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Another Show of Love ~ Anne Quinto (Tippy) ~ (My tat sister)

Hi all my Flight Crew Friends,

I wanted to share with everyone my Il Volo tattoo story!

It was a running joke in my family for about 2yrs that I was going to get a tattoo in my husband’s memory!! Ignazio shared his tattoo pics in the Spring! Then before Mother’s Day my oldest son gave me a check & told me to something fun with it! This is a sign I thought! I will get a tattoo for my husband on the left upper arm & Il Volo on the right arm! Made an appointment & had both done the day after Mother’s Day keeping it a secret from my 6 kids!

I needed the tattoos to be healed by the concert date at the Greek Theater on 6/7/14! I did reveal the tattoos to my family before the concert. All were excited & happy for me! My IlVolover English friend, Marlene & I attended the concert with my oldest son, Joe & his wife Cindy. We got to meet Jeannette, her daughter, & Myron before the concert. Also met up with Carol, who we met at the Santa Monica Xmas CD signing on 11/23/13! That was such fun but another story.

Our guys remembered us from the Gibson concert on my 85th birthday 8/28/13. They sang Happy Birthday to me then.

The Greek concert was just wonderful! The M&G after, a cattle call. I do take my wheelchair to concerts as am never sure how much walking there will be. We finally got into the M&G room & up to see the guys. I was going to stand up out of the wc but both Gian & Piero said to stay seated.
s - Anne Quinto 2

I was fine! I showed them my tattoo & they were properly impressed!!! 
s - anne quinto 3s - anne quinto 7


I get brain fade in their presence so just answered yes to their questions.

s - anne quinto 4

Was the tattoo real? You did this for us? Can we touch it? They were very concerned that I gone thru the procedure for them. Gian asked if he could take a photo. Then I got hugs & kisses on my hair, Piero kissed my right cheek! The photo was taken & we were gone! They tried to move us all thru the line quickly!! Beautiful memories of that nite!

I had wanted to add Gianluca, Ignazio, & Piero originally to the tattoo but did not. On Aug 25th I went back to my tattoo artist & he added the names & a treble clef!
s - anne quinto 5s - anne quinto 6

I told Ignazio in his BD card that I had done that & could not wait to show them! Looks as tho it will be a while until we meet again!

I can not wait to get the new album! It will not be released till 2015.

Wish you all Il Volo love,
Anne Quinto