Il Volo Professional ~~ Il Volo Takes the Senate

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With another Christmas here, The Guys have returned home and given another holiday performance–this time in their country’s Senate.  I would imagine that it was quite an honor, as they performed for the President of the Senate and many other important political figures.  They also performed in a matinee-type performance for several hundred children.

I’ve included pictures and articles about the event below, but to date, Rai has not published a full official video.  As and if I can find videos, I will add to this post, so keep looking.  🙂



Click here —> Italian Article About Il Volo Singing for the Senate ~~ Athina via LiJoy


original credit given by All About Il Volo
original credit given by All About Il Volo


Click here —> Review of the Preview Performance  ~~ All About Il Volo

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Click here —> Post Preview Performance Interview Transcript ~~ All About Il Volo


 Click here —> Caruso ~~ Rai; All About Il Volo

Click here —> Magnificent Performanc of Il Volo Review ~~ All About Il Volo

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13 thoughts on “Il Volo Professional ~~ Il Volo Takes the Senate”

  1. I listened to the RA1 recorded concert and felt so proud of the boys. They have been asked to perform to so many varied audiences in some strange settings and always gave a first class performance. I just read Ignazio’s comments and I am using my cold for the excuse of teary eyes. Their families have to be so proud.

  2. The guys look so fresh and happy on their latest post on Mundial and ATIV, wishing everyone a Merry Christmas. They must feel great compared to last year when they just finished the on the road tour in U.S. before the holidays. Good for them. They deserve to have rest, relaxation, time with family and friends…along with being FAMOUS!! Waiting patiently for the new CD AND hoping to see them again in 2015!!

  3. I just want them to be home for Christmas and enjoy time with their families and friends before launching on this huge world wide tour of 52 concerts!
    On the personal side I wish I could hug each one and wish them a Buon Natale!

  4. Me to Pirate I would also love to give each one a huge hug but I am afraid when I came to Ignazio I would have difficulty letting go.
    Gina what did Ignazio comment, I don’t know Italian.
    There performance was spectacular & you could see Ignazio had difficulty keeping still. It was different for them not moving around as they do on stage
    So proud of them I could burst.
    Thanks Kelly for the pictures & videos

    1. Loretta, on “All About Il Volo Facebook” right above the RA1 Video there is a posting titled “Every body hurts sometime”. It is along with a picture of Ignazio singing “Memory”. It made me shed a tear or two.
      I have always felt very protective towards Ignazio. Maybe because I have two grandsons whose trial and tribulations I have been part of.

      1. |Me to Gina Ignazio is special the same way as my grandson is. It seems his trials are mine also so I like to take him out to dinner or a hamburger just so he can let off steam.
        Hope the shingles have healed & you can have a spectacular Christmas

  5. Me too Maryjane, I want them to have time to rest and relax, time with their families and friends. after all they are family boys with family values, something many in Hollywood have not had. I want them to balance touring with family time. they are different and I want them to stay different

  6. I also love seeing them so happy and rested. As usual spectacular!

    Now that their country has opened its arms and has given them the recognition they deserve, they’re wanted everywhere. Such pride they must feel! You go Sweethearts!

  7. Hey everyone! It appears that the piece of which people are speaking re: Ignazio is a piece that actually came from his private Facebook page–the settings of which are not public. But, I’m told that he penned those words to describe how he felt when he sang, “Memories” in front of the Senate, not in response to a particular hurt he is feeling. He was saying that the good and the bad things in life–the things that are seen but not heard and felt but not touched–make us who we are. And that he (we) can thank those that hate on him (us) because they make him (us) stronger and that he leans on the love of his family and friends. So no worries. He’s just being philosophical. 🙂

    As I said, the setting of his private Facebook page is not public. The content on that page is meant for his friends only, so I feel a bit bad for him that this has gotten out; we know how much he guards his privacy. This is exactly why. :'(

  8. Well Kelly it seems a shame that he feels like that especially regarding some of his friends where he feels they are different towards him because of his successful career. He is one who does not put on airs so their friendship can’t be too sincere. So forget those & turn to the friends who are sincere which I hope he realizes before he gets hurt too much

  9. Is it possible to replay Il Volo’s performance in the
    Italian senate? I can’t seem to find it anymore?

    1. Gale, it is in the article, “Il Volo Takes the Senate”. On the right side of you screen, click on “Il Volo Professional”, and then scroll down until you find that article. 🙂

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