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39 thoughts on “Tanti Auguri! to the Il Volo Flight Crew ~ Share the Love…Aug 8, 2013

Ciao a tutti!!  Ok, well, we didn’t reach our goal today of 50 comments, even with me answering everyone… technically we only had 17 initial posts.  But that’s ok.  We heard from some that haven’t commented in a long time, or was even their first time, so welcome!  And several of our “young” faithful and loyal commenters returned.  There are some lovely comments below – I hope you have a chance to read them.  If you didn’t comment on this original posting from yesterday, I welcome you to comment now.  Even if you don’t comment, that’s ok – we know you are reading!  🙂 

I loved how many of you said that we are the first thing you read in the morning and that you either found us through other friends on FaceBook, or just through frantic searches on the Internet!

Sorry, no pictures today… but OMG, have you seen the ones Gianluca and Piero are posting!!!???   Holy Bologna!  (ok, how are you pronouncing it?  lol!)  They stay in the water much longer and they will turn into prunes.

Below are your comments!  Thank you all!  🙂

  1. Camille says: August 8, 2017 at 7:30 am Edit

Love this site – always has the best stories and information


Camille, how lovely to hear from you!


  1. Maria Marques says: August 8, 2017 at 7:50 am Edit

Love this site. Found out about it from an Il Volo follower who I made friends with on fb. I have made so many friends on fb bc of these three amazing young guys. I just love them all but have to admit Ignazio pulls at my heartstrings. I look forward everyday to look at my e-mails to see if there are any new posts . So happy I found this site. Thank you.


Awesome, maria!


  1. Loretta Foley says: August 8, 2017 at 8:47 am Edit

Thank you Jana for including me in your post. I’ll never leave this site because you girls work so hard to give us all the up to date information of where & what our precious young men are doing. Still saying Ignazio is MINE.


I love Ignazio too.


He’s MINE! All mine! Will always be mine! Can’t bring myself to share him, but I understand how you feel.

Igna is just special, there is just something about him. Many start liking Gian or Piero, but then all of a sudden, they start to stray toward Igna. There is something about those eyes and dimples!

  1. LindaP says: August 8, 2017 at 8:48 am Edit

My day starts on this site. And ends on this site. I don’t remember the date I started to read the posts on the “official” site, but happily came over here to be among the loving fans of Il Volo from it’s beginning. Our combined love for Il Volo has made us a family that is just as caring and nurturing as the blood related family God gave us. I am grateful for our boys, their talent, their hard work and most of all, their love for us, their fans! Thanks to everyone on this site. Love you all.


Thank you so much, Linda! I sure like a lot of these people on this site better than my family!


  1. dorothy henderson says: August 8, 2017 at 9:16 am Edit

I truly don’t remember how I found the CREW, but it was one of the best things that I ever did! As I approach my 8th birthday I still enjoy seeing posts from all you gals and guys! Some are just fun, some newsy, and some informative! Keep up the good work! Here’s to many more years and many more concerts….but hurry! Lol, love youall…Dot in Texas!


Hey there Dot!! Thanks so much – we are all young at heart…


  1. Laura Parish says: August 8, 2017 at 9:37 am Edit

I was introduced to the Flight Crew by a fan I had met on fb. What a delightful place it is. I don’t comment a lot, that is just me. But I do love it here. Here’s to many more years together!


Laura – yes, I recognize your name! That’s ok if you don’t comment much – thanks so much for commenting today! Many, it seems found us from FB friends – that is awesome!


  1. Barbara Dixon says: August 8, 2017 at 10:14 am Edit

I discovered the boys in 2012, and literally hung on YouTube looking for music, and reading all the other comments from old ladies like me, shocked that I wasn’t the only one. I went to Meadow Brook for their concert in Aug 2012, then started searching the Internet for more than just YouTube. Somehow I found this. I keep coming back because it is just chock full of info, pictures, reviews, fun reading. I don’t have a specific me ryan of anything special, but I do remember you, Jana, contacting me when you read I was also from Detroit. I think that is pretty cool, and then I got to meet others thru you. ,


Oh, Barb, that is so sweet!! You know, you are always welcome at our parties and your hubby, too! We just may need to do some more convincing to him of your affections to the guys! Next time a concert or trip is planned, we will just drag you along!


  1. pitterpat0 says: August 8, 2017 at 10:20 am Edit

I found the Flight Crew from an internet search for IL VOLO. What kept me coming back was all of the comments about the guys and stories of the concerts and meet & greets. I had yet to attend a concert and was craving information about what everyone else had experienced. You all did not disappoint! I don’t really have a favorite post because I love them all!


That’s great, Pat! So glad you found us, and we met in Chicago. Too bad we never made it for dinner, but breakfast was fun!


  1. marion says: August 8, 2017 at 10:22 am Edit

Four years already, I cannot believe it !!! Four years of going to the Flight Crew site first thing in the morning and a couple of times during the day to read all the comments. Flight Crew members may unknowingly pass each other in the street , but when we come to the site we are the best of friends., as we are all united in our admiration, (and love) for our 3 handsome young men. How they have grown since the first PBS concert in Detroit in 2011, and we have followed them along that path.Thank you to everybody who originally started the site, and to all who followed and continue to keep the site up and running. Thank you for keeping us all up to date on their various activities and future concert dates, where and when.Long may the site flourish, and continue to grow.


I love your last line there… So wonderful that our site ranks right up there with your morning cup of coffee. Such devoted fans and followers we have. Let’s hope the people we pass on the street are not people we “think” we don’t like for some reason? lol!

Thanks for staying with us this whole time – cheers to many more years!


  1. mariecrider says: August 8, 2017 at 11:17 am Edit

Even though you don’t hear from this little birdie much, this site is still my heart.

One of my fondest memories has to be that when we started this site we were hoping to be read a thousand times. Remember, Kelly? We said if we ever reached ten thousand we would have a party. Well…this site has been read more than a million and a half times. Unbelieveable!

The very best thing though has been meeting people like Linda, Jane, Jana, Kelly and many more of you who have had the good taste to love those boys as much as I.


Grazie mille, little birdie!!


Doesn’t matter what you say or how you say it Marie. Keep dreaming, it’s good for the soul & I can also understand how you feel. No matter he is still & always will be MINE & eventually he will permanently belong to someone else.


Marie – yes, even though I have sort of taken over managing the day to day postings, this site will always be “your site.” I and everyone know it! You are a legend in your own time! And Linda, may she rest in peace and keep a look out over the boys. You, and Kelly and a few others have kept it going. Let’s all keep it going as long as we can! Let’s get to 2 million! Then we’ll really have a party!


  1. Mary Bohling says: August 8, 2017 at 11:53 am Edit

I started watching the old Il Volo Music site and through that got to know Marie if I remember correctly. She cued me into the Flight Crew site when it was just getting started. I immediately loved the intimacy of its format and getting to know the people who commented regularly like family. I would be hard to identify a favorite post, but it would have to be one of Marie’s. When she asked me to be a regular contributor I was pleased, but very unsure of myself. I actually wrote over 60 articles, some under the title Personally Speaking, a task which has been a great joy to me, and spurred on by the encouraging comments of our readers. Our boys are truly an inspiration, and the Flight Crew blog has been the perfect place to share our admiration and love for them.


Mary, wow, 60 articles! That’s incredible! Thanks for sticking it out from the very beginning. I was also honored that Marie let me write for the site too – what a monster was unleashed, she had no idea! lol! It’s definitely like coming home again – your safe place. You are indeed an inspiration to all of us, as well as a beautiful writer.


  1. joaniefl2 says: August 8, 2017 at 12:14 pm Edit

I discovered Il Volo in 2012 and went to my first concert that year at the Kravis Center in FL. My next concert was in Orlando FL September 2013 and afterwards I immediately went into unimaginable Il Volo PCSD (Post Concert Stress Disorder) !!! There was not a soul who I could vent my pent up love and emotions to !!! I wanted to scream !! I was tired of being looked at like I was a mental case !! Then in October while scanning the Internet I thankfully found the Flight Crew !!! Finally a place to go where everyone felt the same way and shouted out their love for our three talented and endearing young men from their hearts without reserve !!! I was welcomed with open arms !!! I was home !!! All the posts are my favorite and although I don’t post everyday I read all of them !!! It’s been a fantastic 4 years and I hope we will all still be here for many years to come !! Congratulations to all of you who keep the Flight Crew going day after day !! You are doing a fantastic job !!


Thanks so much Joanie! Yes, we all had those same crazy thoughts – we thought we were crazy. Until we found this site. Then we realized, we were perfectly normal. It was everyone else that was crazy that they didn’t understand us! Thanks for coming back!


  1. Joan Guyon says: August 8, 2017 at 2:01 pm Edit

Hey I have been on board since that first PBS concert from Detroit. Never mind about Igna. He is wonderful, but Piero is all MINE. JoanieG


Sorry Joan, but you must share. Piero has held my heart since his first PBS concert at Detroit Opera House. He only gets better – voice, looks, smile, eyes!


Chris might have something to say about Piero, he keeps calling her, but she is having troubles with her phone, so he has to call me. I keep telling her to get a new phone, that Piero is calling! No one wants Gian?


Ok Laura, but you may have to fight Kelly for him!  🙂

  1. DANIELA says: August 8, 2017 at 3:33 pm Edit

In the fall of 2015 I was browsing many pages of facebook searching for IL VOLO News. Suddenly I come across a review of their beautiful concert, I liked it as it highlighted the feelings and then talking about the meet and greet and how he was noticed by the guys and what a surprise when I read that whoever wrote was A man, John. At the bottom of the review was written: posted on Flight Crew, here’s how I found it. When I came to this site I read for many months without ever commenting but finally I was where I wanted to be, surrounded by people who really love Piero Ignazio and Gianluca. I was at the concert in Florence on July 1, 2016 and a few days later I decided to comment. Ever since then, I follow all your comments with anxiety and affection. I am enrolled in several fanpages but this one remains the page I admire most, the one I’m most fond of and where I have met wonderful people. Becoming also an active part has been a further pride for me. I feel in a big family.


Daniela – I never realized you were also at the July 1 concert! So glad you finally commented. We are so grateful for your almost daily contributions. You are key right now in keeping us informed over there. We are so glad you answered the “distress call” from Marie and started helping us out! Grand Grazie Mille! I think we have a very unique site.


  1. Jill Manning says: August 8, 2017 at 3:51 pm Edit

I found the Flight Crew about two and a half year’s ago, and if I remember rightly it was through the Il Volo Music site. Everybody was so welcoming, and it felt like I had come home. Since then, I go onto the site as soon as I get out of bed every morning, and several times during the day. I don’t want to miss any news about the guy’s. My favorite post’s were when Marie and Jane were in Italy. They were so funny, and I told them they could be the opening act for Il Volo! Their sense of humor is similar to mine( I don’t know if that is a good thing or bad) Thank you to everyone that keep’s this site going


Jill – how lovely to hear from you! I’m sure Jane and Marie are very flattered you enjoyed their Italy posting!! I’m amazed that we are the first thing many go to in the morning! Hope you keep coming back for more! Grazie mille!!


  1. Gina says: August 8, 2017 at 5:50 pm Edit

I cannot remember the date I joined but It has been my morning ritual to check to see who posted a personal story or news about the boys. MY MOST FAVORITE time was before and during San Remo. We were excited and voting day and night on various contests and ‘yelling’ when the critics were so unfair to the boys during San Remo an Eurovision.


Gina – yes, Sanremo was an exciting and exhilarating time for us and the boys! Sometimes I think – where would they be now, if they hadn’t have won 2 years ago? Would they have tried again? Would they be drowning their sorrows on our shoulders at the meet/greets? I know our tickets to the concerts would probably be a lot cheaper! lol! Grazie mille for all that you do! We love all your ideas for posts, too! Just give us some time to put them together!


  1. Annette Simonini says: August 8, 2017 at 8:13 pm Edit

Like so many others my interest in the guys began with their first PBS special. After that, I began searching the Internet looking for information on who they were, where they came from etc. My first Il Volo concert was their first at Radio City. From then on I was in overdrive for more info. I don’t know how I stumbled across the Flight Crew but I was very hesitant at first to post. It wasn’t until June of last year that I posted my first comment. Like others I enjoy reading the many articles be it on the guys or the foods and customs of the different regions of Italy or the adventures of some of the Flight Crew members on their trips to Italy. And of course, the great stories and reviews by other Flight Crew followers after attending an Il Volo concert. Thanks to all who keep this site up and rolling!


Wow, Annette!! You waited a long time, just to be sure, we really weren’t crazy after all and joined in on the fun!! We are so glad you did! But, I know how you feel…. when you first post, you are like “are they going to like me? what if I say something someone doesn’t like, or what if Marie says I can’t have Igna, because he is hers?” But, I’m so glad you were brave and took the plunge! So wonderful to have you here and your personal account of the Miami concert was terrific! Grazie mille!!

I hope everyone enjoyed their flight today… 🙂  Your next flight leaves promptly at 7:00am EST tomorrow from Detroit!  Thank you for flying Il Volo Flight Crew – Share the Love, and fly with us again, soon!  Arrivederci!


Remember, write us at FlightCrew.NotteMagica2017@gmail.com


Gianluca Turns 22



It’s That Time!  This Handsome Devil has a birthday coming up!  🙂


Please send us your birthday wishes by the evening of February 10: ilvoloflightcrw@outlook.com


0096 Happy Birthday Piero - 2015

In the past, several of you have had trouble getting your wishes to us.  If that has been your case, please send me a private message here:

Kelly Aitch Il Volo

with your e-mail address, and I will contact you directly.  Please allow me 24-48 hours to contact you.


Thank you all, and we can’t wait to have you help us wish Gian a happy birthday!



~~ Kelly



Piero Wallpaper




Sharon BearPiero –
With all the happy wishes this world of fans is giving you for your birthday – it still could not be enough to equal the happiness you bring the world every day.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart and soul for sharing yourself so fully.  God bless you now and forever. 

Sharon (from Detroit)


Caro Piero,

La tua voce accarezza la mia anima.  When I met you in New Orleans, I wanted to tell you this in Italian.  But I was too overwhelmed by your presence, so all I could manage to do was say it in English.  I send you my sincere wishes for a blessed and wonderful 23rd birthday.  I hope you will be surrounded by your family & true friends to help you celebrate.  I have enjoyed watching & listening to you grow that beautiful instrument of your voice.  You have certainly cared well for the gift that God has given you.  I look forward to what you will be able to do with that gift in the future.  I know you will be amazing, because you already are!  I wish you love and blessings for your future with IL VOLO.
Lynn Gonzales-Balfour (lynngbal4 with Flight Crew)

Dear Piero,  
Best wishes for a wonderful birthday and I hope you can celebrate it with your family and friends. Thank you for all the great concerts and sharing your “Grande Amore”, especially here in the US.  You performed at many of the most beautiful and historic theaters and I am grateful I saw you at the lovely State Theater in Easton, Pennsylvania. Love all the new music as well as all the solos and duets! Thank you for all the beautiful music and joy you give. May God continue to bless you and all your loved ones.
Hugs to all,
Margaret Ladolcetta 


Caro Piero,

 Tanti Auguri!  Buon Compleanno!   Have a wonderful day with your family & friends!  So glad you are home this year to celebrate your twenty third birthday!
Your voice is magnificent, Piero! The 2016 Concerts were fantastic!  Your duets & solos, beautiful beyond words!! I, with my family & friends at Las Vegas, the Dolby in LA, & San Jose, were enchanted with each performance!!  Thank you so much for  the joy & happiness your music has brought into my life!!  Happy Birthday!  Anne Quinto

Happy Birthday Dearest Piero:

Sending hugs, kisses and happiness wishes
Hope your special day is filled with love
Luv Ya!
Julie Bernache 

Hi Piero,
just want to say how much I enjoyed seeing you again earlier this year in Canada, always love meeting you and great to meet your Dad. I hope you have a wonderful day on your Birthday.
                                                  HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!  😀
Annie Hatfield
From Toronto

Happy Birthday to the man who has the most beautiful voice in the world, and may this be the year you find your Grande Amore.
Your friend Jill💕


From my heart to your heart I wish you a most wonderful Natal Day. Thank you for using your God given voice to Joan Genrich my world. Joanie Guyon .This photo is us at the fan faire in Las Vegas. 





Dearest Piero,
Thinking of you, and wishing you a day full of blessings!
Happy Birthday…
Barbara in AZ. ❤️🎈❤️🎈❤️

Happy Birthday dear, Piero.  May this occasion of your 23rd birthday be one of abounding happiness for you. Your beautiful voice and kind spirit have stirred my ‘senior’ heart from the very first time I saw and heard you perform on PBS television.  I have had the privilege of attending three IL Volo concerts in the U.S, including the Fan Faire Convention and concert.  Meeting you and your ‘brothers’ has been a highlight in my life and brought me together on Face Book with many other people who love you. Celebrate your birthday and go forward to fill the world, and many more hearts, with joy.  God’s blessings go with you always, Piero.   
Te amo, Nonna Harriett Eckberg  ♥ U.S.A.

Happy 23rd birthday, Piero!!  I wish you love, happiness and success today, tomorrow and every day of your life. Listening to you sing makes my day happier.
Love and Best Wishes
Janet,  from California

LydkaDear Piero, 
may  music  always brings joy to your heart,
because it’s one of  the emotional arts.
May sounds of melodies, that you truly adore,
brings you pure pleasure
and always  lifts up your spirits.
May music that touches you,
always brings you smile.
May music clearly
enlightens your days,
 makes you happy in so many ways.
My birthday wish for you is
that you continue to love life
and never stop dreaming.
May beauty and happiness surround you,
not only on your special day, but always.
Birthdays mean a fresh start;
a time for looking back with gratitude at the blessings of another year.
It is also a time to look forward with renewed hope for bigger blessings.
May you find true bliss as you face your next milestones.
I wish you ocean of health,sea of love,
river of happiness, fountain of everyday joys.
Buon Compleanno, ti auguro di realizzare ogni tuo sogno e di trovare tutto quello che cerchi, 
sii felice, il sole splende alto su di te. Tanti auguri!
 Lydka, Slovakia





Piero, I have wished you happy birthday quite a few times now.  Each time I have told you how special you are.  This time too…Happy Birthday, you are so special!  

Thank you for all the wonderful moments I have spent listening to your music.

With Grand Amore,
Marie Crider

Wishing you an utterly fantastic and Happy Birthday!  Piero, I have been a big fan of yours since 2010, and have enjoyed watching you grow into a fine young man with a voice that makes my heart sing.  Love from Minnesota, Allene Shipman

Happy Birthday Piero!

I hope your day is filled with joy and happiness.

The kind you give to others just by being you!

Jane Ceminsky


From Il Volo Guatemala



My Dearest Piero, You were only 15 when I first heard your powerful voice and now you are 23,all grown up,with an Joan Brenineven more powerful and magnificent voice which fills my life and heart with Grande Amore everyday !!! You have matured into a very handsome man with a big heart,beautiful smile and hearty,infectious laugh !! Never change !! Always stay true to yourself and as sweet, kind and humble and loving as you are today. I was very fortunate to be able to experience your magnificent voice at five concerts this year and you took my breath away each and every time !! So now that you have completed your amazingly successful World Tour you can relax for a little while with your beautiful family and friends and enjoy a big birthday celebration !!! Happy “23rd” Birthday Piero !! Have FUN !!!!! Lots of Love, Joan Brenin


Jane E




Wishing you the best of everything and that every wish you have for the day comes true! Tanti Auguri!

~~ Kelly  <3








Dear Piero,My respect, appreciation, and joy for you soar high as the most magnificent peak in Italia!
My gratitude and love for you live in my smile and swirling steps whenever I hear you and your two soul-brothers sing!
My celebration of your birthday sparkles with delight!
May you enjoy a most joyous, fun, and love-filled 22nd birthday!

~ Jeanine


Dear Piero,
Even if I don’t know Il Volo for a long time I became a huge fan of your work. You deserve all the success, all the support and all the love. I wish you the best for the following years. When a passion lives in you, you never loose it ! And so, Il Volo accompanies my days, whether happy or not.Must of all, I would like to wish you a very Happy Birthday ! Have fun with your loved ones and keep us dreaming! We will always be behind you !
With Love from France (Lyon) <3


So proud and happy for you, the elder of the group and great example. Have a terrific year!
Lois Hartwig

Hi Piero. I wish you a più grande festa di compleanno. Your voice is the one that touches my heart the deepest. I pray that all the dreams you have for your career & for the continued success of Il Volo will come true. Love from Louisiana, USA.

Lynn (lynngbal4 from the Flight Crew)


Dear Piero
Happy Birthday! We are waiting Il Volo in Budapest Hungary.


Tanti auguri di buon compleanno e cento di questi giorni a te!

Barbara Bubb


Dear Piero,
May you continue to be blessed with many, many years of health, happiness and music.
Buon compleanno! Have a wonderful day.
Laia Ben-Dov


Joan Piero-I have been watching you grow for the last five years both physically and vocally. You have grown into a very handsome,kind magnificent young man with a powerful and thrilling voice that will land you in an opera house in the near future.
I listen to your voice everyday which makes everyday a happier place for me just because you are wonderful you !!
Never change-Stay humble-Always be yourself and remember that you are so very loved today and forever.
Have a very HAPPY “22nd” BIRTHDAY with your beautiful family and friends.
Love, Joanie
Tanti Aguri, dear Piero. I hope you enjoy a most joyous and beautiful 22nd Birthday. My son, my Face Book Il Volo friend, Jeanne Thomas and I, attended your wonderful Summer Concert last June in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I gave you a birthday card with confetti falling out and it made you laugh. We were so very thrilled to meet you, Ignazio and Gianluca, in addition to Mrs. Ginoble and Barbara, who kindly took our picture. I cannot begin to tell you how I have been lifted in spirit by your powerful, expressive, yet tender voice. Il Volo has brought many new and dear friends, IlVolovers, into my life, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Soar high dear Piero and may God bless you always.
Te amo Nonna Harriett from the USA

Happy birthday Piero! Enjoy your special day. Wishing you all the best. Thanks for all of the beautiful music. Chris Gapski


Caro Piero,
I have met you twice in Chicago and you are a beautiful person as well as having the most beautiful voice!
I gave you a birthday card last year and have a wonderful picture with you, Ignacio and Gianluca which I will treasure!
Have a beautiful birthday with your sweet family in lovely Sicily – I have been there several times and would love to celebrate with your family.
con amore,
Ann Scavo


Dear Piero have a very Happy 22nd Birthday. May God Bless you and your family. Take care of that beautiful voice and keep smiling and singing.
Alice in Florida

“With sincere good wishes and a song in my heart I wish you a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY on your SPECIAL DAY” Gina a grandma from Texas

Happy Birthday, cara Piero! Madeline

I hope you are enjoying this time of your life. You certainly are bringing joy to millions and millions of people around the world.

Be sure to take time for yourself in the hectic world you live in!

Lots of love and best wishes for a wonderful year 22.

Madeline Vitella
Dearest Piero;
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to one of the most talented and exceptional young men I have ever had the pleasure of meeting (Aug/13 Vancouver). I have followed you and your compatriots since the beginning of your careers and NEVER listen to any other music anymore. Why would I when I can listen to Il Volo? You lift my spirits. We love you and wish you every good thing that life has to offer. Thank you for all your sacrifices.
Joan Long, Angie & Ty Durant, Olds, AB, Canada.


A very Happy Birthday, Piero. I have watched you grow into a very fine young man. May all of you dreams come true as you head toward super stardom.

Love from Minnesota, Allene Shipman


Mary B.



Happy Birthday to you, dear Piero!!!
Have a wonderful day & a wonderful year!!! All our love,
Anne Quinto & Marlene Hoatland
Gibson & Greek M&G, USA



Hi Piero,
I just wanted to take time out to wish you a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!!
I remember your 21st day last year, I was at your concert in Toronto with my Daughter and Gran daughter and met you after the concert at the meet & greet, my Granddaughter had made you a giant birthday card which you couldn’t take with you, so I still have it at home with me because you signed it, I hope you’ll come back to Canada, Have a great time with your family and friends on the 24th.
Big Hugs

Annie Hatfield


PreseDear Piero,
Another year has come and gone and I’m still in awe and so proud of you three. You have become a handsome, funny, loving and most if all Piero, one of the most talented singer in our time today. Your goals in life will all come true because of your ethics. Through your music, you give peace, joy, tears and hope. I start my day at 5am listening to your music everyday. I love you and wish you a very happy 22nd birthday. Enjoy your special day sweetheart. Until we meet again.  Prese Pasco


Dear Piero,

I wish you ocean of health, sea of love,river of happiness, fountain of everyday joys, may all your wishes and dreams become a reality, let the sun always shines on you, may luck always sits on your shoulder, may in your eyes are still funny sparks, on your face still shines the smile, let your angels protect you in every moment in life.

God bless you in every step. Let the music is still an eternal pleasure for you, let you still have plenty of inspiration into a new creation, let your voice is still filled with the emotions of the heart, let you will still fly into the heights , accompanying with great love of life.

I wish you a lot of  success and many good friends, many loyal and genuine fans.

Tanti auguri ! ♡

Lydka from Slovakia ( you replied me at  #AskEurovision: Question for Il Volo)


Wishing you a very Happy Birthday Dearest Piero. Enjoy!!
Luv Ya, Julie Bernache

Tanti Auguri Piero! A great day and how wonderful that so many of your dreams have come true. God bless you always!





Dear Piero,
Much love and many blessings to you on your 22nd birthday! I’m so glad that you share your beautiful voice and charming personality with us all. How you and your Il Volo brothers have enriched our lives! We love you SOOOO much, and we can’t wait until we see you in America again (hopefully, you will come back to Phoenix, Arizona on your next USA tour!)
Best wishes,
Ruth Rapp
Phoenix, Arizona

Very Happy Birthday Piero, enjoy your day and have fun. Thank you for all the wonderful music you share. Luv u. Linda W.


Happy Birthday Dear Piero,
I hope you will be able to spend time with your lovely family and enjoy your special day. You are such a gift to all of us!
With much love and admiration,
Jane from Minnesota, USA


Dear Piero:
On your birthday know that you are in my prayers. I hope that you will have family with you, even though you will be touring.
Enjoy your special day knowing that the love you bring to us comes right back around to you from us!
Happy Birthday, Piero! I know I speak for many others would would love to spend that day with you. HAPPY BIRTHDAY 🙂

Linda P.




Happy 20th Birthday, Gianluca!!

Tanti auguri dearest Gianluca!

On this day you officially leave your teen years, but you have possessed the wisdom and maturity of one much older for many years, now. This is one of your qualities which endears you to so many of your fans. You are an incredibly talented, kind, gracious and beautiful human being…inside and out. I wish you many blessings, angelo mio, on your birthday and always.

Beverly Olson


Gianluca, I hope you have the Happiest Birthday ever, and may every birthday after be happier than the last.  From one of your million #fan…Olgairis


Happy 20th Birthday, Gianluca Ginoble!
You are beautiful inside and out! I love your soul as you expose it to us.
Granny Ilvolover, Lois Hartwig


Hello to Gianluca.

I do wish all the best in the world to you on your 20th birthday. I hope you can spend it with your family and friends. When you are on the road touring and doing other tasks for your career you probably feel what a great gift that wonderful family really is.

I expect that you will get birthday wishes from all over the world and you deserve it. You help bring love and passion into our lives.

All my best,

Myron Heaton
Las Vegas


A very Happy 20th Birthday. Keep singing with that beautiful voice. May God bless you and keep you healthy. … Alice


Per centi anni Gianluca. Have a beautiful birthday with your family and friends and don’t forget how much we love you always! xoxo Ann Scavo


Your “jump for joy” reminds me of Il Volo’s triumph at the Latin Grammys and your leap for joy! Tonight are Grammy awards and I am certain you will have many reasons to jump for joy in the coming years at these Grammys. 🙂 From Carolyn, New York and Brad, Florence (my son)- we met you in Stamford, CT meet and greet.



Dear Gian, Happy 20th Birthday!!
It’s going to be a busy birthday for you today! But not too busy to let you know how much you are loved. You, Gian, are a huge source of pride to me. With your amazing talent and success you still remain the boy from Montepango and a role model for youth everywhere. I wish you nothing but happiness in life with God’s blessings for you and your family. Buon Compleanno!
From Dallas TX, so much love, Mary Thomas




I am one of the Grandma fans as you call us… You are such a loving and respectful young man that you have captured my heart as I listen to your songs daily… I am proud to say that you and I share this Birthday … So my gift to you on our Birthday is love and prayers for you and a continued bright future…

Happy Birthday
Jeannette Giglio


 I have followed all your birthdays from far away Vancouver Island, since you were fourteen. Now you are no longer a teenager but I wish you Many Happy Returns of the Day. I know you have a bright future ahead and I hope for you that it is filled with amazing times. You are much admired and loved. Lesley Newall.


Happy birthday,Gianluca! Hope your day brings you every joy and happiness you wish for. Love you! Teresa Cosi


Birthdays are special days so have a fantastic BIRTHDAY. Gina from Texas


Dear Gianluca,
May you be blessed with many, many more years of happiness, health and continued success.
Thank you so much for lighting up my life with your music.
And happy, happy birthday!
All the best,
Laia Ben-Dov


Dear Gianluca, I wish you the happiest of birthdays and many more to come. You are a beautiful, talented, loving person!
Buon Compleanno,
Madeline Vitella


Dear Gianluca, You share such precious inspiration through your phenomenal voice, your wise words, and your willingness to be yourself. I am so grateful for your kind heart and for the magnificence of YOU. May your 20th birthday be filled with Joy and Gratitude for the Loving thoughts we hold for you. May your wishes soar on the wings of eagles and all come true in God’s good timing!
Feeling the Synergy of Love as I celebrate your birthday, Gianluca!
Jeanine DuBois jdubois1776@gmail.com (I don’t Tweet)


Happy Birthday to a wonderful singer and a wonderful person!

I saw you in concert three times – once in san diego where i gave you a postcard of my
grandparents home in Lettomanoppello Abruzzo.

You are a great representative for Italia around the world!!!

Concerto Senato was so fabulous – your voice is beautiful.

We love you.

Maria Tucci Hahn and Family

Dana Ducai
Dana Ducai



“It’s a beautiful day – It’s Gianluca’s birthday.


May you have many happy returns of this day.

Thank you for your wonderful music.

God Bless, from Ineke in SA”.


Thank YOU 4 giving this old gal beautiful memories and entertainment that brighten my days. Luv you 3 awesome guys!

xxx ooo
carol coates (a fan for life)




Dear Gian, 4 ur 20th: hugz & ksz, fond b’day whsz. Julie B.


Gianluca, your beautiful voice has changed my life! It brings me such happiness and joy. Not only do I love you, but also my daughter and my mother-in-law are big fans. What makes you so unique, is not only your smooth, dreamy voice, but also your sweet and humble nature. Please never change, I will be your fan forever! America LOVES you Gianluca….Happy 20th Birthday!!!!
Love Always,
Albany, New York, USA


Happy 20th Birthday, Gianluca!!! Have a wonderful day!! Love to you!! Anne Quinto. Marlene Hoatland. Gibson & Greek theaters M&G!


Birthday blessings for our precious Gianluca. I pray for your health, safety and continued success. May God bless you always and in all ways.

Ti Amo,
Phyllis K Fenton


For Gianluca on your 20th Birthday:
No longer a teen!
Now a “twenty-something”
Always gifted.
And now a Star!

Happy Birthday, star!
Keep on shining high!
Enjoy the ride!
We fly with you,
Our sweet GG.

Linda Parks


Tanti Auguri Gianluca! 20 years old and you have accomplished so much and continue to bring joy and happiness to so many people. You are a thoughtful, loving and caring young man. God bless you and your family always.



Happy 20th Birthday, Gianluca!  May the year ahead bring you as much joy and happiness as you bring to us, your devoted fans!

Best wishes!

Jane Ceminsky


Blue BirdGianluca,
A little bird whispered to me that it’s your Birthday.

Happy 21st Birthday Wishes,
Barbara from Maryland, USA

Happy happy 20th birthday our adorable guy. One look from your “bedroom” eyes will melt anyone. Keep on trucking. Joan Guyon

Dear Gianluca, 🙂 I don’t have too many words, but I just want to wish you a
Very Happy Birthday!!! 🙂
I would also like to say how much I loved meeting you when you were in Toronto in June 2014 and how much I enjoy your music, I feel very Blessed.
Annie Hatfield

Have a wonderful Birthday and many Blessings to you. ~ Lou Ann Vitolo


I.. have love and appreciation for [your] character, passion and dedication to sharing [your]  voice and talent to Il Volo’s music. I don’t know any other
way to say it: Happy 20th Birthday Gianluca!

Gale Wall


Dearest Gianluca–You are no longer a boy but a magnificent young man who mesmerizes,enchants and enhances our lives everyday with your amazing,God given,voice and tender,kind,compassionate and loving heart. Never doubt the power of your voice and never,ever doubt how very much you are loved. You are a gift to the world and will be for many, many years to come.
Happy 20th Birthday !!!
Joanie ( fl2)


Happy Birthday you brilliant, talented young man! Your life is a dream and because of you, so is mine.

Thank You!

~ Marie



Thank you for sharing your incredible talent and sweet, caring personality with the world.  You reminded me why I love music with the first note I heard you sing.  Hard to believe that 6 years have passed so quickly.

Have an awesome 20th Birthday!!

~ Kelly


Dear Gianluca, wishing you health, love, wealth, happiness and just everything your heart desires. Happy birthday and may you have the most amazing day at Sanremo.

~~ Elaine




Happy 20th Birthday, Gianlua!

~~ Michelle