Updated: Il Volo Professional ~~ “Ancora”; San Remo Day 2


Hey Y’all!

Day Two from San Remo is over– and IL Volo’s music again was the winner of the night for their category!  However…….. 

They still finished the night in 2nd place because they were only 5th place in tweeting.   Now, I know ILVolovers love their guys more than that; we’ve proven that many times and helped them win a couple different recognitions, did we not?  Let’s not let them down now.  🙂

Tweeting has been continuous since Tuesday.  This is one way their fans from other areas aside from Italy can help.  If you tweet, blitz.  If you don’t tweet but know someone who does, beg them to.  Let’s do our part to carry our guys to the win!

Please use the following hashtags in your tweeting as often as possible:




In the Meantime, enjoy, “Ancora,” and keep watch; I will be adding to this post throughout the weekend with the pictures that go with Day 2!

~~ Kelly

35 thoughts on “Updated: Il Volo Professional ~~ “Ancora”; San Remo Day 2”

  1. I would like to twitter if someone will print the instructions. We must
    not let our guys down. They deserve to win.

    1. Go to twitter.com, use the sign up option and then click the blue “tweet” button in the upper right hand corner. Be sure to use # symbol so it shows up in the results. I hope this helps!

      1. Now I’ve done it! …all for IL VOLO …can hardly believe I signed up for Twitter!

        Thanks, randomilvolofan! I think I supported the cause with my Tweet. Hope so!

        Connie… email me your Twitter name (?), and feel free to call me with lessons!

        For now… sleep!

        😉 Jeanine

  2. Do we just put their name with a hash tag in front of the name does it automatically go to Sanremo do we have to specify where it supposed to go?

  3. Just found out we can only vote once at a time. I voted about a half hour ago but it wouldn’t accept my vote again so I will see what happens tomorrow

  4. QUESTION from a senior without a ‘tech’ brain. My daughter set up an Twitter when we voted a while back for something the boys did but I never used it again.
    I finally figured out how to “Twitt”. For our “Twitts” to count do we have to VOTE while they are singing or can we do it all day. I did three times with the words provided. question #2. Are they going to sing different songs the next two days?

  5. I went to twitter.com but there was no “sign up option”. Do you use
    the “join” option? I’m not too technical but am learning.

    1. Perhaps you are using a different browser that changes thing the layout? When I opened the site, there was a “New to Twitter? Sign up” column to the right.

      1. Hmm, I’m not sure what else it could be! Make sure the window is fully “maximized” so nothing is cut off.

    1. Hope you did get set up but if not do a search “how to set up a Twitted account” and several sites come up to walk you thru. Gina

  6. I guess you can only “Twitt” once. I ‘Twitted” early in the morning and tried just now and a message appears that I have already “Twitted” these messages.

  7. Thank you Jeanine for you postiing mentioning Lisa & Kelly & posting that video
    Thanks Kelly & Lisa for giving us the video
    Kelly & Lisa from what I understand the video of them singing Ancora with the video of the 3 guys performing can I get the link for that. I have been trying to find where that can be bought but from what I understand some countries can’t get it. I was hoping it would come out on a DVD. Is there any way to burn it to a video don’t how to do that but maybe I could find someone to do that for me. Any help you can give me is appreciated

    1. You’re welcome, Loretta!

      When I was at ilvolomusic.com
      I clicked on iTunes for Grande Amore,
      and it sent me to the Italian iTunes store.

      I was able to see that the upcoming album, Grande Amore is an EP with 7 songs, and I was able to listen to the snippet of Grande Amore and Ancora. The other songs are still grayed out. As you said, I couldn’t purchase from that store.

      Then I couldn’t figure out how to get back to the U.S. iTunes store. Eventually I re-started iTunes, and it forced me to choose the U.S. store, which at that point was a relief, since that’s the only place I can purchase.

      Here’s hoping that this EP and their upcoming full album will be on the U.S. iTunes store after the album sales!!

      And, Myron, my great hope is that Sony will make a class-act move with the EP and the full album having few if any overlapping songs.

      It’s getting exciting!
      ~ Jeanine, Compassion’s Doorway

      1. Jeanine from what my grandson says Itunes can be only put on a ipod or cell phone or something like that but it is not a video we can buy. To me that’s as confusing asd my computer

      2. iTunes is an app that comes with Apple computers, and as far as I know, non-Apple users can also get iTunes on their computers. It allows you to hear / see samplings of music, video, etc. that the originator put for sale in the iTunes store. And to purchase them. My hope is that Grande Amore will eventually be a video for sale on both DVD and iTunes (U.S., too).

        We Are Love and Mas Que Amor music videos are for sale on iTunes for $1.99 each.

        Also, if you go to ilvolomusic.com and click on Contest, that’s where the interviews about dates are posted for each of the guys.

        Hope that helps, Loretta!
        ~ Jeanine, Compassion’s Doorway

      3. I have no idea why they do this. The first Christmas album was a short EP (I wish they would do away with these in the whole industry) and then later they came out with a full length Christmas album but 5 songs were repeats.

        Like I said earlier, I have told they recorded 16 songs this past year. Why not put them all on one Cd RIGHT AWAY. Why drag it out. Fans are anxious.

  8. Thank Jeanine I’ll try anything

    Lisa & Kelly I wanted to look at the video of Ignazio talking about a date & also Piero but when I click on it a post comes up & says it cannot be seen in a frame & to try another way. I’m not computer literate don’t kknow how to go about doing that.
    Has the owner of the pictures pulled them off the site?

  9. I’m clicking on these pictures & the pictures are going back to facebook & facebook doesn’t allow them to be seen & I belong to facebook & I can’t sign in anywhere It looks like that the time is up for them to be seen for security reasons. God what can we do with a picture for SECURITY???

  10. Once again our guys have done a great job but I am not happy with this “EP” business. I was sure that a class act like Sony would change that bad habit ( management ! where are you ? ) But aside from that minor point. So far this San Remo event has been wonderful for the boys. I already did a “quickie review” for “Ancora” earlier as well as “Grand Amore”. Also, what a wonderful video.

  11. I have to say every time I watch the Grande Amore video I find myself smiling so hard my cheeks hurt! This must have been one of the surprises Gian was alluding to a week or so ago. They sure look like they were having fun!

  12. I have watched Grande Amore over and over. Piero, Gianluca, and Ignazio were amazing. I’ll never get tired of watching it. And I love the “spoof” they did of it, too.

    1. Thanks a bunch. I hated to be so dumb
      but I wanted to know enough to show my
      ignorance. So an EP in Europe is a CD
      in America. I’ll try to remember that.
      Thanks, Mary for your help.

  13. Don’t know about enyone else but that video has thrown me for a loop. Ignazio looks to relaxed singing Ancora & Grande Amore & looks as if he is happy & enjoying himself. I think that banner put up in Marsala has picked up his spirits which I am so glad it has. I can’t get enough of that video, I so hope it can be bought & is included for sale with the CD’s,. Please if anyone knows where it is for sale please let me know. I’ll buy it from anywhere. I am also so happy they are having so much success.

  14. I don’t know if I am voting right but I have been putting my name on twitter with different cities & it seems to be accepted otherwise if I put the same city it is only accepted twice. Doing the best I can.

  15. I’m trying to tweet, but the message pops up “Sorry, I’m doing
    something wrong. Did anyone else get this message and how
    do I fix it?

  16. I’m sorry everyone; I’ve been out of touch with a very busy week at work (not the best thing for my Il Volo work.) Has everyone figure out the video and the tweeting?

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