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Dear Piero,My respect, appreciation, and joy for you soar high as the most magnificent peak in Italia!
My gratitude and love for you live in my smile and swirling steps whenever I hear you and your two soul-brothers sing!
My celebration of your birthday sparkles with delight!
May you enjoy a most joyous, fun, and love-filled 22nd birthday!

~ Jeanine


Dear Piero,
Even if I don’t know Il Volo for a long time I became a huge fan of your work. You deserve all the success, all the support and all the love. I wish you the best for the following years. When a passion lives in you, you never loose it ! And so, Il Volo accompanies my days, whether happy or not.Must of all, I would like to wish you a very Happy Birthday ! Have fun with your loved ones and keep us dreaming! We will always be behind you !
With Love from France (Lyon) <3


So proud and happy for you, the elder of the group and great example. Have a terrific year!
Lois Hartwig

Hi Piero. I wish you a più grande festa di compleanno. Your voice is the one that touches my heart the deepest. I pray that all the dreams you have for your career & for the continued success of Il Volo will come true. Love from Louisiana, USA.

Lynn (lynngbal4 from the Flight Crew)


Dear Piero
Happy Birthday! We are waiting Il Volo in Budapest Hungary.


Tanti auguri di buon compleanno e cento di questi giorni a te!

Barbara Bubb


Dear Piero,
May you continue to be blessed with many, many years of health, happiness and music.
Buon compleanno! Have a wonderful day.
Laia Ben-Dov


Joan Piero-I have been watching you grow for the last five years both physically and vocally. You have grown into a very handsome,kind magnificent young man with a powerful and thrilling voice that will land you in an opera house in the near future.
I listen to your voice everyday which makes everyday a happier place for me just because you are wonderful you !!
Never change-Stay humble-Always be yourself and remember that you are so very loved today and forever.
Have a very HAPPY “22nd” BIRTHDAY with your beautiful family and friends.
Love, Joanie
Tanti Aguri, dear Piero. I hope you enjoy a most joyous and beautiful 22nd Birthday. My son, my Face Book Il Volo friend, Jeanne Thomas and I, attended your wonderful Summer Concert last June in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I gave you a birthday card with confetti falling out and it made you laugh. We were so very thrilled to meet you, Ignazio and Gianluca, in addition to Mrs. Ginoble and Barbara, who kindly took our picture. I cannot begin to tell you how I have been lifted in spirit by your powerful, expressive, yet tender voice. Il Volo has brought many new and dear friends, IlVolovers, into my life, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Soar high dear Piero and may God bless you always.
Te amo Nonna Harriett from the USA

Happy birthday Piero! Enjoy your special day. Wishing you all the best. Thanks for all of the beautiful music. Chris Gapski


Caro Piero,
I have met you twice in Chicago and you are a beautiful person as well as having the most beautiful voice!
I gave you a birthday card last year and have a wonderful picture with you, Ignacio and Gianluca which I will treasure!
Have a beautiful birthday with your sweet family in lovely Sicily – I have been there several times and would love to celebrate with your family.
con amore,
Ann Scavo


Dear Piero have a very Happy 22nd Birthday. May God Bless you and your family. Take care of that beautiful voice and keep smiling and singing.
Alice in Florida

“With sincere good wishes and a song in my heart I wish you a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY on your SPECIAL DAY” Gina a grandma from Texas

Happy Birthday, cara Piero! Madeline

I hope you are enjoying this time of your life. You certainly are bringing joy to millions and millions of people around the world.

Be sure to take time for yourself in the hectic world you live in!

Lots of love and best wishes for a wonderful year 22.

Madeline Vitella
Dearest Piero;
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to one of the most talented and exceptional young men I have ever had the pleasure of meeting (Aug/13 Vancouver). I have followed you and your compatriots since the beginning of your careers and NEVER listen to any other music anymore. Why would I when I can listen to Il Volo? You lift my spirits. We love you and wish you every good thing that life has to offer. Thank you for all your sacrifices.
Joan Long, Angie & Ty Durant, Olds, AB, Canada.


A very Happy Birthday, Piero. I have watched you grow into a very fine young man. May all of you dreams come true as you head toward super stardom.

Love from Minnesota, Allene Shipman


Mary B.



Happy Birthday to you, dear Piero!!!
Have a wonderful day & a wonderful year!!! All our love,
Anne Quinto & Marlene Hoatland
Gibson & Greek M&G, USA



Hi Piero,
I just wanted to take time out to wish you a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!!
I remember your 21st day last year, I was at your concert in Toronto with my Daughter and Gran daughter and met you after the concert at the meet & greet, my Granddaughter had made you a giant birthday card which you couldn’t take with you, so I still have it at home with me because you signed it, I hope you’ll come back to Canada, Have a great time with your family and friends on the 24th.
Big Hugs

Annie Hatfield


PreseDear Piero,
Another year has come and gone and I’m still in awe and so proud of you three. You have become a handsome, funny, loving and most if all Piero, one of the most talented singer in our time today. Your goals in life will all come true because of your ethics. Through your music, you give peace, joy, tears and hope. I start my day at 5am listening to your music everyday. I love you and wish you a very happy 22nd birthday. Enjoy your special day sweetheart. Until we meet again.  Prese Pasco


Dear Piero,

I wish you ocean of health, sea of love,river of happiness, fountain of everyday joys, may all your wishes and dreams become a reality, let the sun always shines on you, may luck always sits on your shoulder, may in your eyes are still funny sparks, on your face still shines the smile, let your angels protect you in every moment in life.

God bless you in every step. Let the music is still an eternal pleasure for you, let you still have plenty of inspiration into a new creation, let your voice is still filled with the emotions of the heart, let you will still fly into the heights , accompanying with great love of life.

I wish you a lot of  success and many good friends, many loyal and genuine fans.

Tanti auguri ! ♡

Lydka from Slovakia ( you replied me at  #AskEurovision: Question for Il Volo)


Wishing you a very Happy Birthday Dearest Piero. Enjoy!!
Luv Ya, Julie Bernache

Tanti Auguri Piero! A great day and how wonderful that so many of your dreams have come true. God bless you always!





Dear Piero,
Much love and many blessings to you on your 22nd birthday! I’m so glad that you share your beautiful voice and charming personality with us all. How you and your Il Volo brothers have enriched our lives! We love you SOOOO much, and we can’t wait until we see you in America again (hopefully, you will come back to Phoenix, Arizona on your next USA tour!)
Best wishes,
Ruth Rapp
Phoenix, Arizona

Very Happy Birthday Piero, enjoy your day and have fun. Thank you for all the wonderful music you share. Luv u. Linda W.


Happy Birthday Dear Piero,
I hope you will be able to spend time with your lovely family and enjoy your special day. You are such a gift to all of us!
With much love and admiration,
Jane from Minnesota, USA


Dear Piero:
On your birthday know that you are in my prayers. I hope that you will have family with you, even though you will be touring.
Enjoy your special day knowing that the love you bring to us comes right back around to you from us!
Happy Birthday, Piero! I know I speak for many others would would love to spend that day with you. HAPPY BIRTHDAY 🙂

Linda P.