UPDATED: Il Volo Professional ~ A Standing O…Don’tcha Know. ~ San Remo Day 1




Hey Everyone!!

Well, I think that it’s safe to say that Day One of San Remo for Il Volo was a rousing success!!!  Does it get better than a standing ovation in your home country while competing in a prestigious competition?  How proud where you all?

There is more to come from tonight, but I wanted to give you something to wake up to.  Please keep checking this and subsequent posts for updated news as the competition continues.

I’m told by Beverly (Il Volo Pittsburgh) that their next song is their cover of, “Ancora.”

~ Kelly


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Athina via LiJoy

50 thoughts on “UPDATED: Il Volo Professional ~ A Standing O…Don’tcha Know. ~ San Remo Day 1”

    1. Bolson2
      Where/how did you find Grande Amore and Ancora on iTunes? I have been searching on there for an hour with no luck. I looked under new releases, under Il Volo, under San Remo, etc. and they keep telling me there is no such thing.
      Help! Much appreciated!

  1. Grande Amore was even better than I could imagine. They were so strong, so magnificent. It just took my breath away and brought tears to my eyes. I don’t blame Gianluca for getting emotional in the least, I can’t imagine the pressure of this week and what it has done to them.

  2. IL VOLO was absolutely amazing, made me cry I was so impressed. If they sang Grande Amore as amazingly as they did, I’m anxious to hear them sing Ancora. They have the real voices.

  3. The guys were just incredible tonight I know I say it a lot but to me Il Volo are the best singers anywhere, their voices so strong so gorgeous they just take my breath away can’t wait for tomorrow night. I wish we could vote for them I think they would win this competition by a landslide.

  4. Wow that was a rotten song but they knocked it out of the park. Look how the audience responded. If they don’t win that then they need us as voters.

    Outstanding guys you are winners through & through no question

    1. the melody of this song is not an easy one to get to know but after a few hearings it becomes stronger.

  5. I was blown away by our guy’s performance. Their voices were incredible and to top it off, the orchestra was magnificent. I love this song. It is young but classical enough for IL VOLO’s classical/pop kind of music. Truthfully, the guys can handle any type of music. Gianluca was so emotional when the audience was told it was his birthday and they kept applauding. He has left his teens. He is now officially a MAN. Good luck guys. Hugs and much success.

  6. Myron, I have a question for you. The orchestra was quite loud and seemed to drown out the first few notes that Ignazio was singing. However, I felt they were too low for him and that is why he was not able to give them enough volume. As the notes rose up the scale he voice got stronger. Yes, they were supposed to start off softer and build into a crescendo, but I just had the feeling those notes were a tad too low. What is your take on this?

    1. yes, see my post below – you are right. The sound tech (I know him and have talked with him in L.A. at the Greek) tends to overload the orchestra sound system gain too much. that is why then the guys were softer it was hard to hear them. re: Ignazio – that key was a little low for him on his solo verse. If they would raise the key of the song by a full step (from F major to G major) he would be in more comfort. The other two could easily handle the higher notes on their part. That is not the boys’ fault – it is the conductor. Bottom line – you are right orch. too loud and the key of the song one step too low.

  7. Did San remo cancel the top 3 videos of Ignazio & Piero talking & also the guys singing in the first video. Why don’t they want the world to hear the We should be able to vote also.


    OMG! It just BLEW ME AWAY. I can’t wait til all of us see it. I bet right now that Marie is goinig to melt into a puddle while she watches Ignazio. The video was breathtaking, just breathtaking, it brought me to tears. I hope it is on YouTube soon. I feel shattered and now I must go to work. AAAAIIIEEEEEEE….

  9. Quickie music review: bad news/ good news – the boys were in superb voice and sang their hearts out ! ! ! orchestra was very good but sound tech had the gain too high. There were times when certain solo phrases were hard to hear properly ( the sound system vocals should always be louder than orchestra ) . the song could have been a full step or two higher in key – Ignazio was near the bottom of his range. doing the song a step higher would have made it easier. Those are minor points . overall, the guys’ vowels were better than ever, tone quality even better than Taormina, and they had this song staged really great ! What a powerful presentation. A power number sung with great power and clarity. Having watched a few of the other acts all I can say is the others came to the race in a Smart car and Il Volo came to the race in a Ferrari.

    It must have been very special to the boys based upon the tears that Gianluca had at the end – and on his birthday, to boot !

    So my only complaints are for the sound tech and the conductor . The boys WERE GREAT and more importantly -BETTER THAN EVER.

    1. Our guys are absolutely amazing, such expression,
      passion, magnificent strong voices. I don’t always
      notice a singer’s personality come through their
      rendition of their music but Il Volo is absolutely
      outstanding in their singing but all the lights come
      on Il Volo faces when they sing. Pirate, I can’t
      keep the tears back when they put so much into
      their performance. Thank you Marion for giving
      your music reviews to us. We know they are
      outstanding singers and with your reviews we
      know why. I thought Ignazio was great singing
      Ancora. He has the most beautiful expressions
      on his face, no one smiles like Ignazio. I love
      all three of them.

      1. I left out that I agree with you Marion
        they have grown into very handsome
        young men and are very caring, gentle,
        and are romantic in their singing. This
        isn’t anything new, they were even this
        way in their teen years.

  10. I am curious where you are getting this information from?

    another comment to Il Volo or Sony management: I wish you would not bring out another cd with only five songs. Release the full new album. Stop pussy-footin’ around (ever hear that term in Italy ? ) We have been waiting for over a year and half – bring out the WHOLE album now. I have been told you recorded 16 songs and I sure hope all 16 are on the new album.

  11. Okay, so I don’t think I made myself clear. I have seen the clip of them singing Grande Amore in Sanremo but my last post was about their Video IL VOLO made of Grande Amore. Thats what I was babbling about above and I can’t believe none of you are talking about it! I’m dying here! It spun my world!

    1. If it was not obvious that we are no longer dealing with boys anymore that video sure makes it clear that we have young men. Note: all three play roles that are caring, gentle and very romantic. American singers would turned that into some crude and hard-nosed sexual scene. Great video ! our guys stayed true to themselves.

      1. Oh thank you Myron! I thought I was the only person on this board that had caught the video. Yes, they were wonderful. Very romantic. I am thankful that this video was completely different while at the same time very true for them. How come the world is not at their feet yet ? Why haven’t they come to Las Vegas yet? or Portland!

      2. I have watched it a pile of times already and keep discovering more things about it!
        In a word, it is delizioso!

    2. Okay Pirate–I’ll talk about it! That WINK of Gian’s set me off right away! I loved the whole thing but I thought Piero’s part was a bit on the silly side, but Ignazio’s–woooooeeee!

  12. Thanks Penina. I was a little bit disappointed that Piero’s was so odd but then I have been wracking my brains trying to figure out what movie that scene is from. The other two are obvious. So it will probably make more sense once I know the right movie. I had to laugh when I read one fan that remarked she was glad Piiero did not kiss the girl, which for her made it better….I know I was disappointed! Now about that wink, I guess I need to watch it again because I missed it!

    1. Piero’s part was from BACK TO THE FUTURE ! I just KNEW I had seen that scene somewhere before. Now I like what he did a lot better.

    2. I have always thought that Piero was more sophisticated than he let on. An old fashioned gentleman – he is coming to the aid of a girl that really does not want the heavy-handed forceful aggressiveness of the crude guy. Piero’s character does not have all the power he needs UNTIL the bad guy hits the girl. that does it. Now, Piero gets the power and becomes the girl’s hero.

      I thought the video was wonderful – better than the
      we are love” video. They picked a “hidden” side of each of our guys. I loved the Gianluca / Spiderman hero character. But note – not heavy-handed, overt and gross sexuality of so many modern videos but rather a very romantic and maybe a bit humorous slant. All in all the video was great and the guys were wonderful in it. Four years and counting and our guys still bring elegance and class to the project. In these days where crude and obnoxious seems to equal something acceptable , it is nice to see that these guys always take the high road.

      1. I love that we are seeing such different sides of the guys. And that they are so different from the other groups/singers their age. That’s why they speak to us so much.

  13. ANCORA – went back to listen to the song ” Ancora” . What a beautiful song. Melody is more accessible from the first (which is not bad or good – just different) Another gorgeous romantic song. Just wonderful performance by the guys. Once again, they sing their hearts out for us. I understand that they won this segment. BRAVO !

    1. Cover refers to a song already recorded by someone else years before but now the new group or soloist records it again with a different arrangement. Elvis first recorded “Surrender” and now Il Volo records the same song BUT with the addition of the original Italian song added which makes it even more interesting. Elvis’ version was not a true cover because his English words are not a translation of the original Italian text. They are totally different. So, in effect, Il Volo is doing two covers in one. Every artist does this at sometime or another. Sinatra has, Streisand has many times, Elvis did it, etc. A good song is always going to be a good song.

      1. Thanks Myron! Now I know what the term really means, but it is still puzzling as to why they call them a cover. I always wondered–a cover of what?? 🙂

  14. I already did Pirate. They were spectacular.

    Myron how can we get Sony to put the full CD out in stead of in bits & pieces.
    Another question. YOU know & we know it was the conductors fault of the tempo being too low for Ignazio & if they don’t win because of that can we complain to the higher ups in Sanremo that it was not Il volo’s fault but how low the tempo was? I’m probably not using the right words you used but you get the drift. I think no matter about how low Ignazio had to go they compensated by knocking the song out of the park. It was stupendous. They don’t just stand there & sing they express themselves with their body language as well. & in my estimation that increases the power of the song.

    1. a tiny little correction: the “tempo” is the speed of the music – the beat. That was ok. It was the pitch that was too low for Ignazio’s range. I don’t think it will be a bad thing because that phrase has a text that is very “smokey and introspective” so it really kind-of fits. But for the future I would raise it one step higher.. All of this is really very minor – The bottom line is that that song was powerful and perfectly performed by our guys. You could sense that there was electricity in that room by the end of that performance. Again, look at Gianluca’s face afterward when he is crying ! ! ! The other guys are in tears as well. WHAT A NIGHT ! Whew !

  15. Penina where did you see the pictures of the guys your talking about. I see 2 p[icture of Ignazio & Piero but don’t see a picture of Gianluca. Is he dressed as Spiderman? And where are they singing Ancora?
    I’m missing it all.

    1. In the music video of Grande Amore–it’s on youtube already I think, and if it isn’t there go to the ilvolomusic.com website and click on videos. Its the first one.
      Ancora I only saw on rai.tv. It might be on all about ilvolo. Sorry, Loretta, I was all over the place tonight and I can’t remember where I saw the video of Ancora. I did luckily catch it live arouund 5:30ish this afternoon.

      1. Grande Amore music video is on vimeo at

        and this version has Ignazio singing in a key that works throughout the song without overplay by the orchestra.

        è stupenda!
        ~ Jeanine, Compassion’s Doorway

      2. Oops! (meaning to reply to my post)… I’m tired and didn’t remember that Lijoy and Athina are the ones that posted the music video / link to vimeo of the Hot Hot Hot Fun Fun Fun Grande Amore!

        Love it! And Thank you!!!
        ~ Jeanine

      3. Thank you so much, Kelly! Grande Amore at San Remo was impressive, and the music video of Grande Amore is out of this world!
        ~ Jeanine

  16. Thanks Penina I happened to go on Faebook & I saw it there but did you see the video they made where Ignazio is sitting with the girl making a vase & Gianluca turns into Spiderman & Piero’s acting beside the car scene, My God my heart is so full they have definately grown up they are not our young boys anymore but 3 handsome & spectacular young men so sexy that it is oozing out of them & I saw Gianluca’s wink & I also saw Ignazio kiss the girl GOD I wish I was 20 & it was ME he was kissing. Penina if you hear how we can get the video they made & any video of the songs they sang please let me know. God I couldn’t believe it was actually Ignazio sitting behind that girl WOW WOW WOW. That video will be so worn out BOY does she realize how lucky she is. Do any of these girls realize how lucky they were?? I tweeked Ignazio & told him how blown away I am & how classy they are. I NEED THAT VIDEO

  17. Pirate I didn’t know what you were referrng about but now I do & you have read how blown away I am. Are they sexy or are they sexy. There was sex ozzing out of them even when they were singing Grande Amore & Ancora. What classy beautiful young men & I want that video that has to be sold with their CD. I am so surprised Marie hasn’t said anything about it because I know she feels the same way I do. Aren’t we lucky to know these beautiful young men & have seen them in concerts & meet & greets & that they know some of us. Wow willI be dreaming tonight Am I excited or and I excited. I am so looking forward to tour dates

  18. Thank goodness for this site! The comment section on here clears up a lot of the questions I had. Il Volo’s new songs are wonderful!

    I love that they referenced BTTF! I have to admit I’m a little crestfallen that we don’t have hoverboards yet… perhaps they were a century off?

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