Happy 20th Birthday, Gianluca!!

Tanti auguri dearest Gianluca!

On this day you officially leave your teen years, but you have possessed the wisdom and maturity of one much older for many years, now. This is one of your qualities which endears you to so many of your fans. You are an incredibly talented, kind, gracious and beautiful human being…inside and out. I wish you many blessings, angelo mio, on your birthday and always.

Beverly Olson


Gianluca, I hope you have the Happiest Birthday ever, and may every birthday after be happier than the last.  From one of your million #fan…Olgairis


Happy 20th Birthday, Gianluca Ginoble!
You are beautiful inside and out! I love your soul as you expose it to us.
Granny Ilvolover, Lois Hartwig


Hello to Gianluca.

I do wish all the best in the world to you on your 20th birthday. I hope you can spend it with your family and friends. When you are on the road touring and doing other tasks for your career you probably feel what a great gift that wonderful family really is.

I expect that you will get birthday wishes from all over the world and you deserve it. You help bring love and passion into our lives.

All my best,

Myron Heaton
Las Vegas


A very Happy 20th Birthday. Keep singing with that beautiful voice. May God bless you and keep you healthy. … Alice


Per centi anni Gianluca. Have a beautiful birthday with your family and friends and don’t forget how much we love you always! xoxo Ann Scavo


Your “jump for joy” reminds me of Il Volo’s triumph at the Latin Grammys and your leap for joy! Tonight are Grammy awards and I am certain you will have many reasons to jump for joy in the coming years at these Grammys. 🙂 From Carolyn, New York and Brad, Florence (my son)- we met you in Stamford, CT meet and greet.



Dear Gian, Happy 20th Birthday!!
It’s going to be a busy birthday for you today! But not too busy to let you know how much you are loved. You, Gian, are a huge source of pride to me. With your amazing talent and success you still remain the boy from Montepango and a role model for youth everywhere. I wish you nothing but happiness in life with God’s blessings for you and your family. Buon Compleanno!
From Dallas TX, so much love, Mary Thomas




I am one of the Grandma fans as you call us… You are such a loving and respectful young man that you have captured my heart as I listen to your songs daily… I am proud to say that you and I share this Birthday … So my gift to you on our Birthday is love and prayers for you and a continued bright future…

Happy Birthday
Jeannette Giglio


 I have followed all your birthdays from far away Vancouver Island, since you were fourteen. Now you are no longer a teenager but I wish you Many Happy Returns of the Day. I know you have a bright future ahead and I hope for you that it is filled with amazing times. You are much admired and loved. Lesley Newall.


Happy birthday,Gianluca! Hope your day brings you every joy and happiness you wish for. Love you! Teresa Cosi


Birthdays are special days so have a fantastic BIRTHDAY. Gina from Texas


Dear Gianluca,
May you be blessed with many, many more years of happiness, health and continued success.
Thank you so much for lighting up my life with your music.
And happy, happy birthday!
All the best,
Laia Ben-Dov


Dear Gianluca, I wish you the happiest of birthdays and many more to come. You are a beautiful, talented, loving person!
Buon Compleanno,
Madeline Vitella


Dear Gianluca, You share such precious inspiration through your phenomenal voice, your wise words, and your willingness to be yourself. I am so grateful for your kind heart and for the magnificence of YOU. May your 20th birthday be filled with Joy and Gratitude for the Loving thoughts we hold for you. May your wishes soar on the wings of eagles and all come true in God’s good timing!
Feeling the Synergy of Love as I celebrate your birthday, Gianluca!
Jeanine DuBois jdubois1776@gmail.com (I don’t Tweet)


Happy Birthday to a wonderful singer and a wonderful person!

I saw you in concert three times – once in san diego where i gave you a postcard of my
grandparents home in Lettomanoppello Abruzzo.

You are a great representative for Italia around the world!!!

Concerto Senato was so fabulous – your voice is beautiful.

We love you.

Maria Tucci Hahn and Family

Dana Ducai
Dana Ducai



“It’s a beautiful day – It’s Gianluca’s birthday.


May you have many happy returns of this day.

Thank you for your wonderful music.

God Bless, from Ineke in SA”.


Thank YOU 4 giving this old gal beautiful memories and entertainment that brighten my days. Luv you 3 awesome guys!

xxx ooo
carol coates (a fan for life)




Dear Gian, 4 ur 20th: hugz & ksz, fond b’day whsz. Julie B.


Gianluca, your beautiful voice has changed my life! It brings me such happiness and joy. Not only do I love you, but also my daughter and my mother-in-law are big fans. What makes you so unique, is not only your smooth, dreamy voice, but also your sweet and humble nature. Please never change, I will be your fan forever! America LOVES you Gianluca….Happy 20th Birthday!!!!
Love Always,
Albany, New York, USA


Happy 20th Birthday, Gianluca!!! Have a wonderful day!! Love to you!! Anne Quinto. Marlene Hoatland. Gibson & Greek theaters M&G!


Birthday blessings for our precious Gianluca. I pray for your health, safety and continued success. May God bless you always and in all ways.

Ti Amo,
Phyllis K Fenton


For Gianluca on your 20th Birthday:
No longer a teen!
Now a “twenty-something”
Always gifted.
And now a Star!

Happy Birthday, star!
Keep on shining high!
Enjoy the ride!
We fly with you,
Our sweet GG.

Linda Parks


Tanti Auguri Gianluca! 20 years old and you have accomplished so much and continue to bring joy and happiness to so many people. You are a thoughtful, loving and caring young man. God bless you and your family always.



Happy 20th Birthday, Gianluca!  May the year ahead bring you as much joy and happiness as you bring to us, your devoted fans!

Best wishes!

Jane Ceminsky


Blue BirdGianluca,
A little bird whispered to me that it’s your Birthday.

Happy 21st Birthday Wishes,
Barbara from Maryland, USA

Happy happy 20th birthday our adorable guy. One look from your “bedroom” eyes will melt anyone. Keep on trucking. Joan Guyon

Dear Gianluca, 🙂 I don’t have too many words, but I just want to wish you a
Very Happy Birthday!!! 🙂
I would also like to say how much I loved meeting you when you were in Toronto in June 2014 and how much I enjoy your music, I feel very Blessed.
Annie Hatfield

Have a wonderful Birthday and many Blessings to you. ~ Lou Ann Vitolo


I.. have love and appreciation for [your] character, passion and dedication to sharing [your]  voice and talent to Il Volo’s music. I don’t know any other
way to say it: Happy 20th Birthday Gianluca!

Gale Wall


Dearest Gianluca–You are no longer a boy but a magnificent young man who mesmerizes,enchants and enhances our lives everyday with your amazing,God given,voice and tender,kind,compassionate and loving heart. Never doubt the power of your voice and never,ever doubt how very much you are loved. You are a gift to the world and will be for many, many years to come.
Happy 20th Birthday !!!
Joanie ( fl2)


Happy Birthday you brilliant, talented young man! Your life is a dream and because of you, so is mine.

Thank You!

~ Marie



Thank you for sharing your incredible talent and sweet, caring personality with the world.  You reminded me why I love music with the first note I heard you sing.  Hard to believe that 6 years have passed so quickly.

Have an awesome 20th Birthday!!

~ Kelly


Dear Gianluca, wishing you health, love, wealth, happiness and just everything your heart desires. Happy birthday and may you have the most amazing day at Sanremo.

~~ Elaine




Happy 20th Birthday, Gianlua!

~~ Michelle

23 thoughts on “Happy 20th Birthday, Gianluca!!”

  1. Wonderful video, Kelly! So many smiles, so many memories, so many good wishes!

    Gianluca, you are loved. Drink it in. Celebrate 20 today and Life every day!

    Knowing your wishes ARE soaring on eagles’ wings!

    Love from my heart to yours,
    ~ Jeanine, Compassion’s Doorway

  2. Kelly– Thank you for this amazing video and also thank you for all the time you put into making it a joyful celebration of Gianluca’s journey into our lives from boyhood to manhood.

    1. Have a very special birthday Gianluca! We love your voice, we love your smile, and we love the thoughtful, caring young man you have become.
      All the best this year and for many, many years to come.

      Penina Honig
      a grandma fan

  3. Kelly, this is just fantastic. The video is awesome and the version you chose of the Happy Birthday song is perfect!! I can’t help but think he will LOVE this!! I could just picture all 3 of them doing the samba to that song. 🙂 Happy Birthday Gianluca!

  4. Kelly the video is just great!
    Happy birthday dear Gianluca! Feliz cumpleaños! Con cariño y admiración!

  5. I just watched the boys sing “Grande Amore” five times. They were fabulous and looked so great in their new outfits. I am sure this appearance was the best present for Gianluca.

    1. I can’t wait to see and hear, Gina!
      I didn’t order RAI but did go to RAI.tv and saw a snippet of interview. Cute!
      I searched for
      San Remo 2015 IL VOLO Grande Amore
      but the song didn’t pop up.

      Maybe after the event is over.

      If anyone finds it on the web [Rai.tv], do share!

      Love and anticipation!
      ~ Jeanine

      1. Jeanette–It’s on Ilvolmusic.com. Go to the main page and click on the news tab and there is the video! It will play over and over again!

      2. Thank you so much, Penina and Allene!

        Wow! Quite the stirring presentation of Grande Amore. Their voices were fabulous. Power! And I personally loved that all of them were “on” the entire time, in that they weren’t having side conversations (a pet peeve of mine in the past, except where it’s part of the fun of their play).

        The audience really got revved up. So glad!

        I went to the Italian iTunes, and saw 7 songs. (Apparently an EP.)
        I see that this EP is not actually the long-awaited album that Sony will release in 53 countries. So, that means more fun to come!
        Oh, and I was relieved that when I logged in to iTunes, it took me back to the U.S. store (because I couldn’t find any other way to get back.)

        I hadn’t been to ilvolomusic.com in maybe a year. I was delighted to see the photo splashes were up to date and wonderful. The bio had some good info, but I think it could be much better written (organized, word choice, and even writing style). I say this with gratitude, meanwhile, for the improvements.

        Now to listen to Grande Amore again! and again and again. 😉

        Love and gratitude,
        ~ Jeanine, Compassion’s Doorway

  6. I have watched Piero, Ignazio, and Gianluca sing “Grande Amore” at least ten times and probably more. And I’ll no doubt start watching it again as soon as I get up tomorrow morning. Our Guys were fantastic!! This is one birthday that Gianluca will never forget! What a day it has been for him.

    Jeanine, I found it on “Il Volo canta Grande Amore – Sanremo 2015. The first video. Our Guys looked fabulous, and seemed to be completely at ease. Gianluca even winked at someone.

    I can’t wait to hear their second song. Does anyone know when they will be singing it?

    1. I too have watched it at least 6 or 7 times already. As I said above, I found it on the revamped website. IlVolomusic.com. Click on the white NEWS tab and scroll down a bit. It will play over and over again if you let it!

  7. Kelly, you did a phenomenal job on putting this video together for Gianluca’s Birthday … I know he knows his fans love him, but when he sees the time and effort that you put forth to make his day special, he will be overwhelmed with happiness … Happy Birthday Gianni, we all love you so much …

  8. Just watched the new video of the guys singing their new song AND ACTING in the video. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you Mary B. for alerting me take a look at this. Now I have to go back and look at it again….and again….and again!!! 🙂

  9. I finally got to view the video. Whoever thought of this needs a medal. However, I have to admit it gave me the best laugh I’ve had all year because it was so unexpected! After watching the pottery scene for a few seconds I finally “got it”. My suspicions were confirmed when I saw Piero in the white suit and black bow tie! (BTTF, one of my favorite movies!)

    Despite my chuckles, I thought the video was wonderful! Very unique… and very Il Volo. I was wondering all day if that screenshot of Gianluca really was Spider-Man. I was convinced I was crazy!

    I wonder if they chose their own favorite movies. We all know how much Gianluca likes Spider-Man!

    It was definitely worth the wait… it’s too bad it wasn’t feature length! 🙂

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