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Journey into Music by Daniela

We are still in Verona, in the beautiful Arena.

The name of this program is SEAT MUSIC AWARDS Journey into Music.

The presenter is Nek. Many of you will remember that Nek is a good Italian singer who participated in Sanremo in 2015 and ranked second after Il Volo!!!!

Also this program is dedicated to the workers who work in the concerts and Nek, will interview the singers and also the various technicians who have the task of making everything work in a concert.


Nek = We will sing together on this journey this afternoon. Let’s start immediately with the best of Italian music.

They are three boys, they started when they were little more than children and now, they sing all over the world.

They are Gianluca, Ignazio and Piero, they are IL VOLO.

(applause, Il Volo performs UN AMORE COSÌ GRANDE)

(at the end of the song, Nek returns to the stage with Alessio Gurrieri, he is the sound engineer of Il Volo)

Nek = Il Volo, a round of applause. Look who I have here? Alessio, the backliner of Il Volo.

G = Great Alessio, our sound engineer.

Nek = Hi guys, let’s get here in the center. For the people at home, he (Alessio) is the backliner of Il Volo, which means their guardian angel. When they go on stage, Alessio never abandons them. Now, Alessio you have to tell me how they sang today?

Alessio = Well, come on!!

Nek = We want to know the truth!!

G = I see Alessio is particularly excited today.

Nek = Sure, because he has a conflict of interest today (Alessio is also Nek’s backliner). But Alessio is too good.

Alessio = You set me up.

I = We shared many things with Alessio, starting with the chamomile tea behind the scenes.

Nek = I know, Alessio is like a father, to all intents and purposes he is also really a father.

Alessio = An older brother, come on.

G = There is a beautiful moment, come on, says Piero.

Nek = In fact, I want to know Alessio, you have seen them hundreds of times on stages abroad, but was there a time when something went wrong?
You have to tell us.

P = One day, we were doing the concert in Miami. During concerts, we have moments of solos, and in those moments, I go behind the dressing room, take and scroll through the phone. Relax.

I go back to the stage, I was about to start singing and I realize that I don’t have the microphone in my hand, but my cell phone, I turn around in despair and see behind me, Alessio’s arm, which sticks out with the microphone in hand. An angel.

I = But we’ve been through all sorts of things. Alessio helps us in everything.

Nek = Thanks for this testimony guys. Thank you, it was nice to have you here, I want to hear a big applause for Il Volo and for Alessio!!

P = I just wanted to say that music and concerts go on thanks mainly to people like Alessio.

Nek = Thanks to the workers of the entertainment world.

G = (to Alessio) we love you.

P + I + G = Bye Verona.

Another good performance from our guys.

We would be happy if we could see them every day, as in these last two days.

Let’s be satisfied with this, for now, and …… see you next time!!


Credit to owners of all photos and video.

A STATUE FOR IL VOLO ???? by Daniela

This interesting article published by Optimagazine, appeared a few days ago:

On arrival the statues of the winners of the Sanremo Festival from 1951 to 2018

Sixty-eight new statues scattered around the town of Sanremo: this is the project of the Municipality!


Wow, davvero interessante, ed ecco la traduzione dell’intero articolo. (Wow, really interesting, and here’s the translation of the whole article.)

And if by mistake we turned the corner of a street and we were faced with some of the winners of the Sanremo Festival? If you live in Sanremo it could become a routine!

In fact, a project is underway that aims to build the statues of the protagonists and the winners of the Sanremo Festival. The statue of Mike Bongiorno, located in Via Escoffier, is present since 2013 and is one of the many attractions in the Ligurian town during the period of the Sanremo kermesse. It is probable, therefore, that soon the statue of Mike will no longer be the only one in the city center!

IL VOLO San Remo Trophy

The idea of ​​the municipality is part of the projects of promotion and boost to tourism in the city. The Municipality of Sanremo is studying a project together with the organizers of the Global Education Festival and foreign financiers, in order to realize another 77 statues: 68 which will represent the winners of the Sanremo Festival from 1951 to 2018, from Nilla Pizzi to Domenico Modugno, passing through Toto Cutugno and Massimo Ranieri until the last winners Ermal Meta and Fabrizio Moro.

The new statues will therefore represent all the winners of the Sanremo Festival of the past and of the future, so much so that in the project 9 other statues have already been included for the winners of the coming years. It is not clear whether statues will be made of other protagonists of the Festival, such as presenters who have distinguished themselves.

Grande Amore Gold Plate

Currently, in Corso Matteotti there are already the plaques of the winners of Sanremo, particularly appreciated by tourists, with the relative singers and triumphant pieces for each edition.

Now, in addition to the plaques on the Via Matteotti route, the statues will also arrive. They will be placed not only in the downtown area and in the streets adjacent to the Ariston (the theater where the Festival takes place), but could also be hosted in non-central streets, so as to involve all areas of the town, and spread out over the territory. A project that in the increasingly social era in which we live, could only benefit tourism, especially during the period of the Song Festival!

IL VOLO pics

Here, the original article.

Optimagaine Article – Click Here

So, what do you think of this idea?

I immediately said that it seems a little exaggerated, but I admit that I would like to turn the corner during a walk, and find myself in front of Piero Ignazio and Gianluca, but I also admit that I would prefer to see them “in meat and bone “.

I am ready to hear your opinion !!!


Credit to owners of all photos.

Il Volo Professional ~~ San Remo2015 — THE FINALS!

THEY WON!!!!!!!!



Full posting will be available as soon as I can get pictures together.  In the meantime,




Real Time #2: They will announce the winner after this next performance…

REAL TIME:  They are in the top 3!!!!

Updated: Il Volo Professional ~~ Into the Finals! … San Remo 2015


Guess who’s in the finals!!!!!!!


If the title didn’t give it away, I’m sure my big smile did!  Il Volo is in the finals!  Did you ever doubt?

Keep tweeting! 

Keep supporting our guys!

And keep watching the post for more pictures!

~~ Kelly

(How many times have they said that they’re Italian?  lol  I completely  love this!)

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Elio D’Ascenzo – Photographer



Updated: Il Volo Professional ~~ “Ancora”; San Remo Day 2


Hey Y’all!

Day Two from San Remo is over– and IL Volo’s music again was the winner of the night for their category!  However…….. 

They still finished the night in 2nd place because they were only 5th place in tweeting.   Now, I know ILVolovers love their guys more than that; we’ve proven that many times and helped them win a couple different recognitions, did we not?  Let’s not let them down now.  🙂

Tweeting has been continuous since Tuesday.  This is one way their fans from other areas aside from Italy can help.  If you tweet, blitz.  If you don’t tweet but know someone who does, beg them to.  Let’s do our part to carry our guys to the win!

Please use the following hashtags in your tweeting as often as possible:




In the Meantime, enjoy, “Ancora,” and keep watch; I will be adding to this post throughout the weekend with the pictures that go with Day 2!

~~ Kelly