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Gina expressed a desire for clarified voting procedures and what it all means when it comes to the San Remo Music Festival next month.  A very logical request, because I’ve tried to read up on how the festival works and had to speak with two knowledgeable people before I think I’ve finally got it down.  And I’ve always thought of myself as a reasonably intelligent person (nobody comment on that!).

In a simple form, San Remo is indeed a competition in which music is being judged in several categories, but it’s also a bit of a popularity contest in all of Italy and Europe for the artists involved.  When the time comes, it will be a 60% to 40% split between the judges and the fans respectively, so all of the TV shows and appearances that involve Il Volo are to create and maintain buzz about them going into the competition.

The competition itself is full of little competitions within the big one.  Most notably (in the category Il Volo is competing in), there is the competition between artists in how they interpret the music given to them, as well as a competition between the song writers and their songs–which are being performed for the first time ever by the artist assigned to it.  As noted in a previous article about this competition, Il Volo will be singing, “Grande Amore,” written by Francesco Boccia. [Invited to San Remo in 2015 In this scenario, if Il Volo is declared the winner of their category, so will Francesco, as the writer of the song.  To win the competition would give Il Volo another level of prestige and the chance to compete–if they choose–in the Eurovision Competition.

So, what is the deal with the voting?  The voting, again, is two-fold.  There is the voting that is occurring now, and there will be separate voting when the competition actually starts.  When the competition starts in February, there will be Televoting, which will actually count toward the final results.  The voting that is occurring now, is unofficial, does not–as I think I understand it–count toward final results in February, but probably helps with that buzz that needs to surround Il Volo in the coming days, so I say, “Keep voting!”

As far as I know, there are four places that voting is taking place.  Two polls are a “one and done” type of poll, which I know will appeal to many of our readers, one is one in which you can vote more often, and a fourth that is via Facebook.  If you have not been voting and would like to, here are the links:

 One and Done:  (featured on this site already) Blog   (featured on this site already)

Click here —>

s - vote

To vote multiple times:

Music Online

Click here —> Music Online Official

In this poll, you may vote once per hour, for twenty-four votes in a twenty-four hour period.


San Remo 2015 Facebook Page

Click here —> SanRemo 2015 Facebook via Beverly Olsen

Follow the instructions as outlined in the Facebook post.  As noted, it seems that this really influences public opinion, so if you really want to help, try this avenue as well

I hope this answers your questions.  As more information is found, we will bring it to you as quickly as possible.  Thank you LiJoy (conferring with Athina for clarification) and Bev Olsen for your help!


18 thoughts on “Demystifying San Remo…Kind Of”

  1. Thanks for the clarification. Will the competition be televised to where fans from the US can vote? And if it is being televised, do you know what Italian station will be airing it and times it will air?

    1. I don’t know what will be available when the time comes. My original thought is that it will be available to only European/Italian viewers, but with the Internet, who knows? 🙂 Definitely will let you know.

      1. Thanks Kelly, I think that it would only fair to let fans vote world wide if possible, and if that happens I believe in my heart IL VOLO would win hands down because I think they have the biggest fan base.

  2. Kelly i did not mean to give you so much work by asking but I want to be part of the “HELP” the boys need to succeed at San Remo. If we can have a clear voting site when the competition happens I am sure everyone can vote even the US fans.
    Anyway, thanks again and I will follow your lead and hope we can put them over the top in a big way.

    1. Kelly
      On down the comments
      I read there might be an
      Elvis album. Do you
      know anything about
      that album? I hadn’t
      heard of it before.

  3. San Remo will be televised on Rai1. Streaming will be in Italy only as far as we know. That may change because of Il Volo’s International reach.

  4. Thank you Kelly, and I like all the other Il Volo fans , I hope that there is some way that we in the USA and other countries will be able to vote for our guys as well… … Like you said, with the internet there is the possibility… We all sure hope that we can… Il Volo will then win by a landslide…

  5. Thank you Kelly for the clarification. Looking at the results from the one time only voting cheered me up immensely versus the multiple voting opportunity. I dearly hope San Remo is not just viewed in Italy only as it currently appears. I envy any fan who can afford to be a part of the festival.
    Here is a question that has occurred to me: where is the release of the new CD in all of this? Released soon as a promotion of IL VOLO? Or released AFTER the festival to encourage sales? My pirate brain hurts thinking about this sort of stuff.

      1. Yeah I suppose that makes sense Kelly. I guess I have to go back and practice not whining about it and just waaaaaaaaaait.

  6. Kelly, thank you so much for this clarification. the things you all go through so we can support our boys is simply amazing! I hope and pray that when the actual competition starts, we in America and throughout the world will also be able to vote for them in the 40% and that it is not only going to be in Italy.

  7. Pirate, as to the release of their new Cd, remember Sony is their new studio, so really Sony controls when it will be released. Sony knows the ropes of doing all these things. same thing for their engagements this year, although I am sure they do have a say in the decisions, ultimately Sony will do what is best and have the final say.

    1. *sigh* Its just been sooooooooo long. How much more must we wait? Us pirates are not very patient at times. * sighhhhhhhh…*

      1. Hi all
        I’m back from my travels! New super cute grandson!
        Anyway, to the topic at hand. I read somewhere that the CD is to be released “in conjunction” with San Remo. Whether that means before or after remains a mystery.
        Maybe we will get lucky and in the meantime they will release the Elvis album. Does anyone know when that one is due to be released?

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