19 thoughts on “Il Volo Professional ~~ “Tre Come Noi” on Unici; Full Program”

  1. Thank you so much Kelly. I viewed the show again and I was just as excited.
    I’m so happy for the boys and their families .

  2. You ladies at IL Volo Flight Crew rock I can’t watch the show yet but I will tonight. Thank you so much for all your hard work in bringing the IL Volo special to us.

  3. I wish there was someone teaching Italian here. I can not even find an Italian dictionary. Will order from Amazon and see if I can at least get the basic’s of a conversation.
    Thanks for the link to see the show.

    1. Did you scroll down to the translation? It’s hard when you want to know what they are saying as they are saying it. 🙂

  4. Than you so much Kelly. I watched the whole thing. It made me laugh, cry and smile at our special Guys. They are totally amazing in every way.

  5. Regarding our Sanremo voting, is there an official link where we can go to vote where our votes will actually be counted by the judges. From what I understand a percentage of the votes will come from fans, is this correct? Someone enlighten me please.

  6. There is a new voting I just saw on ILVolo Mundial Official. Not sure what kind of voting this is. Maybe our OFFICIAL LADIES could check it out. Thank you.

  7. Thank you for the translation of Part 1. Even though I could not understand a word of Italian I was smiling all the way through the video it was so wonderfull to see how happy the guys were. Looking forward to Part 2. Thanks Madeine

  8. Thank you Kelly !! Thank you Madeline !! The video and translation are absolutely terrific !! I am having so much fun watching our happy Guys in this video !!

  9. I really liked the showing of the Mammas and Pappas. I didn’t see Piero’s Dad though. Maybe he is shy. Joanie G

    1. Piero’s dad did talk. It was closer to the end of the program. It was a great program!!!

  10. Just finished reading the translation and enjoyed it very much. Thank you Madeline. Now I am going back and watching the show again and see if I can figure out what they are saying, keeping in mind the translation.

  11. I knew you wouldn’t let us down, Madeline. Thank you for translating. Kelly, thank you for the posting 🙂

  12. Thank you for the translation. I appreciate the hard work. I loved every minute of “Tre come noi”.

  13. Joan G, Piero’s dad is on almost at the end. I was surprised to see Piero’s mom speaking. She is usually very camera shy. Can’t wait to see what the moms and dads had to say.

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