Gianluca Turns 22



It’s That Time!  This Handsome Devil has a birthday coming up!  🙂


Please send us your birthday wishes by the evening of February 10:


0096 Happy Birthday Piero - 2015

In the past, several of you have had trouble getting your wishes to us.  If that has been your case, please send me a private message here:

Kelly Aitch Il Volo

with your e-mail address, and I will contact you directly.  Please allow me 24-48 hours to contact you.


Thank you all, and we can’t wait to have you help us wish Gian a happy birthday!



~~ Kelly

3 thoughts on “Gianluca Turns 22”

  1. Hi, Elizabeth. I’ve moved your comment to our e-mail so that it can be added to the post for the day of Gian’s birthday. 🙂 ~~ Kelly

  2. his birthday is Feb. 11 – couldn’t find it listed in any post – glad I wrote it down.

    1. Yes. I know it’s February 11. 🙂 I need the information by February 10 so that I can get his post ready for the morning of his birthday. 🙂

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