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daydreamI had planned to do run this article back in the summer, but those dang guys (don’t we love them… <3) kept me running to the ends of the earth with their schedule, so we didn’t get to it.  Now it’s winter, specifically that oh-so-less-than-magical-time called January, when the weather is dreary and the moods of the people are even more so (mine included!), and I thought to myself, “Kelly?” (shh…don’t tell anyone I sometimes refer to myself in the 3rd person), “Kelly, wouldn’t it be nice to re-live some of those wonderful memories of the tour last year?  When spring was in bloom, and we were all excited and flush with love for Il Volo and our fellow IlVolover?”

Why, yes, I think it would be…smiling sun

This post is dedicated to IlVolovers everywhere.  To remember why we’re here, why we love each other, and why we love Il Volo, those three lovely young men that brought us together.  To remember the times when maybe…




So tell us…


What Is Your Favorite Tour Memory?



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  1. Thank you, Marie, Myron, & all who commented, I agree!!! This is Over, Done With! Il Volo made their decision, their choice, I respect that!!! I don’t care that they refused the invitation!! I love these precious young men! They can do no wrong in my estimation! All these negative people, I have one message to , Get A Life!
    I am praying there will be more survivors found!!

  2. I had been following them for awhile but my best memory was my first live concert while I was visiting my son and his family in San Antonio, Texas last year it was magical. It will always be a treasured memory especially the meet and greet afterward. Such lovely young men.

  3. One of my favorite tour moments was at a concert when Ignazio tore his pants.
    As usual, the guys were bouncing around on stage and at the conclusion of a song, Ignazio slid across the bare stage on his knees. When he got up he had a rather large hole in the knee, which he showed to the others during the next song with a sad face. Neither of the other two offered him any sympathy! Their looks were: If you do dumb things you have to suffer the consequences! I note now that rather than stop the gymnastics Ignazio now wears a version of track pants on stage–if you look at videos you can see the cuffs of them–nice baggy pants to accommodate his moves! No more fancy suit pants–even when he is wearing a shirt and tie he is wearing his track pants…

    1. I remember that Penina he was also trying to get a reaction from the crowd
      at Roy Thompson Hall

      1. Right! And he didn’t get much sympathy from anyone! There was another concert when he tore the seat of his pants, but I don’t remember where that was.
        I think that was the last tour when he wore regular pants.

  4. My very special memory that I will never forget. My concert in Buffalo at the meet & greet. Pictures were being taken but the guy was slow wanted to do several pictures at a time & was backing into me & my walker so pushed on his back & said what I wanted so I said I would like one of Ignazio’s special hugs & he came over & the way he faced me & put his arms around my shoulders I ended up facing him & I had nowhere to put my head & being shorter than him I put my head on his chest & for me that was the best hug I ever had from which the people I was with got a couple of perfect pictures which I have a few copies. This year I am going to ask him for one of his specialt hugs again & again I will be in seventh heaven. I can only go to one concert this year so I am going to make the most of what I can get.

    1. My favorite memory was last year in Las Vegas meeting so many Ilvololovers at the Fan Faire convention.
      Also, if my husband and I had not gone to Vegas, we would not have met Jeannette GIGLIO. We have been blessed.
      Looking forward to meeting more Ilvololovers thus year

    1. Marie, that was not a dream! I remember standing next to you when they asked you. I often wondered why you did’nt go.
      On another subject, three very large puppies were rescued from the hotel two hour’s ago.This means that there is still hope for the rest of the people still waiting to be rescued.Two more people were found deceased, but Roberto is still not rescued yet.

      1. Jill, I can guarantee that it was just a dream, a beautiful dream !!

        Puppies are sons of Lupo and Nuvola the Abruzzi shepherds hotel Rigopiano. We also hope in other lives.

  5. Seriously, last year I had many wonderful moments, including meeting many of you. BUT..My most unexpected awesome moment had to be at he Vegas concert. During the performance Piero pointed at me, held it until I pointed back and then he smiled. What made that two second moment so special was that he had done exactly the same thing a few days earlier at the Ft. Myers concert. What amazing unforgettable moments!

  6. My ticket price this year was over $600.00 including meet & greet from ticketmaster for Detroit in March. I got gouged from ticketmaster, I wish Il Volo’s company could recognize The Flight Crew as their biggest & most dedicated followers or is that wishful thinking. Gianluca at an interview was a few months ago pointing out to the interviewer that we have called ourselves The Flight Crew after them. Shouldn’t. that count for something. I would like to be able to see a couple more than one comcert a year . I’v been spoiled with lower prices as before. My pension isn’t big enough & I’m not in the bracker for hiring. Kelly & Myron Is that possible. I don.t mean reducing what they earn or taking from them but it sounds that way doesn.t it. Anyway at least I’ll see one maybe next year will be better & I.ll win a lottery

  7. A moment in time in Tampa. Not a favorite but still an unforgettable one. I was 2 rows from stage when Igna fell with the young boy right in front of me. The boy was not hurt but Igna ended up in the ER and missed the M/G. He did finish the show and shook hands with fans. A real trouper. Love that young man❤️️

  8. My special memory, was being in the 3rd row at the concert…I could ALMOST touch them!,, Then the big moment was at the meet and greet, those hugs were thrilling and priceless! This was in Mesa, AZ! They aren’t scheduled here this year! 😥😥😥

  9. Wow, can’t believe so many of you are actually just saying there is one memory!! Sorry, I have several! The first one is standing up like a crazy person at the Detroit concert when they came out singing Volare and Gianluca pointed at me – before security made me sit down! 🙁 Then at that meet/greet, where I had been totally mesmerized, Igna gave me that look at the end like “don’t I know you from somewhere?” Then of course, the Il Volo fan faire! Gianluca gave me that surprise pat/rub on the back/shoulders, as they were walking out. Then in LA, when I showed Igna my scarf he says “oh, Gianlu, look…” Of course, can’t forget Florence when I swear I caught Igna’s eye, right before they sang Nessun Dorma! Ah, and Verona – to hear Per Te Ci Saro and L’more Si Muove live and in person! And who could forget the awesome inaugural solos from Gianluca and Igna at the LA concert! Oh, and also being brave, being in the front row at Detroit, and sticking my hand out to touch all 3 of theirs! Igna’s being the warmest! 🙂 And finally getting a hug from Piero at the PBS meet/greet. And then babbling like an idiot to Igna telling him I gave them the t-shirts. Being able to tell them I was at both Florence and Verona concerts – along with others, of course. And, and, and…. 🙂

  10. And, of course, being able to finally meet Kelly!! 🙂 So tell us, Kelly, what is YOUR favorite memory or two?? You can’t get off that easy, wanting us to share ours!!

    1. Gosh, like many of you, I have a few. :). I of course loved the Fan Faire in Vegas and meeting you all. I was so touched and humbled at your kind words and love for The Flight Crew. Truly. ❤. Every Meet and Greet..getting to hug Gianluca, Piero and Ignazio and feel their genuine warmth and love for their fans…doesn’t get any better! Of course, our experience with the guys at The Fence in Il that summer is one that is dear to my heart.

  11. I have 2 fave memories. My first was at Saratoga Ca M&G 2014 with Piero walking right up to me and embracing me in a wonderful hug and said into my ear ” so sweet” then I actually had the nerve to put my hand on his chest as I babbled something at him while he smiled at me. I think I floated back…
    The second one was my M&G in San Jose 2015 I had on a great t-shirt and as I approached Gianluca he held my shoulders as he read my chest and chuckled, then turned me over to Piero who did the very same thing…only he grinned and laughed. Finally Iganzio did a quick read. It was a very quick M& G ( dang it) but even though I am 63 I suddenly felt like my naughtier younger Pirate self as I walked away giggling “I can now say IL VOLO checked out my boobs!”
    Oh and the shirt was royal blue with Itlay in tri-color and read: I DON’T NEED THERAPY, I JUST NEED TO GO TO ITALY

  12. Cleveland, Ohio State Theater, 2016 and I was front row center – they were leaving the stage with their leaning down and touching hands and fingers of the people and Gianluca was last and he “missed ” my fingers but he stopped and did a step backward and made sure he touched my fingers ! That caring attitude of his I will always remember !

  13. Help, I’m jealous of you, you all have so many fond memories close.
    My best to have them finally discovered how formidable artists is Brescia, but then the firmacopie in MIlan, where, although the security kept pushing, I took a kiss from each.

  14. A favorite memory? Impossible because I have many… The first one I have to share is when Myron and I had a meeting with Barbara and she was late so we went to a little bistro in her hotel tower to wait for her… We walk in and who do we see? Gianluca!!! He was with friends but he came over to visit with Myron and I an
    d we told him about our plans for the Fan Faire when they come to LV … He was thrilled with the news, and he kept hugging Myron and I whenever we said something that he liked … He was just so darn charming… There are many more special moments with seeing them in 2016, but the last concert at Fantasy Springs,Indio CA. is the one that was very special… I met up with the band members before the meet and greet that set the tone for a memorable experience with them and of course Il Volo… When we went to the meet and greet we decided to take pictures as a group … The guys appreciated that because they were tired and we were at the end of the line…I got to have a longer conversation with them than usual and Gianluca and Piero asked me if I was going to see them in concert in Italy,,, I said no and Gianluca gave me a big hug and looked a bit disappointed… Wow that is one moment I will not forget anytime soon…They are just delightful and any moment you get to share with them just feels so special, so we save them up and remember them forever.

  15. Three funny valentines – one happy birthday-first concert-first m&g-first time GG hugged and kissed me-pure magic.!! Julie B.

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