No More Flight Crew? Maybe.

OK, here’s the thing…
When five of us started this site we had hopes of communicating with twenty or so people.  Much to our astonishment, we have been read an average of a thousand times a day for nearly four years (that’s over a million and a quarter times).  Kelly and I have been running this site, with the help of contributors, by ourselves for the past couple of years.  If you look at our front page you will understand our job division.  I take care of the middle (find, edit, draft and schedule the posts, monitor and approve comments, write stuff, etc.) and answer tons of mail.  Kelly takes care of most of the outside edges (the calendar, Twitter, Facebook, music, slide show, etc.) pays the bills, does the Guys birthday videos and reports on the professional engagements of IL Volo.

Here’s what I’m getting at..
Kelly has a full-time, demanding job.  I’m retired, but tired. The site is a pretty big everyday task.  Without some help we are going to have to let it go.  I can only speak for myself when I say that this site is my joy!  It is like a child to me. I love it that much.  But it has gotten to the point where it is hard for me to take even part of any day away.

We refuse to allow the quality, which we have tried hard to achieve and maintain, go downhill and would rather end it cleanly.

Only with some help in these areas can we remain a viable website and continue to “Share the Love”.

1.) help keeping up with professional aspects of Il Volo — including being able to draft your own work.

2.) someone who can speak to/help with technical aspects of running a site…including social media.

3.) someone to coordinate with translators.

4.)  aid in editing and drafting posts.

5.) someone to help monitor our Flight Crew mail.

Most of these things can be taught by Kelly or myself.

I can’t begin to tell you exactly how crossed our fingers are.
~Kelly and Marie

P. S. ~~  Yes!  What Marie said.  It would break our hearts to have to let go, so please…help us keep our home!  kya

45 thoughts on “No More Flight Crew? Maybe.”

  1. Kelly and Marie, what kind of translator help do you need? What is involved in coordinating with translators?

    Manola DeMunda

      1. Not quite at work yet. Biting my fingernails watching Rafa in his semifinal match…
        Yes; thank you for responding and your question. We can use translation of any and all languages that our readers can help with. We’ve had two people for Spanish and Italian, but it has been very hard for me to keep up with them as far as asking which news item need translation and then getting it into the correct post without slowing down the flow of posting. Depending on response to this need, the process could change a bit, but someone to coordinate with them would help facilitate getting the translations and then posting them on site. Thank you. 😊

  2. I do not know how I could help you, but count me in.
    This page and too beautiful, full of good things and lots of love also professionalism to think of close.
    Tell me what to do and will be a pleasure.

  3. I would hate to see tjis disband its the best blog on any site. Only thing can think tp do is deposit funds in the bank. Steve & Stefan have a lot of talent in a lot of areas can I ask them if they would help??

    1. Marie and Kelly, I don’t know what I can do but I would love to hellp you in any way I can.. I don’t know any languages but I could help with emails.
      I am retired and have some time on my hands. By the way Marie, there are 2 good videos to look at. One is Il Volo Somebody to Love (Ignazio is great) and the other is Il volo versione heavy metal. (I love Pieros expressions in this one).

      Alice in Florida

      1. Alice, for some reason I cannot contact you through the email address I have. Lease go to “who we are – contact us” (above left) and let me know how to contact you.

  4. Marie & Kelly I have moved to 28 Victoria Ave Chatham Ontarrio Canada N3L 2Z6 Phone 519-802 4983.

  5. I have a full schedule taking care of mom and grandmother plus working part time but I may be able to help with emails. The rest sad to say I’m also technically challenged. If I can help please let me know. Maybe I can share this task with a few people. You guys are incredible and this is the one place I know we will get the truth.

  6. Marie and Kelly, You have done a remarkable job. My day is always started with the flight crew F.B. Hope it will continue with all the volunteers who have stepped up to the plate. Joanie G

  7. If you need help with translations from Spanish to English, I am in! That’s what I do for a living. Please let me know what do you want me to do. This page is precious to me!

  8. Jana, please thank your friend (I will omit her name) for offering to pay fees for the site. As I told you, our yearly fees are minimal and, so far at least, that part of the site is fine. Please give her our thank you once again for such an amazing offer.

  9. Marie, my heart sank when I read your headline this morning. The first thing I do when I wake up, is to go to this site.It start’s out my day for me. You guy’s are like friend’s. I, unfortunately am also technology challenged, but I hope there are enough people that can help you out. I did’nt realize there was so much work involved in running the site.
    I hope that the next headline read’s “The Flight Crew Is Saved” I want to thank Marie and Kelly and all the contributor’s for doing such a wonderful job, and I’m sure we all understand how they need a rest.😊

  10. Hey Marie and Kelly hey you’re killing me don’t stop I’ve got all sort of time I’m retired and I would love to hlep you with items 3,4, and 5 but I need to know how I would go about helping you. Please Please email me or call me I know Myron has my phone number from When we met in LAS vEGAS last year

  11. I am hoping and saying a little prayer that you get some help. I would offer to take up one of these tasks but I just signed up for a guest conductor job for the next two years. I can still do the music articles which is a great love of mine.

    But most of all, this whole site is a great love for me and my friends. Kudos to you all for keeping this going.

    I am going to twist an arm or two and see if I can get someone to volunteer.

  12. Marie, this headline today was just the worst! I can’t imagine not having the Flight Crew to turn to for uplifting and cheering me. I am praying that some talented people offer to help. I barely get through doing email, so I’m afraid that I can not be of service here. When we morphed from “lookie loo’s” on the “official” site to having our own site to come to, it was just pure blessing, and I have been grateful to you and all the others who contribute. Thank you all for what you have done to make this such a wonderful experience!

  13. Thank you for your well wishes and thank some of you for volunteering to help save the site!  We are so grateful! 

    Kelly and I will get together and get back to you all by group or individual.  We have your email addresses.

    It’s hard to know what to say…Thank you all so much.

    Kelly & Marie

  14. i AM SO HAPPY THAT SO MANY VOLUNTEERED. i hope it works out because I would be sad if this site ended. I would help but I have no technical knowledge.
    All I can do is send in things I find in hope they might be of interest and would turn into a posting. I think that we all would contribute if there was an issue of paying for this site.
    I suggested at one time that people that can arrange their post take the job of being a contributor of a particular subject they are interested. If we find seven then that would cover the week. Keeping my fingers crossed.
    The boys are coming on THE TOUR and we definitely can cover March and April with stories.

  15. Thank you Marie and Kelly for all you do and for all your work in the past. I guess we never realize or appreciate the amount of time you put in to make this such a welcoming and wonderful site. Unfortunately, my computer skills are not the greatest either but I hope you will get enough help to continue The Flight Crew.

  16. What would it take to make it a fan page on FB? I know some Italian gals who would be willing to help with that.

    1. Right now, my Facebook page is doubling as our Facebook presence, but we have other social media sites that need attention. Could you put your friends in touch with us? Thanks!

    2. There already are fan pages on facebook. And I for one would NOT want this blog to go on facebook. Some of us are not on facebook and have no desire to be on facebook.

  17. thank you Marie and Kelly, your site is fantastic and a daily pleasure to me. i really appreciate all your hard work, you do an excellent, professional job.
    my language skills are negligible, my IT skills not brilliant and i live in the UK, but i would be devastated if you stopped. if i could help a little i would, would a monthly donation pay for some help?

    1. Sue, thank you. A small donation is always welcome. However, as I have said before costs to run the site are negligible. A monthly donation is totally unnecessary. Thank you very much for the offer though. Your good wishes are enough.

  18. Marie and Kelly, thank you so much for all your hard work in getting the site up and running and keeping it running. I regret that I am totally IT challenged,only able to do emails and look up info, but if there is anything I can do to help, along with help from another Il Volo member, I would be more than happy to do so. I do hope the site continues !!

  19. Marie & Kelly my utmost gratitude for the work you do to keep this site up. I have so enjoyed reading your posts & like others would be so disappointed to see it go!! Thanks to all who are stepping up to the plate! Like others, my IT skills are negligible!

  20. Marie and Kelly, I’m sorry, I have not checked in for a couple of days and I just saw your post. So sorry this labor of love has become difficult to manage. I too am IT challenged but if there is anything I can do as far as emails I could try. Not sure what that entails. I don’t post much on FB or other social media because I am not comfortable doing so. You are appreciated more than you can know, this blog is one of the most enjoyable parts of my day.

  21. Dear Marie,

    I can help with editing and drafting. I am a children’s book writer (my new career after retiring from teaching), so I can do both. . But, I do struggle with PCs… I am a Mac person. Is that OK? I can also write short articles, given specific topics and timelines. I am not as amusing or humorous as you are, though! I will gladly give it a go, as I would hate to see this fun group disappear. You can contact me at my email address (which is contained under this posting) Thank you so very much for this wonderful site and all your hard work.

  22. Dear Marie and Kelly, I would like to say how much I adore you both for all the hard work you put into managing this site. It is always my first stop upon waking. I have been ill for a few months but I’m slowly but surely getting back in the world. My IT skills are not very good and from time to time, my granddaughter picks me up to stay with her for a few months just to get me out of the city. Marie, whatever I can help with as far as monetary donations, I will be more than happy to. I can’t begin to express my gratitude to you two for the labor of love you put into this site. I will always be grateful.

    1. Thank you Prese. You have been a wonderful supporter all the years we have been in existence. Hold off on the donation. We are getting by OK. If the need arises, I will post a request. Thank you so much!

  23. I get so much pleasure from this site. It is one of
    the first things I do after I get up. I always look
    forward to seeing what Il Volo and the Flight Crew
    has going on. Thanks to you and Kelly for all the
    good information you print for us. Otherwise I
    would know nothing about the careers and lives
    of our lovely IL VOLO.

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