Another Show of Love ~ Anne Quinto (Tippy) ~ (My tat sister)

Hi all my Flight Crew Friends,

I wanted to share with everyone my Il Volo tattoo story!

It was a running joke in my family for about 2yrs that I was going to get a tattoo in my husband’s memory!! Ignazio shared his tattoo pics in the Spring! Then before Mother’s Day my oldest son gave me a check & told me to something fun with it! This is a sign I thought! I will get a tattoo for my husband on the left upper arm & Il Volo on the right arm! Made an appointment & had both done the day after Mother’s Day keeping it a secret from my 6 kids!

I needed the tattoos to be healed by the concert date at the Greek Theater on 6/7/14! I did reveal the tattoos to my family before the concert. All were excited & happy for me! My IlVolover English friend, Marlene & I attended the concert with my oldest son, Joe & his wife Cindy. We got to meet Jeannette, her daughter, & Myron before the concert. Also met up with Carol, who we met at the Santa Monica Xmas CD signing on 11/23/13! That was such fun but another story.

Our guys remembered us from the Gibson concert on my 85th birthday 8/28/13. They sang Happy Birthday to me then.

The Greek concert was just wonderful! The M&G after, a cattle call. I do take my wheelchair to concerts as am never sure how much walking there will be. We finally got into the M&G room & up to see the guys. I was going to stand up out of the wc but both Gian & Piero said to stay seated.
s - Anne Quinto 2

I was fine! I showed them my tattoo & they were properly impressed!!! 
s - anne quinto 3s - anne quinto 7


I get brain fade in their presence so just answered yes to their questions.

s - anne quinto 4

Was the tattoo real? You did this for us? Can we touch it? They were very concerned that I gone thru the procedure for them. Gian asked if he could take a photo. Then I got hugs & kisses on my hair, Piero kissed my right cheek! The photo was taken & we were gone! They tried to move us all thru the line quickly!! Beautiful memories of that nite!

I had wanted to add Gianluca, Ignazio, & Piero originally to the tattoo but did not. On Aug 25th I went back to my tattoo artist & he added the names & a treble clef!
s - anne quinto 5s - anne quinto 6

I told Ignazio in his BD card that I had done that & could not wait to show them! Looks as tho it will be a while until we meet again!

I can not wait to get the new album! It will not be released till 2015.

Wish you all Il Volo love,
Anne Quinto

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  1. I just want to say that Anne Quinto was really brave to get tattoos. I am 88 years of age, and don’t believe I will do that. But I really do love the boys!!! I have seen them once in concert here in California (Bay area). Hopefully they will come again to the Bay Area in California and I will definitely see them then.

  2. Ann, you have added a bit more since I saw you at the Greek, You are one brave lady or maybe you had a lot of Italian Wine before adding our Italian boys names to your tattoo… You are just an inspiration to all who know you on how to live life on your own terms… God Bless you my dear friend…

  3. Anne, you are one brave woman! I have that small tat on my ankle and I thought they were setting me on fire. I can’t even imagine what having yours done felt like! Ouch!

    I’m sure those wonderful Guys will be sing HB to you on your 105th.

    For the love of Gianluca, Piero and Ignazio,

  4. Anne, that was a wonderful story and ty for sharing it. I could only imagine how you must of felt when you meet those young men and then having them sing HB to you must have been overwhelming.

  5. Thanks for sharing Anne !! What a wonderful story and experience with the Guys !! You are SO brave !! I would really love an Il Volo tattoo but I don’t even have the courage to get a small tat like Marie’s !! Way to go girls !!

  6. I love your pictures, and I love your story, and of course I love the tattoo! Ignazio’s face in that one picture says it all…he can’t believe you did it…I’m proud of ya, Anne!

  7. Hi everyone! Thanks for all your lovely comments! Getting the tattoos was no big deal. It didn’t really hurt, just like a little scratching . I do need to say I have a high pain tolerance! Also it depends on where you are placing the tattoos. I may add some white around the names so they can be read more easily. Seems as tho I have plenty of time to add anything since we have no idea when we will see them again. It’s almost 9PM here & I don’t know what they are doing in San Francisco now! Nothing on FB to tell us before I started writing this! As you can tell these amazing young men are a big part of my life! I can’t wait til I see them again! Love all three!!!

  8. Wow! I am so impressed by you Anne! I wrestle with the idea of getting a tat but… I’m so glad you met the guys and they gave you such sweet attention and interest.
    I really hope you get to see them again so you can show them what else you have added! Great pictures too!

  9. Anne, I have three words for you “You go girl”. I am very impressed that you did that. I myself am quite the chicken, I hate needles. It takes every ounce of courage just to go in and give blood. I’m sure that it will only be a few months more until they announce the 2015 tour dates and then you will be able to show them the addition to your tat. They will love it. In the mean time, we just have to wait a few more weeks until the new cd.

  10. Anne Did you say you are 88? I will be 86 next year and hope to see our boys that year. The tat is tremendous. good for you. Go girl. Joanie g

  11. sorry anne I gave you a year too many. At our age one year more or les doesn’t mater. I was also at the concert at the Greek. Didn’t do the meet and greet, but next time I will. I’m saving up for it. Joanie g

    1. Joanie G., Good for you. Just to hug them is worth..well, almost anything!

      Look up there at my little picture (avatar) if you think Ignazio is smiling you should see my face!

  12. What a wonderful way to show the world how much you love our beloved Il Volo. Anne, I admire you for your courage in having this done, Unfortunately, I am not brave enough. And Anne, like you, I get brain fade when finally meeting them face-to-face. Everything I planned to say to each of them – especially to Piero – goes right out of my head and leaves me tongue-tied.

  13. Such a pretty tattoo! How delightful that you were able to meet the guys and show them your body art. Since you mentioned birthdays, both yours and Ignazio’s, does anyone know if he received his big bundle of birthday cards?

  14. Anne I cringe at just getting a needle for anything. I so wish I had the courage to get a tattoo
    Marie that is exactly how I thought a tattoo would feel like that part of my body was on fire.
    Koodos for your bravery both of you

  15. I love the colors, Anne! You ladies are braver than I. Like they were putting you on fire, Marie? Ummm….that does not sound like fun. But they do look cute. 🙂

  16. Tippy Anne, this is a wonderful story and great photos!

    I love how the Guys were appreciative and enjoying the experience. And the kisses… how sweet is that?!

    Cherish the memories, and plan for the next ones!

    Love and delight,
    ~ Jeanine, Compassion’s Doorway

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