Donation to Re-Use With Love



BOLOGNA: A valuable new machinery available to the S. Orsola through Re Use With Love and Boschetto


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10 thoughts on “Donation to Re-Use With Love

  1. This is wonderful!! I so enjoyed the photos that were posted!! Ignazio & his family donated at Christmas to other needy causes! He is proud of his city & very loyal to it! A true Marsala Prince!!

  2. Our Ignazio has a heart as big as a house.
    It is not the first time that Ignatius and so also Piero and Gianluca lend themselves to the donations.
    This donation was made by Ignazio personally for a well specified reason.
    He said he has a debt of gratitude to this hospital because here was operated his mom when he was a child.
    Sweet our Ignazio that does not forget the gratitude.

  3. Kelly & Marie I mentioned to Stephan my son-in-law who I spike to yesterday regarding having to shut down He mentioned about joining with other larger sites to get help with experienced people who can give you girls a hand where these people all have experience in different areas. I told him to contact you.. If you want I can give him your phone number or you can call him. I don’t remember the sites he mentioned but he said there is experienced help out there. Shutting down is severe & I can understand you girls are exhausted. Kelly working as in a full time job. I am sure the guys understand as well. ANYTHING I can I do, there is help somewhere. Stephan,s ideas sounded pretty reasonable. He worked for the Green Party in the government in Toronto for years, he’s no dummy.

    • Thank you, Loretta. I’m pretty sure we have some super volunteers who are very knowledgeable. I am working with them now. Please thank Stephan for me. And thank you, my long time friend!

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