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Un Amore Cosi Grande

Daniela sent us this wonderful sneak preview of the movie the guys have been working on.

By now we all know that ILVOLO will take part in a movie entitled UN AMORE COSI GRANDE, which will be released in 2018.

This article was published a few weeks ago, that speaks of the plot of the film.

From the giornal THE ARENA


The protagonist is Vladimir, a young Russian who lives with expedients to keep himself and the mother who has been a great soprano.

His mother convinces him to go to Verona in search of his father.

In Verona Vladimir performs his singing talent and conquers young Veronica and attracts the attention of ILVOLO manager who is looking for a debutant to launch in the trio concerts.

Of course the story will be much woven, and will be shot in St. Petersburg.


The guys with Vladimir’s mother


Gianluca and the actress who interprets Veronica.


Vladimir e Veronica


Un Amore Cosi Grande, is a film that wants to relaunch the lyrics to bring young people closer to this world up to now unknown.

Tell precisely of the “grande amore” of the protagonist for the work but also for his mother and his girlfriend.

The music of the movie will be drawn from the operas as well as some songs IL VOLO.
On the set, between a slate and the other, Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca, gave some explanation about their role “Recite next to professionals, but in a role that favors us because we remain Il Volo, essentially doing what is better: singing”.

Behind the shots appear at ease. “The lights we are accustomed,” say in choir boys de Flight, those of the stage of the Arena then know them very well, in fact you have organized various concerts, the last last 19 and 20 May.


Thank you, Daniela!  




Il Volo Off Stage: Caption This…


Gian’s Instagram


Magnets?  I think a few…

It’s a home full of love and stories that covers a fridge like that… <3













Piero’s Instagram





Traffic makes me sick too, Piero!




Gian’s Instagram



“The beard gets longer.”

…but it still looks good…   😀












*singing*   “Isn’t he lovely?  Isn’t he wonderful?”  *singing*

What?  That’s not how it goes?  😉









Yeah…I got nothin’  <3

Tour Memories

daydreamI had planned to do run this article back in the summer, but those dang guys (don’t we love them… <3) kept me running to the ends of the earth with their schedule, so we didn’t get to it.  Now it’s winter, specifically that oh-so-less-than-magical-time called January, when the weather is dreary and the moods of the people are even more so (mine included!), and I thought to myself, “Kelly?” (shh…don’t tell anyone I sometimes refer to myself in the 3rd person), “Kelly, wouldn’t it be nice to re-live some of those wonderful memories of the tour last year?  When spring was in bloom, and we were all excited and flush with love for Il Volo and our fellow IlVolover?”

Why, yes, I think it would be…smiling sun

This post is dedicated to IlVolovers everywhere.  To remember why we’re here, why we love each other, and why we love Il Volo, those three lovely young men that brought us together.  To remember the times when maybe…




So tell us…


What Is Your Favorite Tour Memory?



Why do we love? Why do we love the Boys? – Gina

Forever, I

I’d move mountains to be by your side,

bare the worst of the weather,

just to look in your eyes,

I’d cross the largest oceans,

the stormiest seas,

a smile from you, makes me weak at the knees.

Source: http://www.familyfriendpoems.com/poem/forever-i#ixzz3w5yZSrtl

What is love” was the most searched phrase on Google in 2012, according to the company. In an attempt to get to the bottom of the question once and for all, the Guardian has gathered writers from the fields of science, psychotherapy, literature, religion and philosophy to give their definition of the much-pondered word. http://www.theguardian.com › Opinion › Relationships

The physicist: ‘Love is chemistry’

The psychotherapist: ‘Love has many guises’

The philosopher: ‘Love is a passionate commitment’

The romantic novelist: ‘Love drives all great stories’

The nun: ‘Love is free yet binds us’

Why did I give my heart to Ignazio? I have no idea. The minute I saw him sing in 2009 I felt I would follow him, cheer him on and hope that people would not hurt him because he was a little “roly poly”.   SURPRISE! This young man came out of his cocoon and became a
beautiful heartthrob.

All of you ladies and gentlemen have a story why you have special feelings for one of the boys.
Maybe you would share with us! 


One Soul with Love For the Holidays

spirit of christmas love

“Christmas Gift Suggestions: To your enemy, forgiveness. To an opponent, tolerance. To a friend, your heart. To a customer, [good] service. To all, charity. To every child, a good example. To yourself, respect.” ~~ Oren Arnold


Hey, Everyone!
Has this holiday come up on all of you as fast as it has on me?  I’m usually a little bit behind, but this year, it’s ridiculous!  When I tell you that your Christmas card is in the mail, I’m totally telling the truth.

But I digress.

In looking for a little inspiration for this piece (I don’t ever seem to have an abundance of it at the time I need it…), I took a break from the craziness, ignored Marie’s plea to stop listening to Buon Natale until she can find her car in all the snow (I might be in a little bit of trouble for that…) and surrounded myself with the guys and their three voices but one soul.

I thought of the recent Yahoo interview when they tried to explain what they meant by that and how that feels when they are on stage.  They seemed to have a little difficulty trying to put that feeling into words, but that didn’t matter because I knew exactly what they were trying to describe…which made me think about all of us IlVolovers around the world and how different we all are, yet we have this one thing in common: we feel at one with Il Volo…which is demonstrated everyday here on this website.

And all of that made me wonder how all of you might be spending this holiday season.  I can think of a few holidays that are celebrated at this time of year,but while individual religious and/or familial traditions may differ, one aspect seems to transcend them all: love.  Love for family and friends and for our fellow-man in general.

We seem to put aside the typical things that separate us and willingly wish everyone well.  We think about things that we are blessed with and are reminded of which are most important to us.  We make a wish that everyone around the world is feeling the same, because it seems that everyone deserves to and should be happy at this time of the year.

During this season, we have one soul.

And in that spirit, we wish you and yours health, wealth (remembering that the richest among us can be the poorest of church mice) and most of all: Love.

We wish the same for you too, Gianluca, Piero and Ignzaio.  Buon Natale with love!

~~ Kelly2008-12-24_merry-christmas