Rigopiano Update – Daniela


With us it is morning, unfortunately the night returned more dead bodies under the rubble of the hotel, are 21 victims including that of Roberto Del Rosso owner and friend of Gianluca.
There are still 8 missing, but hopes are very faded.


As if that was not enough, as announced Laura, also yesterday a helicopter 118 for a rescue near, crashed and died 6 people, a couple of them had provided relief to the hotel.
A tragedy after another.


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  1. Thank you, Daniela for keeping us updated on this horrible tragedy. I am so sorry your country is going through such a hard time. My heart is breaking for my adopted Italy.

  2. The victims continue to rise, now at tg they said 24 victims, drops to 5 the number of missing.
    I believe that the hopes are really very small now.

  3. Daniela my most deepest sympathies to all who are suffering from this tragedy in your beautiful country. I am sure there is much sadness this morning especially on the loss of Roberto, friend & proprietor of that beautiful hotel & good friend of Gianluca. Like others following this tragedy, I hoped for a miracle. God Bless all .✝️✝️

  4. Daniella, I am but one of so many, who prayed that the rescuers would find more people alive under the rubble. My deepest condolences to all the families of the victims and to our dear Gianluca whose heart must be breaking with the sad discovery. Stay strong Italy.

  5. Daniela thank you for the update. All we can do is pray that the people who are suffering have the strength to live thru this.

  6. i’m sorry….. Daniela, thank you for your update…. offering prayer
    with deep sympathy
    take care

  7. Daniella, Thank you for the continued updates on this horrible tragedy. I know it can not be easy for you. So much sadness for your country. I am so so sorry. My continued prayers for all of you. Condolences go out to all the families who are grieving and to our sweet Gianluca on the loss of his friend Roberto. God bless you all.

    1. What a tearjerker for this time. I am so happy he is hear to sing it, I am so happy he stepped outside before the desrtuction began. I know the song was done when they were younger..hanks for playing it Marie

  8. Thanks Daniela for your updates. Such a terrible and senseless tragedy. I send my condolences and prayers to all concerned. The aid workers must be exhausted as they have worked for days !!

  9. From Gianluca:

    Dear Roberto, I hope that this letter reaches you wherever you are, together with all the people who are victims of this great tragedy.
    I don’t know if I’ll be able to express all the sorrow, the pain I feel inside, but I still want to relive, through the words, the memory that you left.
    Did you love your land, your job, the nature; loved rigopiano, wonderful place that mirrored your personality. Did you want, with your job, as a mission, to enhance the abruzzo, which you loved so much, and this was one of the things that in our friendship brought us together, just the love for our land.
    My thought in these days are constantly made to those who unfortunately is no longer there, to their families and to all the people who are suffering for this.
    It hurts to think about human frailty, in front of the power, sometimes devastating, of nature, and I can’t even imagine what you have tried in those tragic endless moments. Goodbye my friend.

  10. So sorry Daniela, the rescue seemed like an impossible task but we hoped and prayed for a better ending. Thank god for the fortunate ones that got out because of the dedication and courage of the rescuers. Then the helicopter crash too. Italy 🇮🇹 we love you and pray this horrible time has come to an end.

  11. Dear sweet Gianluca. My heart is breaking for you. You loved your friend so much & you love IItaly so much as well. You friend is home with God now & with you as well no better one to heal your heart. I am constantly praying for you & for the other boys & I know God will protect & comfort you to stay strong & HE will help Italy heal fast.

  12. Thank you Daniela. I am sorry for the devastation Italy is going through now & also more people couldn’t have been brought out alive but it wasn’t any fault of the rescurers they worked so hard they risked thier lives as well. I am praying for you that you can heal fast as well & watch Italy spring back to its beautiful country your used to seeing.

  13. Thank you Daniela. I ;am so very sorry to hear the Gianluca’s friend Roberto did not make it out alive. As hopes dim for those remaining missing, I will keep them in my thoughts and prayers. Gianluca, I pray your music will get you through this difficult time. God bless you, your family and every one of the rescuers!

  14. Thank you Daniela for the update. Such devastating news about Roberto and the other victims.
    And thank you to all the people who helped to rescue those that survived,and those that did’nt.
    I feel so bad for Gianluca, we love him and because of that we feel his pain. He will see his friend again one day, ❤️🇭🇺

  15. Thank you all for your words of comfort, the families concerned are many, the victims are currently 27, will seek the last two survivors, but hopes are reduced to zero.
    The words of Gianluca for Roberto friend were sweet, Roberto and to all victims reach all our prayers and that families can find peace.

  16. 💜Have rest in peace, Roberto, dear friend of Gianluca. Have rest in peace, each of you who left this life and now consciously live in an even better place. Have rest in peace, each family member and friend of these loved ones. Have rest in peace, each of you who labor so unselfishly to save the lives of others. Have rest in peace, each of you who pray unceasingly for every one involved in these events 💜

  17. Daniella thank you for the update. My heart breaks for all those touched by this awful tragedy. May God be with all of the. My love and prayers go out to all. I’ve always known my family was from Abruzzi, I’m still learning more about them and my dad just sent me a pic of our family coat of arms and I’m waiting for my aunt to send me our family book. Knowing this just brings it a little closer to home. May God put his hand of Protection over Italy and keep her safe from further tragedy. I’m so blessed to be part of this group. I may not respond too much but I always read it and am so grateful for all the work everyone puts in to help us feel just a little closer to our guys.

  18. Thanks Daniela for keeping us informed. Such a sad time for Gianluca and so many families in Italy and now even some of the people who were helping with the rescue efforts. Nature is so beautiful but, as Gianluca said, its power can lead to destruction and devastation. Keeping the victims, their friends and families in my prayers and also dear Gianluca who is so tenderhearted and has lost a dear friend.

  19. It’s over. Also in the long Italian night the last two people were extracted death.
    29 people have had their lives shattered by the avalanche that swept everything.
    Two survivors and rescued, yesterday in an interview said that they had not realized it was an avalanche, they thought of a strong earthquake.
    The angels have protected children who had gathered to play in that room that has withstood the impact.
    Our prayers join with those of so many people these days announced in this way their closeness.
    Thanks are due to all the rescuers that with commitment and effort managed to save precious lives 9.

  20. Daniela + Marie thanks for all sad details,this is for me the saddest reading througout the duration IVFC.
    Farewell to Robert from Gianluca is a picture of his heart and soul – beautiful,gentle,sensitive,exceptional.I have these words imposed along with photo Rodolfo + Gianluca + white dog amist the picturesque landscape.
    I would like to think all the first responders and to all ,who put their lives and rescued 9 people.It ´s a greatest heroic act.Families of deceased condolences ,peace and Good´s blessing !

  21. I can only mirror what has been said. Thank you to the rescuers. God Bless the families and friends who have suffered such great loss.

    Thank you also to our IL Volo for music that will once again help to sooth all our souls.

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