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Just a disclaimer here – this site is not promoting any kind of tax software….however, we are promoting Il Volo and their next concert tour of Notte Magica!!  Coming soon to a theatre near you!!

A funny story… 3 persons, unrelated, have unknowingly, seen the same commercial, yet describe it totally differently!

I watch very little TV, but was watching my favorite game show and not really paying attention, in fact, I think I was half asleep.  All of a sudden, I hear… “do, do, do, dooooo….” and my brain picks up, “do, do, do, da….”  Huh, what?   What was that my ears just heard?  Why, I could have sworn it was, what was it…?  Then I realized it was Pavarotti that was singing it. And before I realized it, the commercial was over.  Ok, it will be on again.  Sure enough, it was!  Yes, my ears heard it correctly!

I was so excited, I couldn’t wait to tell someone.  So, my dear friend Ginny was near, I started to ask her if she’d seen much TV lately and if she saw this cool commercial.  Before I could tell her, she was asking me the same thing.  If I had seen this cool commercial lately with Kathy Bates?  No, don’t recall, but she said it was Kathy Bates and about this scary house and kids.  Wait, yeah, that sounded like my commercial, but I didn’t realize it was Kathy Bates.  I asked if she heard the song.  No, she didn’t remember any song.

Ok, TWO persons, one and the same commercial – two totally different reactions to it.  Third person you ask?  Marie!  Lol!  I mentioned it to her and she knew it instantly!

Anyway, you may already know the one I’m talking about, but if not, judge for yourself and see if you recognize the music.  Ok, remember “Name That Tune?” show?  Ok, you can name this song in how many notes?  🙂

Click here: Name That Tune

On YouTube it says it’s part of the 2017 Superbowl commercials, but how can they have the commercials already when the Superbowl hasn’t been on yet??



33 thoughts on “Name That Tune…”

  1. Lol, Jana. I can name that tune in two notes… only because I’ve heard it three times now. First time, before I realized what I was hearing, it was over and I wasn’t sure I heard correctly. Was that..??? Could that have been..? Am I hearing things…? In fact, at first I thought it might have been our Boys. Couldn’t wait to hear it again! Cool!

  2. To answer your question about the Super Bowl commercial. I occasionally watch football (Go Bucks!). A football game lasts forever! Maybe they are still playing last year’s Super Bowl game.

    Confession: I watch the Super Bowl for the commercials.

    1. I think they release previews of the ads to get you curious to watch the whole thing during the game, ad they often have the whole ads on youtube after the game.

  3. Oh that is so great. I have not seen that commercial yet until now. Of course because of the music I too would have perked up to listen also. And these commercials have to be made and ready weeks before airing. I am sure this was way early due to tax season. Thanks for sharing this with us.

    1. Yeah, not a big sports or football fan, but I do know they have cool commercials on the superbowl. But I always thought they waited purposely to show them until the game? Oh well!

  4. I thought I was imagining something! Then I listened again, and sure enough, those opening notes are so familiar. I thought it was Ignazio’s solo. Couldn’t hear enough to identify for sure, but now I know. Thanks to the ever alert Flight Crew!

    1. Isn’t it amazing how much we have now become aware of because of the guys!? A year ago I never would have paid attention to that ad, just thinking some opera song was playing.

  5. Great Post Jana. I immediately recognized the few notes of the music but did not think it was Pavarotti. This is same with seeing an accident and being asked by police what you remember seeing. There is always several versions.

  6. The aria is “Una furtiva lagrima” from Gaetano Donizetti “L’Elisir d’amore”, Ignazio sang it during “Notte Magica” concert. I don’t think is Luciano Pavarotti that sings it in the commercial, his voice was more powerful, you can hear it here 🙂

    1. Lovely Daniella–I wonder if Ignazio listened to Pavarotti’s inerpretation of the aria. I personally like the ending of Ignazio’s version better than Pavarotti’s!

      1. I agree although I do like Pavarotti’s version I love Ignazio’s better of course

        Somone please cancel what I wrote about Ignazio singing those 2 lines below my computer doesn’t cancel things I wrote & want ro cancel

    2. Thanks for posting this video dani! The volume on the commercial is a bit soft and I’m sure many have recorded that song. Pavarotti is just the first person that came to mind. 🙂

    3. Thank you Daniella for posting this video of Pavorotti. It was lovely. IGNAZIO was of course wonderful as well.

    1. Marie, after searching, searching and searching some more, which took a large chunk out of my morning(0k it took 2minutes) I found out that the singer in that commercial is the late Fritz Wunderlich, who was a German lyric tenor. He passed away at the age of 36.


  7. Ciao! Looks like we all had a little fun with this one. Interesting that you found it was a German singer, because I also did a little sleuthing and it said Caruso is singing it?

    But yes, I believe we all guessed right – una furtiva lagrima, ignazio’s solo! 🙂

    1. Jana, I believe you are right. I only found one article where it said the German singer was singing on the commercial. But I found three articles that said it was Caruso singing !
      So I guess Caruso wins!

      1. Didn’t sound like Caruso to me. But I am no expert–I have listened to some of his videos on youtube.

  8. You know what they say, heard one, heard them all! All sound alike! Lol, just kidding. I think we’d be able to pick out our guys anywhere!

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