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1/24/17 – please continue to follow the comments here for updates.


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Italy rescue crews hold out hope of more hotel survivors


Rescue crews digging through an Italian hotel buried in an avalanche say there could be additional survivors more than three days after tons of snow came barreling down a mountainside.

Rescuers told reporters in the central Apennine mountains on Sunday morning there are air pockets in some of the Hotel Rigopiano’s wreckage. But they haven’t been able to reach all those areas yet.

Nine survivors from the Wednesday evening avalanche were located in air pockets inside the crushed hotel on Friday. Rescue officials say there are other spaces where some of the 23 people still missing might be found alive.

Five bodies have been recovered from the hotel’s wreckage.

Rain is making the snow heavy and complicating the manual rescue operation. Officials say the risk of fresh avalanches is high.




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  1. Marie, I just entered the with update in the post yesterday, because this new still not there. You want me to bring them here?

    1. Just realized that Daniele isn’t close to her computer. Here are her last two comments.

      DANIELA January 22, 2017 at 7:21 am
      Laura, is not correct news of the death of Robert, Bernard is right, it is not part of the male bodies not yet recognized. The difficulty in the recognition I think is due to the fact that these people were tourists who were on Rigopiano for a holiday, maybe not all of their relatives were aware of this holiday and therefore does not warn of the lack thereof. All hotel employees and Roberto were the same people I met on the spot so easily recognizable.
      Updates just now 9 people pulled alive, in addition to the two who had raised the alarm. It seems to have been perceived a tenth person under the rubble and are now trying to reach it.
      The deceased persons are 5, all recognized, the last man to be recognized is the father of the little Edoardo saved yesterday and who has already lost his mother. Poor child the avalanche has led the way parents.
      Now rescuers are coming to the kitchens, if refugees are there, they could find food also.
      On the news they said that 3/4 of the hotel was scoured, found no other bodies so the hope is that they can find them in any compartment in which they were able to resist thanks to an air bubble.
      Hope helps us and our thoughts and prayers are with all of them, missing and rescuers.

      1. And #2:

        This is the post of Gianluca just now.

        Gianluca Ginoble
        35 minutes ago · Roseto degli Abruzzi, Abruzzo ·

        Thanks to all the rescuers who these days have never stopped and continue to save lives and to all people who are working to release the thousands of families invaded by snow in the interior of our country Abruzzo, also from Roseto degli Abruzzi, the Ultras group of our basketball team is giving its contribution! Big guys. We’ll make it.

        Thanks, Daniela!

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  3. I am so concerned for the safety of the rescue workers. These are such brave people working under horrible and dangerous conditions.

  4. Thank you so much for all of the updates on the situation at the hotel. Like everyone here, they are always in my thoughts and prayers. We must stay positive and hopeful. God bless those rescuers for working so hard and God Bless the rescued. A special prayer for those still lost in the hopes that they have found a way to be safe until the rescue crew finds them.

    1. Good morning, Marie, This is excellent news about Lupo’s and Nuvola’s puppies being found and living. If there are more puppies, that surely would be a blessing if they find them soon and alive, also. I don’t know if you are aware of it, but I had just posted early yesterday some information about the puppies’ parents, who are Roberto’s Sheepdogs, being found about on Jan. 20th and not near the hotel. I have more information there about that miracle on your post entitled, “Rigopiano Hotel 1/21/17 BBC News”. I had just come across this same (?) article about the three puppies, was going to post the update for you, but discovered you just found it and posted the link here on this newer post, The information on Roberto’s two adult dogs I think you would find very interesting. I can’t now help wondering if Lupo and Nuvola ( “Wolf” and “Cloud”) walked all those miles to actually try to get help from people they knew in that village, bless their souls. That is truly a real possibility.

      1. Good morning, Laura. Thank you and please continue to update us. The pups and Wolf and Cloud are signs of more possibilities. Thoughts and prayers continue here.

      2. Hi Marie, An Australian news article ( at ) reports “Good News” that Wolf and Cloud have been reunited with the other puppies of their litter in that little village of Villa Cupoli. The Australian piece re-affirms the article I had read (in the International Business Times /UK). It states that a staff member of the Hotel Rigopiano, who was not at the hotel at the time of the avalanche, saw Roberto’s dogs in the street of the village at about 9:30 PM on Thursday night, January 19th. Her name is Martina Rossi. The dogs and she also recognized each other. She said her heart “started beating faster” when she saw them. Wolf and Cloud have been taken in by another resident of the village who had already just adopted puppies of their litter ! It’s an amazing story, really. I am hoping that the three rescued pups being reported about today will be reunited with their parents, too. (Rescue workers found the three puppies in a boiler room, behind something. The puppies “soft cries” led the rescuers to them. They were taken to a veterinarian by the fire/rescue folks to be sure that they are okay, of course, after five days of being trapped.) Also, there are many pictures of the Hotel, before the tragedy, on their main site, still. There are also several pictures of Wolf and Cloud among the images. It really was a lovely place, outside and inside. Heart-wrenching to gaze at the place and to see Roberto’s sweet dogs resting and enjoying the pretty, green grass, etc. and seeing moments in time captured in the photos of glimpses of staff-members and guests working in and enjoying the beautiful, peaceful location.

    1. Marie, I put some additional information up above here about Roberto’s dogs. Sure hoping and praying for those poor people. (Marie, I hope you know that I meant my little comment to you, up above, as a compliment to you, as I was surprised to see that you had already noticed my comment when I returned here to post something.)

      1. I guess you have already learned that an emergency helicopter crew with a rescued skier crashed and all of them perished. It happened near the the avalanche rescue operation’s center, which resulted in some of the avalanche rescuers going to that accident. (Information from news source, “The Guardian”, today.) The rescue operations surely do need even more positive energy and prayer power to help them, as well as to the trapped victims of the tragedy.

  5. With us it is morning, unfortunately the night returned more dead bodies under the rubble of the hotel, are 21 victims per hour including oF Roberto Del Rosso owner and friend of Gianluca.
    There are still 8 missing, but hopes are very faded.

    As if that was not enough, as announced Laura, also yesterday a helicopter 118 for a rescue near, crashed and died 6 people, a couple of them had provided relief to the hotel.
    A tragedy after another,

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