentioned that she was worried about Gianluca. He did look awfully sad in his hotel room in Dallas. My concern is with Piero. It seems that ever since the mention of his break up, his pictures have looked rather sullen. The glimmer in his eyes have gone dim. I miss his smile. I don’t know if what I am about to say will make any sense, but it tore me up inside when he announced that he broke up with his girl friend and that when he saw her, his stomach closed. My heart ached for him. I cried for him, I was depressed for him. Am I just stupid to feel his pain like I do?

    1. I don’t think it is silly or weird that any of us feel so deeply about our guys. We have all discovered something quite remarkable and absolutely spine-tingling wonderful in IL VOLO. I’m 61, I work in a church and frankly at this point in my life I feel more than a little jaded sometimes. Fortunately my faith,my sense of humor and my piratey spirit keeps me from getting dark and gloomy. However, since discovering IL VOLO life has definitely taken a big joyful JUMP! So yeah, I do feel protective and worried for “my guys” and especially for that dear dork with the big voice and red glasses. When he said he had been in love but they had broken up I felt so sad for him. It was all I could do not to call and wake Jeanine ( across town) up and tell her how sad I was. I honestly do want him to find love, I want them all a love of their own someday. I could imagine what his parents & his manager must have said to him on the topic. Piero strikes me as a realist so I can just imagine his self conversation too…but his Italian heart & soul that lives on love songs, this had to be a sorrowful thing. Ahh, all we can do is send positive loving thoughts and prayers for our sweeties. They are not ours to keep but just to love on our own.

      Oh and yeah I saw what looks like a new tat on his arm too! Inside lower right arm near the elbow. Look for the photo of him standing with the guys wearing white gowns.

  23. Kareen, I just happened to read your comment. I’ll tell you, it seems that everything that affects them affects us and it seems that we are very sensitive to pick up their vibes if they are happy and if they are sad. no, you are not stupid, because I also feel pain for anyone of them when they are experiencing something, and if they are insulted I feel the insult.. and I think I express what everyone else feels. when people are close, they experience all the other person is experiencing, and we feel so close to them that their vibes are echoeing in us. makes sense?

  24. No, Karen, because I too, feel his pain. He hasn’t had that old sparkle lately. Gianluca has always seemed to need lots of sleep, and now he just looks exhausted, but carrying on like the trouper he is. Hopefully, now that they are back in Italy with their families, they will be able to relax and get rested up. I hope we will be able to watch that concert on the 21st of Dec. I love “Buon Natalie” but I would love to hear our guys do some new Christmas music.

    1. Yep. Gianluca never sleeps well on a good day–you should see him on twitter at all times of night before he gets tired enough to fall asleep. Jet lag just adds to the problem.

  25. Hi Karen, hope your new job is going well, and you enjoyed the little bit of rain we just had. See, it does rain in AZ, we just refer to it as liquid sunshine.

    The picture of Gian in his room was sad, but with the trouble he has, and is having now, with the jet lag , must be miserable. To make matters worse, I read that some girl called him and woke him up at 3:30 that morning. No wonder he looked the way he did. Some fans really have no regard for what they have to go through, and only think about themselves. but…….., as to you being stupid to feel Piero’s pain, not at all . I think we all feel it, because surely at one time or another, we too might have experienced that same scenario. We all feel that the guys are like our grandsons, and as such, we so easily respond as if that was true. As hard as that decision was on his part, I give him much credit for his insight, honesty, and real concern about how much his dreams for his future, could ultimately affect a relationship. In my opinion, a very smart move for him, and for her. He is still very young, and there are many facets within his career choices that will require much thought.

    Until I read the Porta a Porta translations, I wasn’t even aware he had a girlfriend. Fortunately, he at lease has enough support all around him to be of help when he needs it. By the way, couldn’t help but wonder who took that picture.


  26. Thank you all for the uplifting words of encouragement. I sometimes feel that since I don’t know them personally that I shouldn’t be so wrapped up in their lives and I feel that it is wrong for me to have these feelings. I find myself getting on the computer first thing in the morning to check their twitter/facebook pages to see what they are up to and get a glimpse of them. But no ones music has ever touched me in the way they have. I have never been a true fan of any one in particular until IL VOLO burst onto the scene and now I can’t get enough of them. Hi my name is Karen and I’m an ILVOLOHOLIC. I feel that not only did God put those 3 together at the same time for a reason, but he also had a hand in my decision the night I found them on TV. I guess some people call it fate, it was meant to be. Oh well, enough of my rambling on..good night all.

    1. Pirate is right (if you have read her comment already). Il Volo is something completely different and special from any other musical group or act that is out there right now, mainly because they are CLASS ACTS. They are classy young men, and that speaks to us. Frankly, they give me renewed hope and faith in the younger generation (as do the young ones we have here, who are in school right now, and not as present. 😉 ). They conduct themselves in a way that we can’t help but love and feel protective of them. They make everyone feel as if they are the only fan that they have, some of us have met family members, spoken with them in in depth conversations…how can we not respond to those things?

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