Il Volo Statement

Il Volo’s official statement about the invitation at the Inauguration of President Trump / Comunicato ufficiale de Il Volo sull’invito all’insediamento del Presidente Trump

Il Volo Trump statement 22 january 2017<—— COMUNICATO UFFICIALE DE IL VOLO sui social network (FacebookTwitterInstagram)


Disgusted, we are reading about the last attack against us made on the web by the usual, well-known TV personalities and by their sleazy followers. Once again, a provocation that – made in such a dramatic moment for everyone and, for one of us in particular – becomes a miserable action.

In fact, exploiting – even with uncalled-for vulgarity – the misfortune that is hitting the whole Country in order to go back once more to our non-participation at the celebrations for the new President of the USA, in these dramatic moments, this is of no interest to us, nor to all other Italians, as well as negative and defamatory comments addressed to us by those who do not appreciate us remain irrelevant.

Anyway, we are publishing the documentation of the actual invitation received, requesting our performance at the Inauguration of President Trump, claimed fake by some detractors, only in respect towards our fans and all those who follow, appreciate and love us.

We have in fact received many demonstrations of esteem and actions of defense, taken by smart people that, free from prejudice, have never doubted on our intellectual honesty, together with those who have shared our choice – whether it is a right or wrong one.

Moreover, elsewhere our attorneys have already taken appropriate and decisive actions against the clear defamation we have been subjected to, in order to preserve our good name, our professional activity and our individual respectability.

Piero Barone, Ignazio Boschetto Gianluca Ginoble, of IL VOLO.


Enlargement ~ Marie



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    1. Yeah! And furthermore–(a raspberry here!)
      You would think they would have other things to talk about, seeing as how there is a tragedy/miracle unfolding right under their noses.

    2. Marie, who were those people giving our guys a hard time? I have not seen anything. Why are they being harassed? I just know that they were invited but that they declined for whatever reasons, but that’s their right if they choose to. What is wrong with these crazy people. Please direct me as to where I can update myself. Thank you.

      1. I have deleted all criticism in my files and refuse to print the name of their worse critic. They were just trapped in a “damn if you do..damn if you don’t” situation. They are famous now and we/they have to expect that. What we need to concentrate on is how soon we will be seeing our Boys… live!

  1. What??? Who insulted them? I don’t know what brought this on, and I am so sad that these thoughtful young men need to defend themselves! With the bad weather, earthquakes and suffering that have resulted, they made the
    best decision: to stay in their home country with their families nearby! What is happening to this world!?!? 🙁

  2. My feeling: I am very sad to see that this sort of thing is happening. For decades performers have been asked to perform for Inaugurations – some have said yes and others had turned it down. So what ! I remember an act that I liked was asked to perform at George Bush’s Inauguration and this group was a fan of his as well but still did not want to do the program.

    Nobody remembers that because it was not important. I wish people would not raise this fuss over this issue.

    We know these guys. They are great guys . They have a right to sing where they choose.

  3. Perhaps, some of us fans could email or tweet our support to the guys. I know they would appreciate it.

  4. I have said elsewhere, I believed them, I stand by their decision, I would not judge them. If I agree or disagree, it doesn’t matter in the whole scheme of things. It’s over, let them move on to bigger and better things. I love them for the joy they bring to me. Period. But, I do not understand their Italian critics. Are they just ignorant or can’t they see the treasure they have in front of their faces.

  5. Hey Marie I think because IL Volo and Barbara Vitali know the Flight Crew and you are the head of the Flight Crew why don’t you and Myron see if you can get in contact with Barbara Vitali by email and let her know that we love IL Volo and have their backs. We know what wonderful young men they are and we will always have their backs. All I can say it that creep who is so critical of our guys must really be a piece of work.

    1. Good idea! I think Myron has already done so. I will send Barbara an email also. I very much limit my emails to her. I am grateful that she has answered the few I have sent to her. This is a perfect time to send one.

      1. Daniela asked so I’ll let you know.
        I wrote to Barbara a few hours ago. I kept it short and sweet just saying we were 100% behind the Boys and the entire IL Volo Team. Also, that we awaited their return to the US with open arms. My email did not require a return response from her.

      2. You are right. I have connected with Barbara five times in the last week – part of it was talk about the hotel disaster and part this Inaugural thing. Most of it was about the hotel.

        I shared that we (Flight Crew and the attendee of the Fan Faire last spring are fully supportive of the boys. I shared our love .

        In two of the emails we talked back and forth about the hotel and the owner and Gianluca’s own home town reaction.

        So Barbara has responded three times and has been very gracious. Gianluca sent word through her to us (me) of his great appreciation for our support and that was when I first heard that he had planned to be at that hotel – before it got on the social media.

        So they do know we are there for them.

  6. I agree with every word Miron,it´s a very correct decision !
    Daniela – such “critics are harmful ewerywhere ,in my country it´s like in Italy.These people are evil and jealous because their life ambitions vere unsuccessful and so envious of anyone,who is excellent,young,beautiful.
    I holding to 100 % of our boys too and I wish very much in particular to Gianluca with God´s help to find peace of mind and strength fof further work and early meetings with loyal friends in the USA !

  7. I don’t understand. I thought this was finished. Is this guy in Italy? Is he just looking to just get some sort of fame for himself? Every knows knows by now after all these years that WE are the FLIGHT CREW & whatever IL Volo decides to do for or in their careers is their own decision so since when or who are they suppose to answer to except themselves. SO to the JERK who needs to hide behind his typewriter GET A LIFE & get another job. There isn,t any others group of singers that are as excellent as OUR GUYS IL VOLO & they stand strong.

  8. On Sun, Jan 22, 2017 at 7:33 PM Il Volo Flight Crew ~Share The Love wrote:

    > > > > I absolutely support the guys decision not to perform for the > inauguration. I can’t fathom why anyone would fault them for this or > disrespect their right to set their schedule. It would be horrible if this > changes their love for fans in the US. They are a breath of fresh air and > have enriched so many of our lives.

    > Jan Bolin > > > > > > > > > > > > > > mariecrider posted: ” > > Il Volo’s official statement about the invitation at the Inauguration of > President Trump / Comunicato ufficiale de Il Volo sull’invito > all’insediamento del Presidente Trump > > Posted on January 22, 2017 by allaboutilvolo > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > >

  9. It is unfortunate that there are these gossip critics who make a living off of printing inflammatory articles without any hard facts to back up their allegations!! Gianluca, Piero & Ignazio your loyal fans are behind you 100%!!! Looking forward to Miami!❤️❤️

  10. Friends, I read all your comments and believe me the situation in Italy with regard to the issue Trump / Il Volo not yet subsided, it has got worse.
    Unfortunately due to a person the boys are undergoing a media attack with many lewd comments.
    Il Volo will need all our support and our affection.

    1. Daniela, I’m so sorry to hear that. The inauguration is over, a thing of the past. Done! Finito! I have said the boys are an Italian treasure and should treated as such❤️️.

      1. They are a treasure to the world. If Italy ever decides they don’t want those young guys we’ll be happy to adopt them here. They probably won’t do that though. Daniela wouldn’t let them. Darn!

      2. Rose Marie Believe me I do not understand the sense of this grim but this is reality.

        Marie, I sometimes think that I am glad that they are from the people who appreciate, however, you are right, I will not allow them to leave their …….. really.
        You know me very well !!

    2. Dear Daniela,

      It is so difficult for me to understand how fellow Italian countrymen could be so hateful to our guys. Above all…at this time, when central Italy is experiencing so many tragic issues! It boggles my mind! As a teacher of young teens to young adults; I can not understand any persons wanting to discrediting young people as they succeed. Our obligation as adults is to encourage, support and nurture our children, regardless of age, to help them become their very best! Our lovey young men are truly examples of the very best. It is fact that they are such fine examples, first ,as well brought up men, then as exquisite artists and lastly, as promoters of Italy and its culture, I can only see that they deserve praise and support. We live in a sorry, sad world where some adults would be so disrespectful to their youth!

      1. Hello Sandy, truly can not understand it myself this fury and what consoles me is that we are many who do not understand it.
        But what are many who spit free hate, a remark was made, these guys arouse too much love and consequently much hate from people envious and that rise paladins of what? OF truth? Which truth?That they want to see, that “this person” continues to maintain despite evidence (the Trump invitation lie), or the truth that our guys are special people, Ignazio, who just recently donated an important machine to a hospital. These are truths to be boosted, but unfortunately all these haters these good gestures do not even want to know, for them it is more important if you have been invited or not by Trump.

      1. Cynthia great picture. We are Il Volo fans, hear us roar! We bite too🐅

  11. Onward we go ! ! Looking forward to a great tour in March

    before that, however, is Gianluca’s 22 birthday. I just about choked when I wrote that. I still thought he can’t be that old because that means that I have gotten older, and older and older.

    Now those are two very important things to focus on: Gianluca’s birthday and the tour.

  12. Myron how nice that renewed enthusiasm for our boys. A couple of days ago Trishadria has published a review written by you on the performance of IL VOLO translating it into Italian and we all wondered why there is not the pleasure of having a critical way in Italy. Thank you!

  13. I have been slow on the “up-take” . You maybe have already posted this news. If so I am sorry .

    Piero posted that their album “Una Notte Magica” has been certified Platinum !!!! That is wonderful news. BRAVO !

    1. Wow! That was pretty fast, wasn’t it? I don’t know how long it normally takes for an album to go platinum but it seems to me to be a very short time.

  14. Marie, we could go in undercover and just whisk them away. They’ll never know what hit them🙀.

      1. No, no, the other way around, one of us might be caught by security and the one (me) would be able to escape with them.

    1. Daniela, I am so very sorry to hear this bad news. Is there still hope for any of the still missing?

  15. Guys as fans we love you and respect you for making this decision. It is pure evil coming from those criticizing and defaming your name and your talents and to bring up the tragedy happening in our dear Italy. Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca know we are always behind 110% and our love for you doesn’t change because of the professional or personal decisions you make, it is always there and we will always be there. I know a lot of see you as part of our family, I know I do, a family’s love is unconditional and they are always there for each other. We will continue to stand by you. Denise Spinelli-Mattern

  16. I was so pleased when you declined the invitation. How three gentlemen of Il Volo status could be expected to support such a despicable human being is beyond understanding. Well done Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca you have confirmed my faith in you and your family as thoroughly decent and morally upstanding people. x x x

  17. Hi, I’m new and an il volo fan from the beginning. I save every new song, interview,etc. and have all CD’s and DVD’s! As all of us, I watched them grow up these past years and get better with each performance, still staying humble and natural. It’s heart-warming to read of all the support these boys have and how their voices touch everyone that ever hears them. It’s so refreshing to see the interactions in their concerts-none is like the other! I can not understand how anyone would think about harming these boys, that just share their dream by singing for us. They’re sharing their private lives with the world, flying through the whole of it, every day in another city, hotel, bed. They seem to be soaking up cultures and languages like a sponge. Their perfectionismus is surely so much work, but we notice, see and hear these changes. They have learned so much these last years and now they are handsome young men growing always stronger. I dread the day, when one of them decides it would be enough (please DON’T)! What a huge team they have gathered around them, now, supporting them in all encounters. You have all done a very, very, very good job leading the boys to this stage-especially Barbara Vitali, who surely often took Mom’s place-especially in the beginning! Oh, how often would I have loved to take her place, as many of us, but her private live is ‘il volo’ how could it be otherwise. So, they are one big family and it warms my heart, when I see the boys, tolling their respect to them in their performances.
    Last fall, I decided to do me some good and visit a concert, so I bought a ticket for Verona, May 19th! Past Saturday, I got a mail-il volo comes to Germany!!! Bam, that’s unbelievable and I got a ticket for Düsseldorf–1st Row!!! Sooo excited. Can’t wait to meet them all and hope, even if it’s GERMANY, the boys will be comfortable here and just be their sweet selves. I’ll be so thrilled to see ’em live and dream of their adventurous life one evening long.
    If I could, I’ld go to the concert in Verona anyway, but it take some organization getting off for one concert, two is impossible. I have someone depending on me at home. Il Volo-love you forever!!!

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