Donation to Re-Use With Love



BOLOGNA: A valuable new machinery available to the S. Orsola through Re Use With Love and Boschetto


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  1. This is wonderful!! I so enjoyed the photos that were posted!! Ignazio & his family donated at Christmas to other needy causes! He is proud of his city & very loyal to it! A true Marsala Prince!!

  2. Our Ignazio has a heart as big as a house.
    It is not the first time that Ignatius and so also Piero and Gianluca lend themselves to the donations.
    This donation was made by Ignazio personally for a well specified reason.
    He said he has a debt of gratitude to this hospital because here was operated his mom when he was a child.
    Sweet our Ignazio that does not forget the gratitude.

  3. Bravo ! to our wonderful Ignazio. It is wonderful and it is not the first time he has done this.

  4. Kelly & Marie I mentioned to Stephan my son-in-law who I spike to yesterday regarding having to shut down He mentioned about joining with other larger sites to get help with experienced people who can give you girls a hand where these people all have experience in different areas. I told him to contact you.. If you want I can give him your phone number or you can call him. I don’t remember the sites he mentioned but he said there is experienced help out there. Shutting down is severe & I can understand you girls are exhausted. Kelly working as in a full time job. I am sure the guys understand as well. ANYTHING I can I do, there is help somewhere. Stephan,s ideas sounded pretty reasonable. He worked for the Green Party in the government in Toronto for years, he’s no dummy.

    1. Thank you, Loretta. I’m pretty sure we have some super volunteers who are very knowledgeable. I am working with them now. Please thank Stephan for me. And thank you, my long time friend!

  5. Your welcome Marie. I can understand if you are tired you both need people to help. Good luck

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